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    altonator issues for a 1992 subaru loyale
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    i grew up in texas on a little farm and im 18 looking for help with my 1992 subaru loyale.
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    1992 Subaru Loyale

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  1. It worked fine the other day but now all of a sudden it just starts pulsing and acting up and I'm not sure if it's accurate
  2. I've sprayed it out with a pressure washer and the water started to come out clean then I filled it with Gass and next thing I knew the fuel turned a dark brown and had contaminants in it somone please help I can't find a replacement
  3. Yeah but where would I put it bc I need the trunk space it is a sedan
  4. So the thing is I'm in Texas and these cars do not exist down here and I can't find anything anywhere
  5. My tank is rotten and I can't seem to find parts anywhere
  6. Yes i have cleaned everything and even fixed the wires that are broke still just trips out and moves all over the place
  7. No I pulled it out and inspected it it's coveted in rust and is froze up completely
  8. I meant to find a new one I didn't make that very clear lol
  9. Anyone know were to find a fuel level sender unit I can't find one anywhere
  10. Does anyone got a driver side seat for a loyale they would be willing to part with in the Texas Louisiana area
  11. I have 45 pounds at high idle and when it idols down I got about 10 so pulling the valve cover off and look for the oil restricter and inspect everything seems like the best course of action thanks for the help
  12. it happened on a cold start and it never has never done this here is a video mabey it's up top not sure but it is rpm based Snapchat-620772022_1_1.mp4
  13. My subaru didn't start knocking till recently and I haven't been beating on the motor at all sense I got it so I'm not sure why it is knocking and I checked the oil and it dosnt got any bearing material in it at all and I got great oil pressure any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. It quit running completely and fuel pressure is good it only runs of starting fluid and it will idle with starting fluid but as soon as you stop spraying it dies
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