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  1. Subarutex

    West Coast Subaru Show 18!

    We love dogs. If you think your dog will be comfortable in the environment of the event, we don't have a problem with you bringing them. If you have any doubt about the dog's comfort or safety, please find a sitter. Please make sure you pickup after your Dog, I do believe our contract with the grounds requires it, and I don't want to be the one doing it. Please make sure your dog isn't barking/howling all day/night. Technically we don't allow dogs around the show cars, or in the buildings. Have we ever had to enforce that? Once. Some guy was letting his dog stand up against a car, owner of the car got pissed, I had to deal with it. This is more in there for our protection. Be smart and polite, and we won't even notice the dog there. We only allow service cats
  2. Subarutex

    West Coast Subaru Show 18!

    Westcoastsubarushow.com is up, link to register is on the page. As for the FB page, we don't intentionally block anybody. I'll run through the settings again, but it should be open for people to see.
  3. Jeff, Keep me in the loop on this (FB maybe? or text/call me). Would love to come out if i'm around. I'm about 10min from Dicks. Wouldn't mind having a couple people over for an after party either. Tex
  4. Is this at Evans Creek? 1st HatchPatrol event there? Vaguely looks like my buddy Jay on the far left, Me to his right, and Monica to my right. Fun fact, that was Monica and I's first real date.
  5. Subarutex

    EJ2EA Oil Adapter Line

    In for this. I have one made up of AN components, but have a bit of leaking from it.
  6. Hey Guys! Tickets are finally for sale for this years West Coast Subaru Show. Event will be at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Port Townsend, WA. Tickets: http://tickets.thefoat.com/westcoastsubarushow/West+Coast+Subaru+Show+17/tickets/event-732 More event info coming soon to: www.westcoastsubarushow.com Or on Facebook.com/westcoastsubarushow Can't wait to see everyone at the show! Tex
  7. Subarutex

    WCSS 2015

    We announced on FB, but have not updated the website yet... Sorry about that. August 28-30th, 2015 Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Port Townsend, WA
  8. Lame! Hoping you land somewhere good. Have you hit up Eric @ Brodys? Thanks again for the crossover pipe. Let me know if you are looking for any side jobs, I can add your name & # to my recommendations list.
  9. Subarutex

    Retro GL-10 TURBO build

    I never thought I'd see someone put Ohlins on an old Leone. Props to you good sir. Props indeed.
  10. We found a little room in the budget, and rented a pressure washer to help get the cars clean after mudpit festivities.
  11. Friday 8/1 is the last day to pre-register and pre-buy merch.
  12. Don't forget to pre-order your shirts with your registration! www.westcoastsubarushow.com/store/
  13. Subarutex

    miata coilovers on wagon

    No. Miata's use an upper / lower control arm suspension with the integrated shock/spring (coilover). EA82's use a McPherson strut setup, like almost all other Subaru's. Which means the front suspension has a lower arm, and the strut acts as the shock/spring/ & upper control arm.