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Found 7 results

  1. Hello! New member here. I have a 2010 2.5X with a broken rear door gusset. See photos. I’ve temporarily sealed the gap with some putty-like coax seal. I have a replacement part ready to install (see photo), but I don‘t know how to remove the broken gusset piece from the car. There’s many a YouTube video explaining the front door gussets, but nothing I can find regarding the rear doors. There’s a plastic clip in the new part. Is that the only thing holding it in place? Would a plastic door panel removal tool do the job? Is there any glue involved that would require heating with a hair dryer in order to soften it? I’ve seen schematics that appear to indicate a screw that I think would need to be accessed from the inside of the door, but I’m not totally sure on that. The schematic is confusing to me. See attached. Any help is much appreciated!!! Thanks very much. Gordon The new part, waiting to be installed...
  2. Hello, I'm already working on an odd noise coming from the driver's wheel well but new surprise! The car is a 2010 Outback that we bought used a little over a year ago. 132,000/212,000km on it. Timing belt replaced at 100,000km (potentially miles though as the car is American). The valve cover gasket, spark plug tube seals, and spark plugs were replaced this past fall/winter. I did the passengar side but ended up having to take it to the mechanic for the drivers side. I'm assuming they did a decent job. I didn't replace the spark plug wires as I had planned on since the coil is on the wire making them crazy expensive. No starting/running issues since or before. I do have a trickle charger on the battery for the winter (1.5 amp) but it hasn't been plugged in for several weeks. The battery itself is pretty powerful, 1000 CA if I remember correctly. This has happened twice in the last week. The car starts fine from cold, drive it a short distance of maybe 5-10 minutes, go a short errand and car cranks but no start. The first time it happened I thought weird but it started on the second go a couple minutes later. No CEL but I didn't check with my code reader. Today it left my wife and son stranded at the daycare. They ended up catching a ride as it wouldn't start at all. I'll be walking/biking to pick it up in a little bit. I have been Googling and searching this forum. There seems to be a variety of potential causes ('*' ones seem most probably): Battery Coil/Spark Plug Wires Loose Battery Wires/Corroded Terminals Spark Plugs Fuel Filter Ignition Module* Fuse* ECT sensor* Crank Position Sensor* Cam Position Sensor ECU Fuel Pump Coolant Temp Sensor As I haven't been to pick it up I can't say about the really easy things to check but I was wondering if anyone knows of issues specific to the 2010 or that generation of Subarus that might explain what's happening? As it's only been twice I can't really narrow anything down but as it left the wife and kid stranded I'm a bit nervous. Edit: Just thought of this. We rarely drive far but over the past week we put about 2,000km on the car with two trips. If that makes a difference. Thanks in advance!
  3. Room ably a bit of a silly question but where are the engine mount bolts on a 2010 2.5 Outback? I've been looking in my Hayes, Googling, and searching on here. I've come across a couple pictures and lots of 'undo to bolts' but not where they are or how to get to them. I'm in the middle of replace the value cover gaskets and spark plug tube seals so any help would be much appreciated! (Pictures would be awesome ) thank you!
  4. I have a bit of a weird question. January of this year I picked up a 2010 Outback up here in Canada that was originally from the USA, New York State I believe. Plug hanging out the front, just assumed it was for the block heater. I'm under the car recently and see a heating pad on the oil pan, follow the cord and low and behold it's the cord going up the front that I used last winter. I looked around and cannot find another cord anywhere. Unless I'm mistaken, don't all Outbacks come standard with block heaters? I looked up the location of the frost plugs to be sure and I'm sure I was looking at the right spot. On my previous Legacy I had to put a block heater in but I was near a dealership and picked it up there. Since I'm a few hours from one I took a look at Rock Auto and cannot find a listing for one. Am I going crazy? I searched through here but couldn't find anything or anyone else with the same question. Are the block heaters hiding somewhere on the 2010 Outbacks and does Rock Auto not sell them? Thanks in advance!
  5. I'd like to thank eveyone that helped me pick out a good replacement for my 2001 Legacy. This 2010 Outback will do my family well for years (hopefully) to come. She's pretty!
  6. Im new to Subaru as well as being new to this forum and forums in general really, Just here looking for some help from those of you that have been around them longer and have more experience, Im always willing to learn and enjoy meeting new people. Any one willing to help me out just respond on here or shoot me a message, i dont really know how it works, but it would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Tyler
  7. Im new to all of this, my previous car was a 96 Oldsmobile and so this is my first step into having really my own car that i can work on/learn with and upgrade. Ive found a lot of parts for the WRX and STI models but not very much for the Impreza, I was wondering if the WRX parts would fit and work properly on an Impreza. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Tyler
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