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  1. thank you for the ideas of places to check!! it's dark out now and freezing so i'll check these tomorrow. that price really isn't bad, wow! money has been a constant stressor weighing on me while figuring out what to do with the impreza. $250 isn't all that scary! my birthday is coming up and who knows, maybe i'll be able to cover the simple maintenance costs with what i get from that (of course i'd prefer to spend that on different things and to also have a job by then, but at least if those ideal plans go south i have something to keep the impreza afloat)
  2. thats pretty much how i hope things turn out for me! i'd really love to be a mechanic because cars have always been a central part of my life, especially this car. it's all i really want to think about me doing in the future. thank you for this story and i hope you have a speedy recovery!!
  3. well I'm a minor and jobless so maybe? if i have a steady job by then then this could work out,, i just wouldn't be able to join you in drinking the beer lol
  4. ah actually it's at 156k, so technically i wasn't wrong but i have no idea where i got "just under 200k".
  5. mileage should be at just under 200k the maintenance history is,, not great. my dad was a do it yourself kind of guy but he knows less than me about cars and refused to watch youtube tutorials, it was strange. but when my it was my mom's daily in the first 15 years of its life, maintenance was great! i don't have a written history from either periods of it's life also thank you for what you've given me so far!! i felt a little strange asking a question like this but i know so little which makes it difficult to ask google questions. hopefully in the future i'll have better car related vocabulary lol.
  6. I've been a car enthusiast for as long as i can remember, but I've only just started looking into working on cars. what was my mom's 1995 impreza is now officially mine. she's not in my name yet, but getting out to the DMV is headache nowadays. anyways, i'm absolutely lost on how to maintenance my impreza. i only really know things about rotaries, but even then i've never gotten my hands on one. about two years before the pandemic started she got stollen and dumped 20 miles away. there are surprisingly few issues because of that and they've mostly been taken care of. however, she's not doing to hot after sitting for five years, so i was wondering what some really basic things i can do on a tight budget to make her feel better are. im sure i could search a little longer and find out how to do these things, but i don't know how to word my searches and it's so tiring searching for answers rather than having answers and applying them. so really, anything you can think of that i can just do to breathe some new life into her will help me so much. shes a base model L, 2.2L, if i remember correctly EJ22, N/A, automatic, and other than mud-flaps, fog lights, and questionable custom wheels from '98 shes bone stock. shes also not a roller, my brother took her around the block like a year and a half ago and she starts up kind of okay. ignites first try, just sounds really sad. im honestly glad the person who ordered those wheels originally didn't pick them up. i dont know what they would have put them on but they're so butt ugly they would have ruined the car no matter what. those wheels are nightmare fuel. i'll add anything i forgot and images of the engine bay and those horrendous wheels when its not literally 2am. and thank you in advance! even knowing a forum like this exists makes it a little easier to see a future for me and my soob <3
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