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    First time vintage Subaru owner, bought a BRAT in July of 2021. Have always wanted one and finally got to do so after graduating college. Am looking to meet more owners of Brats/vintage Subarus.
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  1. Thank you so much Bennie! Lots of great information here I really appreciate it. I will be looking into an alternator upgrade!
  2. Hey everybody, First off, I know I've been posting quite a bit of new topics recently so I hope it's not coming off as a spam problem. I'm just trying to narrow down all of the issues that I am having with my Brat so I can get most of it done it time for summer. So for the past couple of months, all of the warning lights on the dashboard (parking brake, battery, etc.) have stayed on while driving. However, whenever they are on, they stay dimly lit and look as though they are flickering. When I looked up what could be the problem, I found that a bad alternator may be the culprit. When I went to do an alternator test though, I found that the battery was holding proper voltage while the car was both on and off, so I eliminated the alternator as being a potential problem. The other day while I was taking it for a spin, all of the dash lights suddenly came on very brightly, and it felt as though that the car was about to die. Soon afterwards though, the lights went back to just dim flickering and the car remained running. I'm afraid to take the car out again if it's just going to die on me soon, so I'd like to solve the problem before it leaves me stranded. What do you guys think could be the problem? Ignition coil/module? Looking for suggestions. I should also note that the car has trouble with cold starts and that it may possibly be related to the issue. Thank you!
  3. I just brought my driver’s seat to get reupholstered, so I’ll check back with them to see if I can get the shift boot done. Thank you guys!
  4. I just brought my driver’s seat to get reupholstered, so I’ll check back with them to see if I can get the shift boot done. Thank you guys!
  5. Hey everyone, Does anybody know if I can get a brand new factory cloth shift boot anywhere? If not, are there any aftermarket ones that will fit? Mine is torn at the top and falling apart. ------ It's a 1982 BRAT
  6. Yeah, the gentleman I bought this Brat from told me a similar story that he found someone who had the piece for sale but wanted something in the ballpark of $1000 for it, unbelievable. I wish I could've taken advantage of gathering a bunch of NOS dealer stock back then, but I am just now getting into the vintage Subaru ownership scene as of this past summer. I am fresh out of school and still paying off student loans so paying an arm and a leg for a piece of trim is not the greatest idea right now. I did buy this vehicle knowing that there weren't going to be catalogs readily available with every part one could possibly need for an old Subi, but I suppose this could all be part of the fun of owning one. I noticed that it says you live in Bridgeport, so if you happen to have or come across anything you may want to sell, I am not too far away!
  7. That would be something I may be interested in. I'm not looking to do a 100% OEM restoration, since I already have put a Weber 32/36 on it, so this is something I would be open to.
  8. Yes, that's the style that I am looking for. There was another style that was more rounded without the indented area on it but that's not the style I am looking for. It's not the clearest picture, but I included one of what I am looking for here.
  9. And I just remembered, I am also searching for a driver's side mirror, specifically the style that appears to have an indent on it that I believe were on Brats from 1983 and up.
  10. Hey everyone, I've been doing some searching around online and I have been having a hard time finding the chrome trim piece that came on the tailgate of the Brats, specifically a 1982. I have every bed trim piece except for the tailgate. From what I understand, it seems like this may be a very difficult part to find much like many other Brat parts, but I figured that I'd give it a shot and post this in the case that someone who has a spare may want to sell it. Thank you!
  11. Hey everyone! Update: The Brat is alive! So after doing all of the electrical tests and finding that everything checked out fine, myself and a friend who knows a little more about carburetors than I do decided to take the carburetor cover off of the carburetor body itself and found that the seat for the needle (I believe that is the correct terminology) was backed all of the way out, preventing the proper fuel flow. Now with it properly adjusted, the Brat is running great. Thank you all so much for your help.
  12. I may have read it wrong, but I thought I read in another post on this forum that the fuel pump should not have power going to it once it is running? Right now though it only has power when the engine is cranking.
  13. I haven't checked if my alternator/charging system is working properly, but I'll have to get a multimeter and check it out. A couple months ago I had brought my Brat over to a friend's house who does body repair and was kind enough to do a little rust repair. During the time it was being repaired I believe it had been sitting for a little over a week. When the work was done and I started it up, I noticed that all of the warning lights on the dash were illuminated and stayed illuminated during the drive home. They have stayed on since, but I assumed it wasn't something necessarily unusual because it is an old car. They were never on all at once until it sat for a little while during the body work. I tried to do a little research into why it was doing this, and I found that it could possibly be related to an alternator/charging system problem. I'll check it out.
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