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  1. 87 DL Sedan Blowing fuse upon turn of the key to start position, I don`t have the fuse cover to see what this fuse is for but must have something to do with starting system. I rebuilt the engine and pulled the coil wire and grounded it to pump up oil pressure and it cranked just fine to get pressure up, but this problem showed up after putting coil wire back together This coil has the transiter on it could i have burnt that up while cranking for the oil pressure test? Fuse location is middle row third from right facing fuse bank (15 amp) Thanks for any help you can give maybe picture of back side of cover for the fuse information.
  2. Thanks everyone for your input, will get back on it when I get to feeling better.
  3. GD I forgot to mention both cars are Auto Transmissions and that all looks good to swap, hope I`m right on that ? If this is all possible I probably will have a mess capping off some vacuum lines and the sort?
  4. GD Thanks for your response, I do have a good complete EA81 carb engine and it looks like that I should be able to switch the complete Intake from the EA 82 over to the EA81 Block but the Dizzy is different I have read somewhere that they can be changed over also. I don`t remember the steps on that I guess you would have to change the shaft and gear to fit the cam gear in the EA 81. Is that possible without damaging the dizzy? and will that run the engine in correct timing?
  5. What is needed to swap my bad ea82 sfi over to ea81 carb engine ?
  6. Hello Are you losing any coolant ? Can you see any air bubbles in the recovery bottle ? If so it may be Head gasket If none of those things you can go on line and Search for oxy sensor extension/ adapter put one on a 2008 outback and it worked no lights.
  7. Just a few parts cleaning out Garage Bottom Left is 84 HB Bottom Right is 88GL 4dr I have 3 RS and 2 LS Center is 90 Legacy Upper Left is 84 Brat Clutch fan has number 320-12-1 (USUI) I have other Clutch and straight fans for Water pump mount
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