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  1. SolarFox

    Lucy'ru & The Foxbox

    Cheers! Thank you! Dual alternators doubles my amperage output when i parallel them to charge the camper in the event of no sun for days. They are isolated batteries, but share the same ground so my charge light on the dash still works for both. Yes, they are heavy rubber straps. No, they don't move around. I've had this girl on two wheels, near vertical, and almost flipped her over, even in the air off all fours, a handful of times. Nothing moves. I've taken Lucy where others won't take their fancy Heeps, lol. The camper i designed and built myself over four years ago. It looks small and light, but it's over 1,000lbs empty. Ten studs and four trusses, all in 2x3 cedar, steel simpson straps in every corner and joint. Cab frame is bolted to the trailer frame with 30 3/8" bolts, 1" pressure treated flooring, and 5/8 sheet siding. Two layers of 3/4" polyiso insulation back to back all the way around. Two 100-watt panels on the roof, and a 20a controller feeds the two 120AH batteries that runs all my lighting, fans, heat, stereo, tv, laptop, wifi, etc. Available voltage outputs are 120v, 19v, 12v, and 5v. I can run my big power tools, or just charge my phone. I don't have to close the window until outside gets below freezing. Also has propane stove, and propane backup heat. With the 2ft of ground clearance and less than 3 feet of tongue, it follows Lucy through the woods like a shadow. This is my home. I've been living in this rig for four years. I'm semi-retired, and travel where I want, when I want
  2. SolarFox

    Lucy'ru & The Foxbox

    1997 Legacy Outback Limited EJ25 5-spd 4-wheel discs 4.11:1 finals limited slips '04 Forester strut assemblies 1-1/2' lift 215/65-16's swapped a freshened-up EJ25 with 90k last summer @ ~260k mi capped and plugged everything but fuel pressure, brake booster, and PCV Y-pipe header with straight 2" flex all the way back to a single muffler. One O2 sensor. removed A/C and jumped sensors so 2nd fan runs when button is on (Assisted Cooling) Dual alternators and dual batteries, isolated systems. Starboard battery just starts the engine. The port battery is deep cycle, and runs everything in the car, as well as connecting to the solar camper to double the power bank. Overhead off-road lights wired to the former seat heater switches on the center console, roof basket, full-size spare, CB/WX radio system, bluetooth 6-speaker stereo, 10" sub behind the seat, all LED lighting, classII trailer hitch, etc... New Stuff: CV axles, driveshaft/center bearing, brake pads/parking shoes, tires, carbon clutch/flywheel set, control arms and bushings, balljoints and tie rods, strut assemblies, ignition coil/wire/plugs, batteries and all cables, all drivetrain fluids, radiator/pump/thermo, timing system/pulleys, F/R main seals, cam seals, turbo MLS head gaskets, pan gasket/pump seals, all cover gaskets, motor/trans mounts, fuel pump unit, and all belts/hoses/filters/fuses.... I Love Lucy <3