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Found 4 results

  1. Hi! I'm new to the forum, registering after having lurked a fair bit. I have done a bunch of searching but decided to create a new thread because I didn't want to revive an old one and didn't see anything quite like what I'm encountering. My car is a 1997 Legacy with 170,000 mile or so. I've had this P0440 code for a year or so and at one point had a shop do a smoke test and they verified there were no leaks. They said the vent solenoid was functioning intermittently and that they could replace it, but for the moment it was working. I didn't have them replace it, passed inspection then promptly got the CEL again and the same code. I read that the code could mean the system is unable to achieve a vacuum, so I pulled the charcoal canister to weigh it. I heard on a youtube video anything over 2.5lbs means that the tank was likely overfilled and gasoline leaked into the canister, which could throw the code. The thing weighs 3.5 lbs. and is currently sitting in the sun to evaporate. I also notice the activated carbon is leaking freely from the purge hole on the canister. Is this normal? AND, when I pointed the dangling purge hose toward the ground, a bunch of activated carbon fell out! I then connected the green diagnostic cables below the dash and checked out the solenoids. The vent valve by the canister appears to be fine (it clicks, although I didn't pull it off to check if I can blow through it), but the purge valve (behind the intake manifold) wasn't clicking, so I pulled it off and applied a charge and verified that it doesn't close at all. It reads around 25 ohms, but if it doesn't close, that doesn't matter, right? When I blow through the vent hose that was connected to the purge solenoid (that I think connects to the canister), it is totally blocked-- no airflow. Should I be able to blow through the hose to where the canister was? I don't have a compressor so I was just blowing with my lungs. Excuse my ignorance, I'm new to cars (mostly worked on bicycles) and I'm trying to understand how this all works. It seems to me the carbon should stay in the canister, so if its leaking maybe the canister's broken? Can it be rebuilt or cleaned? And if the purge valve doesn't close, that needs replacing too, right? What about the hose? Should it even be open with the purge valve and canister removed, or is there anything that would block it in between? Let me know if I can provide more info / clarification. Thanks for your help!
  2. I recently did an EJ22 swap in my car last december. When I did, I didnt route the vacuum lines to the psss correctly (so no cruise control) and didnt even bother to hook up the canister. The engine I used came out of a 98 impreza, so the canister for that is located at the rear of the car, whereas my legacy is right up front in the engine bay. I dont worry about it, drive with the cel on but with inspection coming up I need monitors to run, and they cant with the cel (and no evap/purge obviously). Codes I have: P1143 (something that deals with psss) P0441 (purge system incorrect flow) Car isnt currently running due to a faulty MAF sensor (dont use oil saturated-type air filters, even if they are OEM Subaru!) Was wondering if anyone has diagrams and/or experience that could help me figure out how to route the psss and purge/canister. Thanks!
  3. need help with vacuum lines on an California 88 GL 4X4 5speed. The vacuum lines im needing help with are the far left on the vapor canister. the bottom line on the Cruise control unit. and 2 random lines i dont know about. along with where to place the check valve and T's
  4. Hi all, I've been searching this morning on information regarding the charcoal canister. Anything that I've come across dealing with this, only pertains to 2.2-2.5 swaps.. The Legacy donor vehicle had hit a deer, so the passenger fender/radiator/light/charcoal canister were destroyed. I have the EJ in the Loyale now, and I'm wondering how to correctly hook up the Loyale's canister to the EJ motor. Is this possible? I believe I connected the two (available) EJ lines correctly. But there is the third line off of the cannister that I'm not sure where to hook up. It says VC I believe. My next question is about hooking up an EA temp sender unit, and a fan relay together... I will be hooking up two 10" fans to my brand new EA82 single row radiator. It is identical to the old one that I pulled out. There is a port on the side, that I believe I can put in some type of temperature sensor in... On to the subject... I will be using the EA temp sender so that I can keep the gauge working. I also will be using a 30amp relay/circuit/switch system to operate my fans. I do not want to make a sleeve for the sender, then to put it in-line with the upper radiator hose. My idea is to make a T-adapter that can be used in that radiator port. Any reservations? I was thinking of getting a small length (maybe 1/2" long) of threaded pipe (to the size of the hole..) then attaching that to a T of some sort that I can put in the temp sender for the gauge, and one for the fan sensor... That might not make any sense, my brain is firing sparatically from all the coffee... This is similar to what I'll be using for the fan relay... Any thoughts would be great! Thanks, Greg
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