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  1. I thought of that and really contemplated it lol I took apart the dash again cleaned it all up and it still didn't work so I said screw it, the blinker still works, ill just refill the gas tank all the way every 150-200 miles. But just yesterday it all started working fine and the gas gauge goes way past full only when the right blinker is signaling. After I make the turn it goes right back to normal. I've decided im gonna sell the car because its giving me more issues now and im supposed to be moving state in a month. And sorry for not giving the year and model, its an 86 gl wagon with a carberator
  2. So, I took apart my dash, pulled out the instrument cluster, opened it and cleaned it. My speedometer would work half the time and the other half it would jump around all over the place so I pulled out the instrument cluster to see if the cable wasn't in all the way and while I did, noticed ants coming out of it. I got all the ants out, put it all back together and my hazard fuse was blown, pulled the negative terminal off the battery, plugged a new fuse in and now the right blinker and seatbelt light are alternating even though the blinker is off. Idk if it's related too, but my gas gauge says completely full and my voltage gauge is saying I have no volts but ticks downward when the blinker light is on
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