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Found 10 results

  1. After about a year of searching for a good Brat for a project I stumbled upon a 1979 Brat on craigslist in Wyoming for $100, a deal too good to pass on. I convinced my uncle in law to make the three hour journey to go pick it up for me and drop it off at my grandpas property in Montana, which is where it currently sits until early May when I have a trip planned to go pick it up. The previous owner had intentions of rebuilding the EA71 and had the heads disassembled and a few other things torn down as well. A few weeks later I saw an ad for a 1983 Brat that was so rusty that the rear end was about to separate from the unibody. The car looks very deceiving but it has almost no drivers side floor, rocker panels and the back half of the bed had already been replaced with a patch panel. The Brat came with the rear jump seats, headrests, seat belts, and even the bags that cover the seat belts. The car came with a lot of other miscellaneous parts as the guy I bought it from has supposedly owned like 10 different Brats and this was the last one he had. My plan is to swap the EA81 with a Dual Carb set up I picked up into the '79 along with the 4 speed D/R for now until I can find a 5 speed D/R to swap into it.
  2. Hi folks, I'm looking to start doing some cosmetic work on my '79 BRAT. Specifically I need the below (preferably in red but i'll take what I can get!): tailgate (or even just the handle for the tailgate) passenger fender front bumper plastic door handle covers for interior I have some parts that I'd be willing to part with myself like a hood, rear diff, about 7 carbs in various states of disrepair ;), a couple of alternators, windshield wiper motors and the linkage, some interior parts like visors and a couple of door handles I believe and other parts as well. I will look through what I have if you have a specific thing you're looking for.
  3. I've had my '79 Brat for a year or so and, as you'd expect, things occasionally go wrong and then I yell at the car with a wrench and then it's okay again, generally. Right now my biggest headache is a series of minor electrical issues, which for a while had my headlights not working, but since I got them on I've been mostly ignoring. My horn won't beep, though, and that's going to be an issue come inspection time in February, so it's time to deal with it. In my adventures around the guts of my car I've found lots of electrical dead-ends and strange fixes to issues that must have come up years ago, so this seemed like the time to trace out my full harness and see what's actually going on. I diagrammed out all the wires between the battery and the firewall, so now I need to get into the cabin and track the dumb wires around under the console. Does anyone have any sage insight on any of this? Particularly if there's a good way to get under there without making pulling the dash apart and reassembling a major project on its own? Should I just give up and run more wires as my whims suggest and leave vestigial cabling everywhere like people have been doing for nearly 40 years?
  4. Bought a clutch cable and it seems too long. Could somone show the routing and how it attaches to the pedal.
  5. I am interested to know what the value would be on a Subaru DL wagon such as this. The pictures show there are some rust issues, but not quite sure what would be a good price on a car of this condition. Any help would be appreciated. http://www.ebay.com/itm/171848541479?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&fromMakeTrack=true Thanks, Ryan
  6. Hello, I've been lurking in the forums for some time now and have always been able to do a search and find an answer. Currently I'm broken down on a road trip and need some help. The left rear wheel bearing was growling and I was able to limp it to a garage to work on. I have everything taken apart, and am in the process of putting the new wheel bearings in. When I slid the new race into the hub, there is between .10 and .20 of play. I'm thinking I have 1 of 2 problems: 1) I have the wrong wheel bearing. The one I have is listed as for 79-newer subarus. 2.28" diameter outer. Part #513056 or variations of it for Timken, National and Duralast. 2) The old race spun and expanded and that is why it still needed to be pressed out. ​I don't have a lot of options as I'm broken down in a friend of a friends garage. 1) take it to a junkyard 2)make a spacer for the wheel bearings I have. 3)find a new swing arm assembly (impossible in this part of idaho) Can anybody tell me if the 79 wheel bearings are different? It seems like the race should be snug at least in the hub. ANY and all help is appreciated. 1979 Subaru DL Wagon 4x4 1600. 300,000+ miles.
  7. I came across a funky little soobie that I did not know existed; the 1979 Subaru FE. This car is a manual 5spd front wheel drive car. It gets around 50mpg on the hwy! The rarity of this car is unbelievable...(Just try researching on google) I don't know much about subarus, but I knew this one was special. Check out how short the window gap is! If anyone knows ANYTHING about this type of car, please enlighten me! I don't know much about restoration, so I just listed it on ebay 7/30/14. Pretty cool car, but I don't have the means to restore it . Please let me know if you have any history on these awesome little cars!
  8. Curious what the difference is between the models? It looks like there were 79 brats with dual headlights and some with four.....is that the only difference between these models. Did one come later in the year....which is more desirable? thx!
  9. I am looking into replacing the master cylinder for the brakes system on my 1979 brat in order to pass inspection (and feel safe enough to drive it on the road). I am located in denton, Texas and am new to the forum. All help will be greately appreciated. Thanks -FunkMonk
  10. Just showing off my BRAT's. They're not usually all together, but today they are, in a moment of rareness. Two 1986's and a beautifully restored1979 (and an SVX which is hidden in this picture). I may be willing to trade something for a 360 or a Sambar. ;-)
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