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  1. I considered a package forwarding service from Australia. But that would cost about $550USD for just the struts and then another $500USD+ in shipping to the US. My friend is not interested in doing the EA82 suspension conversion. The easiest option would be knowing someone in Australia who could ship the parts to the US for a reasonable price. Or convincing a US vendor that there is a market for these. Which I doubt would be possible with how few of these are rolling around.
  2. I've been using 1984 in my searches. No major chain, rockauto, or any other online retailer has anything for the front. I checked some specialty shops with an online storefront (mostly out of California) all with their sketchy 90s looking websites. Only place that listed them available was 2kracing.com. When I called them the guy was quick to tell me "yeah all the Subaru brat guys keep calling but we haven't had any in some time" so that was a dead end. The last company that appears to have produced them in the US was KYB under part# 234028. I really don't think an EA82 suspension conversion is in the cards. I'm going to seriously consider trying to get some shipped from Australia.
  3. I found an eBay listing here that explicitly says it won't ship to the US. Pedders didn't seem to have any fronts available on their AU site. I guess I could ask about international shipping.
  4. So I've been tasked with assisting my less mechanically inclined friend with a complete suspension refresh on an 87 Brat GL 4-speed with dual range. From what I've gathered the Brat stayed on the "2nd gen" older chassis here in the states until it was cancelled in 1987. I've also determined that no one is currently making a front strut for the 2nd gen chassis as of this year. After all my searching I've only really found people converting to the 3rd gen suspension setup. So what have the 2nd gen Leone owners been doing about this? My concerns on converting would be finding a donor. Not many old Subarus sitting out in West Texas.
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