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    I acquired and 89 Subaru Gl Wagon 4wd. Before buying this car I thought who in their right mind would drive this ugly P.O.S. I tried to low ball him thinking he would get offended and tell me to go f*** my self. Instead he said deal lol.
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  1. Here is an interesting question. Anybody know what the wire sends the pulse directly off the distributor?? In (my) theory you should be able to bypass the ecu. The wire that sends the timing to the ecu from the distributor. Another from the coil. Any thoughts on this? All criticism will be accepted no hard feelings.
  2. With code 14 on the flow chart it stops me at the first step. It says to see page 56. I don't have page 56. Like you said when you take away all them bells and whistles what do you have. I haven't done a compression test on it. It didn't feel like it gave up the ghost. To me it seemed like a bad connection or it was running out of fuel then pick it back up again. I did stick my nose in it after I tried to start it the first time but I still couldn't smell fuel. Primed it, it fired up to die out when the fuel ran out. Ill definitely do a compression test in the morning. Thanks for the info every little bit helps. Heater
  3. Thats what I went after first. I think I found all of them, but think and knowing are two different things. I did the ones that I could see, is there some bastard ground that is well hidden some where? I haven't crawled under the car yet, but thats where I'm heading at this point. I just replaced the crank angle sensor and codes 11-13 are both gone. Still got 14 flashing.
  4. This is awesome! This I hope will stop me from guessing so much. Appreciate it 👍👍
  5. On a thread I read if the crank angle sensor is bad it still will send spark but it won't send the timing to the ecu which then tells the injector to open for fuel. Which is all new to me for i have ever owned are early 80's Fords.
  6. I have an 89 subaru gl wagon 1.8l spfi 5 speed dual range 4wd. This wagon of mine was running fine since I bought it 2020. Before that it hadn't been on the road since 1999. The only work that needed at the time was battery and fuel. Since I've owned it no major repairs. Oil change, plugs and wires, air filter, tires, front axles, brakes. But thats about it. A little over a month ago I was heading to work when my air conditioner just stopped working. No fan no heater nothing. Not a hudge deal in my mind just roll down the windows which are electric. 10 minutes from work the windows quite working all together. On my way home the car started losing power and then it would come back again. This went on back and fourth for about 15 miles eventually stopping all together 5 miles from home. Since then I have been through everything. Tried everything (with out buying new parts) and its still just cranking with no start unless I pour fuel into the intake. I've ran the diagnostics and I'm getting codes 11, 13, and 14. I'm getting fuel up to the intake, but seems the injector isn't spraying fuel and I have tested it by running 12v directly to it and it works but not with the ignition. Fuel pump is working fine plenty of pressure. With out looking right at it 11 and 13 both say the exact same thing crank angle sensor. Why is there two codes for the same thing? Any help, ideas, or thoughts on what is going on would be awesome. Jason Heater
  7. Frp420 i appreciate all the info. You are right about getting parts for this thing it is hard. Honestly I surprised that this car has held up through the things I have put it through. Its got 222013, it had around 209000 when I got it. My thoughts when I got this car was that it was ugly as sin and was just going to strip it run it hard on the old logging roads up here. Its a foreign made car and I have always owned, wrenched, and cussed at Fords. Now with the price of fuel cant afford to really drive the 84 Ford I have as a daily driver so looks like the old subaru will stay the way it is. Until it gives out then its heading to the junk yard. Thanks everybody appreciate it.
  8. Well I was just looking for some ideas. I've done some looking into it and yes it will be a pain in the rump roast. The motor has the same compression ratio as the turbo gl10 model. As for your opinion I don't really care how you feel about the motor. You must be a wrx guy
  9. How hard would it be to install a turbo on my 89 1.8l single port fuel injected EA82. I really don't want to do a motor swap for this motor has been tried and trued through the extreme abuse I have put it through.
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