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  1. This article (from Consumer Reports) may be of interest. It is 6-years old, but the science is still valid. https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2012/12/plus-size-tires-when-more-is-less/index.htm
  2. I wonder if the built-in 'fuse' is actually a heat-sensing 'thermistor'?
  3. I can't help with your actual dash, but I can steer you to Amazon.co.uk Recently I was looking for a door window-switch for a friend's car (RHD, but not a Subaru). I could not find the correct RHD part on Amazon.com (the US site, and the biggest selection of items for sale). So on a whim, I searched on Amazon.co.uk instead (the UK has RHD cars). Lo and behold, I found the exact part that I was looking for, and the seller could also ship overseas. It's worth a try. EDIT: I just looked back in my files, and I misled you. It wasn't Amazon.co.uk where I found the RHD part, it was eBay.co.uk , but the same suggestion applies.
  4. When overnight snow/ice freezes the rubber wiper-blades to the glass, they can get damaged when the wiper mechanism tears them away from their frozen home. Spraying the washer-fluid first, allows the snow/ice to melt before the wiper-blades move.
  5. The Subaru Factory Service Manual (2002 Forester) has a section dealing with reinstalling the Cylinder Head Bolts. It reads: 'Apply a coat of engine oil to washers and bolt threads' I have always followed that, and never had any problem.
  6. Unloading the suspension makes no difference to the engine mounts; the weight of the engine is still on them. If you can get underneath, with the car 'up in the air', you should be able to visually inspect the engine-mounts from below.
  7. Not sure what you've skipped. Subaru head-bolts are NOT torque-to-yield. that's why you can reuse them. I've always followed the complete torqueing sequence when installing new head-gaskets.
  8. http://www.armorall.com/products/trim-plastic-restoration/outlast-trim-plastic-restorer. ?
  9. This might be the EndWrench article that you refer to. WhBearRep.pdf
  10. I find that the ambient temperature gage is particularly useful as the outside temperature drops to near freezing. If the gage was out by several degrees, especially if it was reading high, the driver could be lulled into a false sense of security (ice wise). If for no other reason, I would expect that Subaru would want the gage to read reasonably accurately.
  11. Take lots of photos before you disconnect anything. As you remove nuts and bolts, put them into containers (old yogurt containers, cut-off plastic bottles, children's snack containers etc). And in each container put a small piece of paper, with a brief description, e.g. 'starter-motor bolts', 'valve-cover bolts' etc. If your engine is dirty/oily, I suggest doing an engine shampoo before you start.
  12. A likely suspect would be your 'remanufactured' front axles. It could be that the joints on those axles have worn in a way that you hear the ticking sound when the axles are loaded, but not when the axles are unloaded.