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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, as a teen in Australia, I always wanted to own a spacey-looking Subaru Vortex.. or as I now understand, an "XT" in the USA. Now (thanks to a local selling website) I've bought one for just a few hundred dollars, in need of a bit of mechanical work. This '86 front-wheel-drive manual (non-turbo) model has been owned by an older couple for the last 9 years or so, and another older owner before them (who seems to have put a St Christopher medal on the dash). It has high mileage - just over 300,000 kilometres - but over 32 years I suppose that's not so bad. It's quite rare here, as I know it is in America. The most recent owner had it serviced at the local Subaru dealer a couple of years ago, and they'd never seen one in the flesh. The only disappointment is that mine doesn't have the digital dashboard. Last December, the couple backed it out of the garage, and water poured out from under the hood - so they put it back in the garage, and didn't get it fixed (they had another car, and only the wife can now drive). They called a mechanic and described the problem over the phone, and were told it was likely to be the water pump gasket. I've filled up the cooling system and started it, and the water does indeed flow out from near the top of the engine. I'm getting my mechanic to check it out this coming week, as I'm not at all familiar with flat four engines. I've just removed the lambswool seat covers, to reveal another set of seat covers underneath, then a very good condition passenger seat, but a worn driver's seat. I'll see if I can get it re-done in a sympathetic 80s velour. I want to keep it as stock as possible. Hopefully I can give it a workout on the road soon! I'll be looking up your good advice on this site, cheers
  2. Hey everyone, I've been admiring the pics of 1st gen Subarus on this forum and now I've bought one I’d better join the club :-) Found this little beauty on The Gumtree (Aussie equivalent of Craig's List) and just couldn't resist- I've got an '06 Forester XT but have always had a soft spot for older Subies. Seeing this made me realise how long is't been since I've actually seen one on the road, they seem to be a dying breed so I wanna do my bit to preserve one. Needs a bit of work but someone has obviously cared for him in the past- new rubbers, home respray, reconditioned EA71, and pretty good interior for it's age. First mission is to get him Roadworthy, so I'm fixing up a few things ready for the inspection. There have been a few customisations along the way (home-made go-faster stripes, '80s Leone grille, blacked out tail light surrounds, plastic "SUBARU" badges on the side), but I'm aiming to get him back to a more original 70's vibe. Plastic out, chrome in :-)
  3. Hey everyone! Newbie here The name's Shikani, originally from Melbourne but now studying in Darwin! Since I'm in the NT I've bought a Subaru down here for pretty cheap! it's a 97 Forester and I love it Thought it would be a good idea to join a forum and meet other Subie lovers!
  4. Hi. I am going alone on a backpacker journey to Australia in next month where I intend to buy a car. My first car! Obviously it has to be a Subaru - but which one, an Outback or a Forester? I will stay in Australia for five months and I suppose I will drive more than 10.000 km, so ofcourse the fuelconsumption has to be reasonable and the comfort has to be good as well. Since I will be sleeping in the back of the car somedays, it also has to fit to a mattress and some luggage etc. It also has to be great offroading, since I will be going to Fraser Island and other remote areas. I have been keeping an eye on the Outback and the Forester, and the price varies from 2000,- to 3500,- AUD. So wich one gives the most bang for the buck and suits my needs best? And are there something in particular that I shall be aware of when buying a used Subaru? // kgoul, Denmark
  5. Rodeo4jake

    1991 Subaru Brat AKA Brumby

    G'day all I've been lurking on here for a while & have picked up heaps of useful info from you all. I was thinking it was about time I at least posted a few pics of my Brumby on here for you guys to have a look at. I took a 12 hour return trip to tow it home on a trailer to my house. Since getting it I have mainly concentrated on getting it in good running order so I can use it to travel to and from work. I have also got hold of 2 different sets of wheels in 13 & 14 inch & fitted gen 1 Legacy seats. The cover was gone off the back so I got a new one of those too. My most recent addition is an Addco rear swaybar that I got Jegs to ship over for me. Okay enough outta me, here's the photos: Hope you all like it Cheers Jake