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  1. Hi all, First time on this side; I usually lurk around the EA threads... Here's the long and short: (mostly long..)(sorry) I picked up a '98 Forester S from a friend/coworker for cheap. He'd had the car for about a year and had lots of little things fixed and amongst other things, related to gas leaks, included fuel lines. He was frustrated that as soon as one thing was fixed, a month later something else would let go. The person that does this work for him is another Subaru guy, and works on everybodys Subie in the county, basically. In replacing the rusted fuel lines in the back of the car, he simply notched out the cover, and drilled a hole and got on to the the top of the sending unit with some big, heavy reinforced rubber hose. All three lines to the sending unit were fixed/attached to. These were run internally down to the drivers' side (underneath the seat, etc) and reattached where the steel lines come back in to the car, effectively bypassing all the rusted junk underneath the car. I also noticed there were a whole bunch of rubber lines all around that "emmisions box" under the right rear corner that were plugged off with bolts in the ends of them. The car has not thrown any codes, except for the gas gauge not working. (He nipped a wire while drilling back there. I found and fixed.) So, this was done quite some time ago. Previous owner later had fuel leak issues while filling the car. Claims it was only an issue while filling, not while running/driving. New OEM fuel filler neck was installed (old one found rusty, go figure.). Previous owner still had issues and assumed it was the rubber hose AFTER the metal neck that was leaking. He also wasn't able to see how much fuel he had, due to the gauge no longer functioning. Instead of tracking his milage and adding gallons accordingly, he would "drive it a little bit and put gas in it." Not knowing what exactly the issue was, (tank leaking or not) I showed up with 3 gallons of gas in a can and poured them in, and proceeded to watch at least a gallon drip out. I planned to drive until it ran completely out, then put 5 gallons in, track mileage untill totally out, and do the math from there. I drove over 350 miles before it initially ran out. = Tank already full upon pick up. I had assumed maybe previous owner was just overfilling it and sending some back in to some of the lines that had been plugged off or something. After all that reading, we finally get to the meat of it. I apologize for the long winded-ness, but I feel it helps to know a bit of the back-story. The previous owner throughout all of this would also complain of smelling gas inside the car after refueling. I also had noticed this. Additionally, I had found (While finding the cut wire and thus restoring the fuel gauge) that the cover/hatch over the tank/sending unit was not really sealed up, after having notches cut out of it, thus any leakage back there could easily be smelled in the car. I fixed this as well, and have not had any gas aromas inside the car that were not of my own origin I have now put over 1500 miles on the car without any leaks or incidents. I drove it to work yesterday, and about 15 minutes prior to leaving work, another coworker started it for me to let it warm up. While walking to the car, I noticed it was raining gas underneath the rear end of the car. I shut it off and it stopped. I restarted and it resumed dumping my paycheck on the ground. I rode home with coworker and rocked out the loyal Loyale today. Started the Forester this afternoon and no leaks.... Until after about ten minutes of idling. It was pouring it again. Pulled the cover back off and was able to find that one of the lines that had been bypassed (so we thought) and left open was the culprit. (if you're kneeling on the backseat facing the rear of the car, the lines come out of the sending unit in a triangle pattern, pointing towards the front. This one would be the top right. ( only assume that's where this hose would have connected, lengths seem to match.)) I threaded a bolt in to it and found that after enough time it was building up pressure sufficient to still leak past the threads. Also added a hose clamp and found it to still want to weap until I really torqued the clamp down. I let it idle for a little bit while checking things over and didn't find any other issues. I'm not intimately familiar with automotive fuel systems and am only minorly worried about some big Hollywood-style explosion after a pressure build-up and release somewhere bad while going down the road... So, looking for some insight and thoughts on this as to how I should really proceed from here. If this no longer leaks, am I just ok as it is? Should I be looking for some valve malfunction, or other plugged line/canister? If he bypassed all of this, and correctly rerouted, where is this pressure and fuel coming from? (To which, I might add, the repair technique he performed here, he has done several times without issue over the years.) I am just trying to handle this myself as the guy is very busy as a single father, working a full time job and always has six Subarus in his yard to work on after work.. Also, the car had just under a half tank when I parked it yesterday morning, and while it was doing it's thing, it reduced itself to a quarter of a tank. In the pic, the line on the top right with the bolt and the clamp is the one I just plugged. All other original hoses in here were left open. The red line (obviously) was the other guys' work.
  2. Hey all! I've been poking around the site searching for info on 6-Speed swap. I'm trying to find out who has paired a 6-Speed to their EJ motors and what all it entailed. In the mean time...
  3. I've narrowed my new (used) car search down to a 2011 Outback (38,xxx miles) http://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistory/p/Report.cfx?partner=CSE_0&vin=4S4BRBCC9B3389671 and a 2011 Forester (25,xxx miles). Both are the base 2.5x model, with pretty limited features outside of alloys. http://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistory/p/Report.cfx?partner=VAS_0&vin=JF2SHBBC0BH719209 I've had one experience with a Subaru and that was driving a new model Outback over the course of 4 days through Montana. I enjoyed it, the paddle shifted CVT tranny felt nice and crisp, had great leg room front and back, seemed to handle well enough (I drive a 2003 Hyundai Sonata, just about anything is better than this) and I enjoyed the car overall outside of the fairly significant blind spots. I have not driven a Forester, yet. I'd like to know about experiences with each vehicle, namely reliability, maintenance and anything mechanical. Thanks
  4. I've become more and more set on getting a subaru as my first car after a good amount of researching around the web. I've come across a local dealership that is a decent sized lot (about 15~25 cars) with the dealer specializing in Subarus. I've found a 1999 Forester L there. It has 108k miles, automatic with a 2.5 engine. The one thing that leaves me a bit weary is the HG problem in the 2.5 engines. I haven't come across a 2.2l yet, the only one I did sold faster than I could call. With small cosmetic damages here & there such as faded paint and a kind of tore up seat, I worked the price for 4,400 to 3,500, which is the lowest he'll go. I know the HG problem isn't super hard to fix, but aside from checking under the car for external leaks, asking about the timing belt, checkign the tires, small things like that, what is your opinion on this? I've got a maximum budget of 5,000 so I don't mind looking around more for something with a better deal, but this car seems reasonable. I'm mostly going to use the car to commute to work, and school. I wouldn't mind taking it to the mountains either to go backpacking and camping. From what i've read the forester has good handling compared to the imperza or outback. Any opinions, comments, or feed back is greatly appreciated. Thank you & have a good day!
  5. So working in sales as I do, I get to play with all of the new Subarus. Generally it's a lot of fun, and of course being around Soobs all day makes me happy! But I would just like to shine some light on the brand new Forester that was released this year, as it has exceeded our expectations both for sales numbers, and in terms of the capabilities and fit-and-finish of the vehicle. Now I don't know if any of you guys have had a chance to drive one of these bad boys, but the XT models are astoundingly fast, they combine a turbocharged version of the FA20 2.0l Direct injected engine (originally marketed in the BRZ/FRS/GT-86) with a Lineartronic CVT, with the turbocharger being a twin-scroll unit. They also incorporated a transmission setting that Subaru has named "X mode" which essentially mimics a 4WD low setting at speeds below 30Km/H. It also includes a hill descent control feature. Subaru has managed to squeeze 250 HP and 258 Lbs/ft out of this 2.0L engine, and due to the powertrain setup and the reduced weight (CVT/Xspd auto/manual) the Brand new forester gets fantastic fuel economy as well! It is my personal opinion that the brand new Forester actually holds it's own pretty well against a WRX! it may have about 15 HP fewer, but the two vehicles have similar weights. Now this is where it gets interesting. If you have ever taken a look at acceleration graphs, you know that geared transmissions are curved and taper off at higher Rpms (if that makes sense) the beauty of the acceleration afforded by the CVT is that your acceleration is completely linear. So in theory, the more consistent acceleration actually gives the Forester a leg up on higher-horsepower geared-transmission vehicles. Then combine that with a drive-by-wire throttle and engine management that controls the ratio of throttle input to fuel output (Allowing it to increase fuel delivery in the "Sport# mode), and you have one fast codswalloping machine. Anyway, I hadn't noticed anyone talking about this awesome addition to the Subaru line-up, so I thought I would start a conversation on it! Who remembers Battlestar Galactica? I mean come on, look at that maw on the front of that Bad boy. Anyway, if anyone is looking to pick up a new Soob, definitely give this one a try. The world was demanding a brand new updated Forester, and Subaru answered quite defiantly by releasing an absolute monster. So, lets talk Foresters!
  6. My girlfriend swears that the switches on the steering column (the ones that control the lights and washers) used to light up. The mechanic says that the switches are not back-lit and he can not find wiring for them in the schematics. Please if you own a 2004 forester x please share with me if the switches are back-lit on your vehicle.
  7. I am about to tear my motor in my 03 forester X because my timing sproket bearings come out which led to the sprocket slinging off. i tried just replacing that and retiming it, but i still am not getting compression... I was just wanting to figure up some good pistons and rods that aren't OEM. I figure if Im going to have to rebuild i may as well add some horsepower too, but do not know where to look to find some good after market parts. help Will be greatly appreciated. ask questions if you need more details. p.s. This Will be my first subaru build always been with muscle cars till i found this reliable car. To bad one small thing put it in my shop.
  8. Anyone else experience a turbo-induced blown engine? Our 2007 Sports 2.5XT suffered a blown engine last week as I was driving from San Francisco to Long Beach, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of similar events with other Turbo XT's. The dealer's mechanics where I had it towed to had to do an engine tear-down, and found that cylinder 4 was trashed, with a big chunk of it loose (Picture attached). Their opinion is that, since this cylinder works most closely with the turbo unit, the cylinder was constantly overheating. (Note: I'm not a car techie, so I realize my description may lack proper details, but I'm going by what I've been told over the phone.) Metal fatigue due to over heating apparently is the specific cause of the failure The engine block is not repairable. The dealer has quoted me a total price over $6000 complete repair. I am talking to Subaru America, as I am disappointed that the engine design may be partially responsible for this massive failure. Does anyone know of other turbos causing engine block failure? This Sports 2.5XT has got 136K miles, and has only been serviced by Subaru garages. We got it new in 2007. All driving has been on streets and highways. We still have a 1999 Forester (non-turbo), which chugs along nicely with about 150,000 K.
  9. Hi all. I am new to this forum, but am seeking some assistance with some relatively cost effective ways to boost the performance on my 2004 Forester XS, five speed manual. It is stock standard at the moment, and I would just like to get a little more performance out of it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I am feeling betrayed, lied to and cheated by Subaru. I bought a 2013 2.5XT Touring in September 2012. I was very happy, until December 2012 when the 2014's were announced. why was I not told about the 2014 redesign in September. Why was all the web chatter talking about a re-design in 2015? This is my 4th Subaru and I had not owned one in 20 years. My wife bought an Outback in 2010 and I test drove an XT at the time and loved it. So I waited and saved and bought what I thought was the best Subaru I could get for my money. Then the 2014's came out and I kept hearing about all the great improvements. When I brought my 2013 to the dealer for service and decide to test drive the 2014. That is when my disappointment started. The 2014 XT gets better gas mileage around town than my 2013 gets on the Highway. The 2014 has more leg room (I am 6' 2 and about once a month get in too fast and hit my leg on the curved dash when getting in and now have a permanent sore mark). The Dash is redesigned and it does feel a lot like an Outback. It rides smoother and can run on Regular gas, not always premium. I fell in love with the new Forester (especially the gas mileage). I went to the dealer and they told me that since the new models came out the buy back program is not very good on 2013 Foresters. Plus, the car dealer is having a hard time selling the other XT's on the lot. No one wants the Cars because the 2014's are so much better in all aspects. My XT has 7600 miles on it and they would only give me $25000 with buy back for a 6 month old car that was $31,200. I expected some loss (maybe $4000 max) from driving the car off the lot, but not $6000. That makes the buy back program no better than any other car dealer. Maybe even worse. I'm not having buyers remorse, just loyal Subaru customer sadness. All the things that I thought made a Subaru a great investment... Don't apply to the 2013 Forester XT's. This is my hard luck, but a fair warning to everyone else.
  11. I just picked up a '99 Forester L with a 4EAT for my wife. This is our 2nd Subi, we used to have a '99 Outback with a 4EAT. It didn't do this. When in 4th and then accelerating enough to cause a kickdown to pass, the transmission has a violent kickdown. It feels as if you got rear ended. RPMs increase substantially after pressing the accelerator before the kickdown, at high throttle, resulting in the violent kickdown. I've adjusted the TPS, drained pan (fluid was clean and not burnt), replaced filter, refilled, no change. The ATF Temp light isn't on and I have not been able to pull any codes from it. The car shifts fine under all other circumstances. Any ideas?
  12. Hi all, I am poised to buy a 2003 Forester with only 91,000 miled on it. One previous owner, no accidents, carfax looks great mostly dealer serviced local to where I am buying it from. $6995, with tax and conveyance fee it'll be just shy of $8,000. Dealership did timing belt, waterpump, and head gasket. Tires look new. 1: Would you say go for it? This is my first sube and I'm switching from an '01 camry. I really need a wagon for this summer. I hear these last forever so when I saw one with less than 100,000 miles I pounced on it. 2: Where/how can anyone suggest I get an extended warranty? The dealership is only offering a 60 day warranty. While I consider myself a fairly educated person, I don't know much about buying cars as I've been driving my camry forever- so feel free to point out anything you might consider obvious that I might not have considered yet. I will be making my decision on it very soon, I have paid them to hold the car for a couple days while I come up with the money. A big thanks!
  13. My friend needs a tranny for his 2000 forester, 5 spd. I was told it had a 411 gear ratio but I don't know much more than that. Anyone know which year trannys might interchange? I was told only 99 to 01 foresters and no other models but I have a hard time believing that. Thanks for any help.
  14. Okay, So I ventured out and purchased a 2001 forester with a new trans and rebuilt engine (still slaps ) The guys who rebuilt it arn't exactly subaru mechanics, but anyhow I drove it in the rain and after about ten minutes, I noticed condensation and water on the floorboard. When I got home I found an inch of water in the back seat area floor board/ drivers side. I found no holes or significant rust underneath. I am missing the plastic cover for under the engine, could this be causing the water issue? Chris W. Also any know of a brush guard that will fit the 01 forester?
  15. I just got my 2013 Forester Limited from Paul Miller Honda on March 26, and I am completely in love with it. I first drove a Subaru on my honeymoon in Maui; we rented a Forester and drove it all over the island and up and down the volcano. I had originally bought a 2013 Honda Accord V-6 in Feb, but traded it in because I knew I really wanted a Forester. So happy I did. Love. Love. Love.
  16. Hope someone can help me with this problems Today my car started to vibrate alot after driving for about 15 minuts,(to work). The same happend on the way back, after 15 minuts it startet to vibrate again. At the same time it seemst like the turbo went crazy, it is allmoust like its no midle thing on the throttle, either full throttle or just low speed. A few times befor, when i start the car in the morning the check enginge light has turned on, but then dissapeared again after a minute or so. But when the light is on it cutts the turbo, the turbo only charges up a litle, then blows it all out. Does enybody have experiense with the same problem, and could it be a connection between thees two? Couldent find any topic about this in Norway so hope some one could help me here im glad for all answers (if you understand my english)
  17. Subaru's SUV the Forester has been given a revamp for 2013 with a number of new features on offer: X-mode and the automatic rear tail gate are two of the stand outs. See all the features and a good round-up: http://www.caradvice.com.au/203546/2013-subaru-forester-review/ Enjoy.
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