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  1. Ultimate RX came equipped with an EJ 5-spd transmission and a modified EA shifter assembly. Once the car ran, I knew this setup was going to have to be redone. The linkage rubbed on the drive shaft in 3rd and 5th... even after "clearancing" it for several thousand miles. One day on my way home, it broke. The "barrel" end broke off at the weld. You can see above my finger the part that was "clearanced". I made the decision to try and fit an EJ shifter assembly, mainly for the option at somepoint in the future of getting an off the shelf short shifter. I ended up getting something very similar to this of nasioc for cheap! After doing some fitting with Dan from Smart Service, we identified the 3 areas that needed modification. The most important being we needed to change the "bracket" end of the shift rod to a "barrel". However, we were able to bolt it up, bracket to bracket, so we knew the bolt hole placement was at the correct length. Reusing the broken "barrel" I had my welding buddy change out the "bracket" end. He also was able to completely remove the metal ring that retains the boot along the shift rod. Close up of the welding at the end... The smaller tube is actually sleeve all the way down to the elbow in the shift rod for strength. To make the process easier, we had made a scrap wood jig to hold the arm in place correctly in relation to the bolt hole alignment. Took us about 45 minutes to get the jig made. With that out of the way only took him about 20 minutes to TIG it all together correctly at work. Once we had the modified shift rod, I went to the task of fitting the Stay Rod. The transmission end slid on with no problems, I reused the washer plate from the existing assembly. For the other end, I was able to re-use the 2 holes in the chassis for the factory shifter, and a piece of metal strapping to bolt it all in with no drilling. Next came the easy part of bolting in the shift rod, and re-installing the shifter into the cup. I think it came out looking pretty nice. The shifter is also moved back a bit, to ease the banging of the CD player on quick 3rd or 5th gear shifts. Close, but just enough clearance around the shift rod... All back together with the factory EJ rubber boot (minus the ribbed portion that connected to the shift rod), and my Prodrive shift knob. Of course, the stock console does not go back on... the shifter is too far back. However, I plan to merge the stock console sides with an EJ style shift boot and trim ring. In the mean time I'll enjoy my shorter shifts, that don't interfere with the driveline or chassis anymore. I'll also revel in the fact that when I find a set of poly shifter bushings on sale, or a short shifter I can just "bolt it in".
  2. Subarutex

    West Coast Subaru Show 18!

    We love dogs. If you think your dog will be comfortable in the environment of the event, we don't have a problem with you bringing them. If you have any doubt about the dog's comfort or safety, please find a sitter. Please make sure you pickup after your Dog, I do believe our contract with the grounds requires it, and I don't want to be the one doing it. Please make sure your dog isn't barking/howling all day/night. Technically we don't allow dogs around the show cars, or in the buildings. Have we ever had to enforce that? Once. Some guy was letting his dog stand up against a car, owner of the car got pissed, I had to deal with it. This is more in there for our protection. Be smart and polite, and we won't even notice the dog there. We only allow service cats
  3. Subarutex

    West Coast Subaru Show 18!

    Westcoastsubarushow.com is up, link to register is on the page. As for the FB page, we don't intentionally block anybody. I'll run through the settings again, but it should be open for people to see.
  4. Jeff, Keep me in the loop on this (FB maybe? or text/call me). Would love to come out if i'm around. I'm about 10min from Dicks. Wouldn't mind having a couple people over for an after party either. Tex
  5. Is this at Evans Creek? 1st HatchPatrol event there? Vaguely looks like my buddy Jay on the far left, Me to his right, and Monica to my right. Fun fact, that was Monica and I's first real date.
  6. Subarutex

    EJ2EA Oil Adapter Line

    In for this. I have one made up of AN components, but have a bit of leaking from it.
  7. Hey Guys! Tickets are finally for sale for this years West Coast Subaru Show. Event will be at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Port Townsend, WA. Tickets: http://tickets.thefoat.com/westcoastsubarushow/West+Coast+Subaru+Show+17/tickets/event-732 More event info coming soon to: www.westcoastsubarushow.com Or on Facebook.com/westcoastsubarushow Can't wait to see everyone at the show! Tex
  8. Subarutex

    WCSS 2015

    We announced on FB, but have not updated the website yet... Sorry about that. August 28-30th, 2015 Jefferson County Fairgrounds, Port Townsend, WA
  9. Lame! Hoping you land somewhere good. Have you hit up Eric @ Brodys? Thanks again for the crossover pipe. Let me know if you are looking for any side jobs, I can add your name & # to my recommendations list.
  10. Subarutex

    Retro GL-10 TURBO build

    I never thought I'd see someone put Ohlins on an old Leone. Props to you good sir. Props indeed.
  11. We found a little room in the budget, and rented a pressure washer to help get the cars clean after mudpit festivities.
  12. Friday 8/1 is the last day to pre-register and pre-buy merch.
  13. Don't forget to pre-order your shirts with your registration! www.westcoastsubarushow.com/store/
  14. Hey Subaru Fans! Pre-Registration for this years West Coast Subaru Show is now OPEN! We are headed back the the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Port Townsend! Dates will be August 15, 16, and 17th. Registration for this years show is all very similar to years past. We will leave pre-registration open until the end of July, and as always will be accepting registrations at the gate. We are going to accept pre registrations for camping this year. Camping registration will not be accepted without registration for the show. We are going to cap available pre-registered camping spaces at 250. We don't want to oversell the field. Dante's inferno will be serving hot dogs again for lunch during the day Saturday. Merchandise pre-sale will be opening soon as well. We are very excited about this years shirt designs, and are exploring options for some other cool swag. We look forward to seeing you there! www.westcoastsubarushow.com
  15. Subarutex

    miata coilovers on wagon

    No. Miata's use an upper / lower control arm suspension with the integrated shock/spring (coilover). EA82's use a McPherson strut setup, like almost all other Subaru's. Which means the front suspension has a lower arm, and the strut acts as the shock/spring/ & upper control arm.
  16. It was brought to our attention that some of the registration emails didn't get to where they needed to. I have fixed that error. If you have not received a confirmation email, please PM me your name, and I will resend it. Sorry for the trouble!
  17. Is the EJ22 running fuel injection? The fuel system (tank, lines, fittings, design) of your wagon cannot directly handle a fuel injected motor. Those systems were built to see 3-10psi of fuel pressure, while the fuel injection will run upwards of 40psi. The problems sound like fuel pressure issues to me. Does the car take a few cranks to start after its been sitting overnight? I ran my EJ22 on a '86 carb'd wagon for a couple years, and had on again off again drivability issues. They all came back to fuel. I ended up losing that motor, probably due to fuel starvation. While its down, I'm redoing the fuel system to handle fuel injection by adding in a surge tank. This basically has your stock low pressure system fill a small secondary tank (mine is 2 liters, located in the engine bay), and then you have the high pressure pump draw from that tank. This way your stock fuel system doesn't have to support pressure it wasn't designed for.
  18. Coilovers for a 05-09 Legacy GT will fit with some mods.
  19. Subarutex


    EJ18 Carb. Do it. Also... isn't it about time to start another project and part this one out? I think its been more than 6 months.
  20. Subarutex

    4x140 to 5x100 bolt pattern adapters

    I'm interested in a set of 4 of these if there are any still available. Confirmed to work on the front and rear of a EA82 w/ disk brakes all around?
  21. We are not sure yet. We will make the decision on Thursday when we get on site, and we will put up signage. The gate off Washington St. is more direct to the camping field, however doesn't leave much room for lining up. We may opt for the entrance off 7th, that is closest to Washington St. as that would give us some of that parking lot to line up in. However, that may be a no go depending on event happening in the Conference Center on Friday.
  22. Subarutex

    This is a buggy!

    This is relevant to this thread. http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/axial-wraith/354382-another-southern-buggy-lil-showtime.html