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Found 48 results

  1. Hey, I just bought a brand new Subaru Impreza 2.0i 2015 and I was wondering if anyone on these boards could point me in the right direction to obtain aftermarket parts for it. Such As: Hood with a scope Spoilers Trim Anything else really..... I really hate how the car looks without it having aftermarket stuff on it.... please been desperate
  2. Hey there guys and gals, I am the proud owner of a 1986 2 dr FWD Hatchback with 122K on the car. I bought it from its original owner so most of the original parts that came with it are starting to wear out and require routine matience. I'm working on my clutch and I am looking for a replacement flywheel seeing as the one I have currently installed has already been machined once and I always plan ahead for the unexpected. The only problem I have is that this part is hard to come by. The issue is that I have one of the rare FWD only models that was just sort of thrown together at the end of the model year from leftover parts to create a sellable product. Subaru stopped manufacturing the car model in 1984, but kept selling the vehicles with a new model year on them until they ran out. As a result, I've run into my share of issues when tracking down parts and have spent many a weekend in the wrecking yards tracking down old donor cars to keep my old gal running. I need the 7 in diameter flywheel. Seeing as not many FWD models were really made and still exist, there is very little demand for and no after market manufacturer for this part. All of the flywheels I've found are the 8 in flywheels that are designed for the 1800 class engine that was primarially put into the 4WD models that came shortly after my model year. I'm fairly confident that I can sand the glazing off of the flywheel with my grinder, seeing as it isn't gouged or warped in any way. However, while it may not be an issue now, in the future if I can't find a replacement flywheel for my engine I may be forced to make a conversion over to the 4WD Dual Range, which might force me to have to upgrade to the larger engine. If anyone has this part or has any advice on what sort of transplanting/frankensteining I can do to solve this issue, please don't hesitate to message me. If there are any other models that carry a flywheel that might be compatible then let me know so that I might broaden my search.
  3. Hi, My passive restrait seatbelt track& cable assembly (subaru 64956GA790) for the drivers side has bit the dust. Subaru doesn't have any to sell. Same track 88,89,90,91 model. Runs above the front door frame back to the pillar and down to the motor. My motor works, the cable is bound up. Anybody know of a parts yard who keeps old stuff like this around? Anybody want to sell me on off a parts car they might be holding? I see there are aftermarket belts to eliminate the "strangler", but i'm trying to keep this simple. Any suggestions appreciated, Dominic
  4. So i'm relatively new here, and new to owning a Subaru. I've previously owned several older Volvos, which obviously enjoy a similar type of enthusiast following as Subaru. my question is if there is a Subaru equivalent to the volvo-based parts/accessory website IPDusa.com? they sell both OEM, NOS, and direct fit performance parts for a lot of old Volvos. Clearly there are parts sites like RockAuto and PartsGeek, but those are basically just a factory replacement parts source. If you browse through the IPD site, you'll see what im talking about. they sell stuff you cant find elsewhere, like 'problem solver' parts for those nagging issues only the owners of a specific vehicle might be looking for. i know there are several sites i could go to where some dude is making lift blocks for my wagon, and another place where another dude is making a brush guard or skid plates, but is there a one-stop-shop for all that stuff, plus the regular maintenance stuff? thanks for the help
  5. I just purchased a 2003 Impreza project car and the guy said it has a 2.2 liter engine but how can I tell, No hood, front clip replaced, needs some other parts but it starts...
  6. Vandals smashed my drivers side...front window out on Easter Sunday! Looking for replacement window....mounted with tracks and rails..not just the glass. Does anyone have spare window interested in Selling? I am in Cincinnati, Oho.
  7. Just finished up some engine swapping and have an extra EA82 engine and a lot of engine parts. Including: - Short block 100$ OBO (NOT rebuilt. about 150k miles, cylinders are clean almost no ridge, was running, doesn't even need rebuild - just put back together) - Heads 25$ each OBO (needs valve job) - Long block 140$ OBO - Oil pump - Water pump - All pulleys - Valve covers - Some timing belt covers and the tensioners - Flywheel - Oil pan -Engine mounts - Ask if you don't see the part you're looking for, I may have it NO -Alternator - Intake manifold - Carburetor - Transmission - Radiator - Power steering - AC - Distributor email chasewell@gmail.com I can give you pictures or more history or information about any of these parts. Suggest a price for the little stuff if you are interested, let me know if you want the engine for a different price and we will discuss (via email)
  8. Well a couple of weeks back I had a deal with fellow USMB forum member Giles (SCOOBYDOO) and swapped my much loved MV1800 (BRAT) for a Rare GLF Hatchback. The GLF is surprisingly complete but there are a couple of little "O" clips that hold the parcel shelf in that are broken. They are plastic and I think they would have been a common breaking point ? Do any USMB members maybe have a "Parts" GLF or is there anybody who might be able to supply me with them ? The GLF is fitted with Giles,s fibreglass wings (Fenders) see here.. http://z15.invisionfree.com/Mv_Brat_Brumby/index.php?showtopic=2145&st=0last Heres a few pics.... "MO"
  9. Hey I'm selling or parting out my gen 1 BRAT. Add explains all. http://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/4304702483.html
  10. Hi All, I know that it has been a LONG time since I have posted. But I had nothing new to offer and my old Loyale was always running great! I am thinking of buying a 94 outback. However (did not want to use "but") it is not a steal, or is it? There is a foot long crack along the windshield bottom, the head & fog lights do not work, and it is a ground issue, the front wheel, drive fuse blows, I suspect that may be due to mismatched tires, it is close to 200,000 miles, automatic trans, their are small dents and scratches on all surfaces, a large paint loser on the front driver side, a structural "?" crack across the bottom crossing the tranny hump and exhaust indent, Is is wide enough to affect continuity from the rear to front, is a weld safe? Broken/missing R-hand mirror, missing interior mirror, tranny shifts late, It has not had proper maintenence. Runs good but "check engine light" always on. This is a big deal in California, Smog laws won't allow it to be registered untill that light is out! There are a few other problems less severe, oh yeah NO abs. The lady is asking $2800 but I think more like $1000 - $1500 is fair. As she is a friend, I want to be fair. So, any opinions on the value of this outback? If I pay for labor, how much are we looking at? And Ballpark parts? Would be nice. Like I said I am trying to be fair with a friend, but cannot afford to overpay at this time. I'd appreciate any feedback my Suby loving brothers & Sisters! Thanks in advance!
  11. Basically I'm wondering what radiators will work in my 82 gl wagon. With ea81. The junkyard has an 85 , 87 and an 88. Do these have the same radiator? Is there any parts from these cars that are the same from 82? Rear bumper possibly? What about turning lights and brake lights ? If any parts would swap right over with bolt in ease?
  12. Got a 82 GL 4x4 wagon about a month ago. Im really stoked on it its a good runner for the most part. the CV axel went out on it and i had it replaced. Im looking for a new radiator because mine is cracked so i have to keep topping it off. im also looking for some external body parts; rear bumper, front mud flap. maybe a whole new front grill assembly. If anybody is around snohomish county area and has alot of experience with the old gens i would like to meet up and have someone take a look at this wagon and point me in the right direction of what i should do next on this thing. and maybe go rally around (; cheers and thankyou!
  13. I have a 1987 GL Coupe. It's a fun car, but, finding parts is hard. When I bought it, the passenger side tail light was cracked, which was okay. The driver's side tail light, as of about 2 hours ago, was broken because I was having too much fun on a snowy road and I may have bounced it off a tree. No real dent, didn't scratch the paint, just broke the signal lens off. (The actual brake light is fine, just the orange bit is missing). I'd really like to replace it, but, I can't find this easily. If someone knows where I can buy one or will sell me one, I'd be very happy! Is it possible to use the lights from a sedan instead? Even with a little modification? Or that definitely a no-go?
  14. Whats parts will fit and work from a 99 forester to a 95 2 doorl.
  15. I drive a 92 Loyale wagon (standard, 4wd) and my brother has a 96 legacy wagon that he is planning on having towed off. Are there any parts that are worth taking for my Loyale? I know a lot of stuff isn't compatible but is there anything worth pulling? Thanks.
  16. Selling complete vehicle or parting out. 88k original miles. Needs new transmission. Located Kingman AZ close to Las Vegas, NV All offers considered engine type EA82 1.8L single port fuel injected. Transmission type 3AT or M41 hydraulic controlled and vacuum. 1st gear works 2nd and 3rd wont shift into I think its the valve body or clutch pack. Power windows, locks, basically everything else works and many parts in excellent condition. Just not a mechanic and not interested in fixing. Engine runs great AC works excellent. Cash only or trade for trailer. Mark 928-377-9603 markwebfile@gmail.com
  17. I have a 2003 Subaru Outback and I needed to repair the rear outer seatbelt due to a tear in the webbing. I purchased a new seat belt assembly from Subaru to replace it. When trying to install it I found that I could not get the seat belt to extend from the retractor no matter what I tried. It is brand new and I noticed when I took the broken belt off, it locked up as well so I don't think it has a broken retractor mechanism. I attempted pulling slow, fast, hard, soft, up, down, left and right with no success. Feel like an idiot. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks a lot!
  18. Hey fellow Subie fans, I'm going to be moving from Boulder, Colorado (near Denver) to Brooklyn, N.Y. (NYC...) and will be stopping by Denver's Subaru-filled junkyard on the way out to stock up on parts. Do any of you East Coast Subie people need anything while I'm there? If so, give me a call and we can work something out vis-a-vis shipping costs. You chipping in on gas (and maybe a little labor) will be hugely cheaper than having something shipped. Personally, I've had poor luck finding parts and parts cars on the East Coast (they all rusted to pieces years ago). But the Denver U Pull and Pay always has nearly a dozen GLs and Loyales in the yard. If you need something, give me a call at (757) 635-2136. I'll be in Denver until Friday afternoon (May 17, 2013). Cheers, Ben
  19. Im new to Subaru as well as being new to this forum and forums in general really, Just here looking for some help from those of you that have been around them longer and have more experience, Im always willing to learn and enjoy meeting new people. Any one willing to help me out just respond on here or shoot me a message, i dont really know how it works, but it would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Tyler
  20. Im new to all of this, my previous car was a 96 Oldsmobile and so this is my first step into having really my own car that i can work on/learn with and upgrade. Ive found a lot of parts for the WRX and STI models but not very much for the Impreza, I was wondering if the WRX parts would fit and work properly on an Impreza. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tyler
  21. Just traded a sweet 84 go for a not so sweet 80 brat, and I never needed anything for the gl, but this brat needs some stuff First I don't really know what it is, isn't there an 80 gl, and dl??, and how do I id the motor, whether its 1.6 or 1.8. As far as it looks, it's the og engine. Second, I went to a local parts store, and the guy said it probably had the 1.6. And he said that a kit to start overhaulingthat motor was 500 bucks, and included pistons,but no timing. Can someone fill me in on a good parts source online, does it really cost that much to rebuild??
  22. Just traded a sweet 84 go for a not so sweet 80 brat, and I never needed anything for the gl, but this brat needs some stuff First I don't really know what it is, isn't there an 80 gl, and dl??, and how do I id the motor, whether its 1.6 or 1.8. As far as it looks, it's the og engine. Second, I went to a local parts store, and the guy said it probably had the 1.6. And he said that a kit to start overhaulingthat motor was 500 bucks, and included pistons,but no timing. Can someone fill me in on a good parts source online, does it really cost that much to rebuild??