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  1. cmiller

    EJ-22 swap, Project Loyale

    UPDATE: the Subie has been passed on to a new owner who is taking it to the next level. I'm sure hes on here so I'll let him introduce it when hes ready. It went to a perfect home and will be around in the community. Just wait till you all see the new upgrades!
  2. cmiller

    EJ-22 swap, Project Loyale

    Wow, all of the pics are gone after the new forum switch over... bummer.
  3. cmiller

    Sandlake trip 10-14-2012 (Sunday)

    I have to work... Sounds fun!
  4. cmiller

    EJ-22 swap, Project Loyale

    Yep you did! I was heading up to the N. Fork of the Santiam to Opal Creek area for some work/fun!
  5. cmiller

    EJ-22 swap, Project Loyale

    That's about what I spent getting all of the bits needed for the engine. Mines a daily driver so I spent the money where its important, on a good motor.
  6. cmiller

    WCSS Swap meet??????

    I've got a set of 195 R14 studded snow tires, $40 for the set.
  7. Anyone planning on going to the Overland Rally in Leavenworth, WA this next weekend? Looks like some great classes, demos, and vendors on the list! I'll be there in the Red Loyale if you want to track me down to say hi.
  8. cmiller

    EJ-22 swap, Project Loyale

    Today I put in a marine grade 12v outlet in the rear cargo are for the ARB fridge/freezer. The 12v is switched off of the panel in the center console which gets its power off of the auxiliary battery. It will run the fridge for 18 hours before needing to recharge. So letting it go over night while camping is no problem. The dual battery system will monitor this for me and when I start up the car again it will recharge the aux battery automatically. This all translates to fresh food when out on a long camping trip!
  9. cmiller

    my '98 Foz

    Those BFG AT's look good on there!
  10. cmiller

    EJ-22 swap, Project Loyale

    That's the way to go. It bolts right up to a EJ22 with factory parts. I recommend new hoses rather than used to make sure it lasts for a good long while.
  11. cmiller

    my '98 Foz

    Looks great!
  12. cmiller

    EJ-22 swap, Project Loyale

    I did the in line resistor that Numchux recommended in his write up. So still using the EA gauge in the dash.
  13. cmiller

    my '98 Foz

    The Fozzy is looking good!