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  1. Hi new here already broke the rules here once. Sorry. Has anybody ever seen or heard about these cars Sorry i dont know how to add the pictures it wont let me.it is built very well someone told me they were ran in europe mid 80s ULMA CLASS low keyed indy car.It runs but the carb is missing and i need a brake booster master cylinder The motor is 514200 and the # on the automatic transmission is291197 and another #on it is E81 A7D2K I hope someone can help me i have pics on my phone i can text someone . Thank you
  2. Ok that picture worked i tried uploading more and it wouldnot let me I need help in getting this thing going it dont have a carburator and the master cylinder is bad need a new one. I was told it is a subaru brat motor and trans from 1980-1989 dont know Please help me
  3. I dont know what to do i tried uploading pictures and it said picture was to big. I got this little indy car that was professionaly built with a subaru motor EA81 serial # 514200 with a automatic transmission.I was told these were raced in an ulma class. I dont know im hoping somebody can help me
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