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Found 10 results

  1. Heya, 1985 Brat 49 State, Hitachi carb. I replaced the Y pipe, which looked original (it had the air heater). It did not have an oxygen sensor. The replacement has one, and I wonder where in the wiring harness it connects.
  2. Hello, I need to pass emissions in California with my 1994 Loyale. When I took it in to get tested it passed everything except for the visual of the EGR system. The tech said that when he pushed the diaphragm on the EGR valve, the car should stumble and/or die, but it didn't, which he said was a symptom of clogged EGR passages. I took the EGR valve off, cleaned it, the stem moves well, even when on the car and I increase throttle to 2500 rpms. The carbon deposits didn't look too bad. I tried to clean the passages with a speedometer cable and some carb cleaner. I found that I couldn't get it around some of the bends in the passages. I knocked some carbon loose and vacuumed it up and tried blowing air down the passages. When I reinstalled the valve again, the car still wouldn't change its idle when I pushed the diaphragm in to open the valve. In fact the car ran fine without the EGR valve on (it was louder since it was blowing exhaust gases out of the lower hole). The EGR valve moves when applying vacuum and holds it when I keep the vaccum applied, so it doesn't leak when it is closed and is not seized. Also, the vacuum hoses don't seem to have a leak, since it opens at higher RPMs. I also have a 35ohm resistor mounted on the purge valve solenoid instead of the old stuck solenoid in order to clear the CE light. Would this effect the car and keep it from dying when pushing the EGR valve diaphragm? Or is it a completely different system? The EGR solenoid is brand new. What do you recommend that I do? Is the tech right? Are the EGR passages clogged? How do I get at them? I unscrewed the flare nuts that hold the 90º EGR pipe in place, but seemingly couldn't remove it without taking the intake manifold off. Also, I remember cleaning that pipe 10K miles ago when I did the head gaskets, so I imagine it is other passages? Does anyone have a diagram of how the passages run? Any other tests I can do? Many thanks!
  3. Does anyone know what the ECS light is on the dash? I recently did a weber swap on my 1984 Subaru DL. Var runs better and stringer than ever. My only concern is that afther a while of running it (15 minues or so) a ECS light comes on. Is this anything serious what could it be and how do i get rid of it. I never had any lights come on before the swap. Thanks
  4. I am swapping out a 2.5 engine from my 2005 Legacy Outback. I bought a used engine from a 2005 Legacy. I noticed the intake manifolds were different, the old engine has a slanted intake (connection to filter) but the new engine has a more horizontal input. No big deal, I hoped. The other big difference is that there are no O2 sensors, nor a place on the wiring harness for them on the 'new' engine. It seems likely that I should take the intake manifold and wiring harness off the old engine and put it on the 'new' engine because my car will expect the O2 sensors. Do I have any choice in this matter. Also, why would there be a difference? Different emission standards? Thanks.
  5. Hi Community, I don't know what to do, I've got an 81 BRAT, went from a Weber back to stock carb. Everything is set up as it should (according to my mechanic in Berkeley CA) and it's not coming close to passing emissions and now has no power after 3,500 RPM. I need an experts help. What could be going wrong. Stranded in San Francisco, Jack jacksokm@usc.edu 510-409-7861
  6. 1992 Legacy Wgn, Auto trans, hi mi 266K just failed emissions due to hi carbon monoxide -23.04 grams per mile- limit: 15.0 GPM (fail), hydro carbon also seemed high at .70 GM (standard, 1.5 pass) No CEL on, starts way hard- must crank & crank when cold, seems to flood exhaust smells like gas even warm takes 2 tries. Would this be ECM temp sensor (2 wire) ? (from other posts) Prior to test I put NGK copper plugs in , wires were after Mkt. Aired tires to 32psi &changed oil ( dyno test), The sludge that was in there was fuel smelling so.. it got changed. Prior to plug change the CEL had occasionally come on, during long drawn out crank to starts, I figure its over whelming the cat w/ un burnt fuel. Once running idles smooth, full power, only work other than to change out badly gapped Autolite plugs (sooty) was battery got disconnected when I replaced bad seat belt retractor. Do injectors wear out at this mileage? where to start looking? Thx
  7. Hi! My Subaru Loyale stw, 1987, 4x4, 1.8L with Hitachi 2 bbl carb didn't pass inspection, inspector said it was running too rich. I had rebuild carb partually earlier, replaced accelerator pump and gaskets and cleaned it with carb cleaner, after that flat spot was gone. Ignition timing is set to 8 degrees BTDC distributor vacuum line plugged and engine warm at ~700 rpms. I found Gunson Colourtune and decided to give it a try before having a mechanic to check emissions and possibly adjust carb with proper equipment. It was harder to see color differences in spark in RL than in Youtube videos, first it was strong yellowish spark and after fidding with air/fuel mixture screw it was harder and harder to see, resulting a small spot to see spark but too small to see actual color. I removed Colortune Plug as I thought it was in need of cleaning but it wasnt the case, it was just like new. I'm going to give it another try and change spark plug wires and try maybe other cylinder to see if that results stronger spark. Should I increase rpms with idle mixture screw so spark is easier to see and adjust it back to 700 rpms when done playing with air/fuel mixture or do they interact and need to be adjusted in turn? Am I just making this too difficult myself instead of dialing in initial setting for air/fuel screw, if there is such, please share =)
  8. I want to know how to remove my emissions system and how to do so properly. Such as the catalytic converter and so forth. Also I'd like to remove my A/C system. It doesn't work and I don't have any desire to fix it since it doesn't get too hot here. And I'd like to remove some weight and improve my mpg!
  9. I have a 1992 subaru legacy 2.2L and need to find the evap canister purge valve to replace it. HELP!
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