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Found 4 results

  1. My 2009 Impreza Outback sport has been experiencing some persistent coolant leaks. I am quite new to working on cars so I have come to you all for help! Initially I thought that it was coming from the coolant hoses connected to the throttle body, so I replaced them, replaced the throttle body gasket, and cleaned the throttle body as well. After attempting to drive it I noticed that when the car got hot and up to pressure the leak was still ongoing paired with quite a large amount of coolant loss. I was able to catch a glimpse of the coolant hose that connects to the air intake manifold on the drivers side (about two inches from the throttle body and slightly under the throttle body’s drivers side coolant hose) leaking coolant. After the engine cooled, I checked out that hose and found that it was absolutely crispy, it had no elasticity to it what so ever. I ordered the part and replaced the hose. Now I’m seeing a coolant leak from that same spot where the hose meets the air intake manifold. I do not have a pressure tester though I will be picking one up shortly. despite this I’m confident that this connection or hose is where the coolant leak is. My questions are as follows: what is the hose fitting that screws into the air intake manifold and allows the vacuum hose to mount on it called? why does this coolant hose have no clips (doesn’t seem to on diagrams I have seen) and could this be an issue? There were no clips on the initial hose and it obviously ran fine for year. Is it possible that its the fitting thats gone bad and not the hose? If so any advice on sourcing and properly replacing it? Thank you everyone!
  2. Hey ya'll just wanted to share a recent upgrade to my 88 GL. Swapped the old air intake for a short RAM. I welded the MAF adaptor plate myself and right now it's held in place (temporarily) by a modified hack saw blade (it was what I had laying around the house). So far I've been really pleased with the results! Getting way more throttle response in 1,2, and 3 (increased acceleration) in 4 it seems a little slower to get up to speed, but not much and 5 seems the same. I haven't noticed any increase or decrease in gas mileage, but I also haven't charted it out and I'm not really concerned. Best part is the acceleration for sure, it used to be so slow to get up to speed, not anymore. It's winter here in MI so I haven't had to deal with venting hot engine air yet....waiting on that for the Summer. I have noticed though that the acceleration is slower once the engine warms up a bit, but still better than it was before. I'll be looking to get a water shield for it soon as well, but we have had some rain recently and I've been driving it around. The engine bay stays dry so I'm not to concerned about hydro lock. If anyone wants me to weld up an adaptor plate for them lemme know!
  3. I have a base model 1985 Subaru GL Wagon that I cannot find a certain part for. I have no idea what it is called and have spent ours searching the web. The picture is not of my vehicle but of the same model and engine. There is a plastic hose that mounts to the wheel well for cold air intake and I feel I probably need it. It is 100 degrees out where I live and my soob is struggling. Please help!
  4. I have a 91 Subaru Legacy and it will not stay started when I start it unless it has been sitting for awhile, for example overnight. But if for instance I drive to the store and then shut off the engine and go inside and then come back out and try to start it again, then it will not stay started when I try to leave unless I give it gas at startup and I also have to keep my foot on the gas for several minutes to keep it from shutting off. I just had the following work done on it among other things: engine control module replaced, o2 sensor replaced, fuel pump replaced, fuel filter replaced and entire fuel system cleaned, air intake system cleaned/repaired. This along with everything else that was done came to over $1,500, and the car was in the shop for well over a month. Needless to say I do not want to take it back to the shop or invest any more money in it at this point. However I am curious to know what else could be causing it to not stay started aside from the things that I have already had looked at/replaced. I realize that it is an older car, but up until a few months ago I wasn't having any issues at all with it. I initially took it to the shop only because sometimes it wouldn't start at all unless I started it with my foot on the gas, but that only happened sometimes (though it did begin to occur more and more frequently and had gotten pretty bad by the time I took it to the shop). Is there something else that I could possibly do myself to fix the issue that I am having without spending an insane amount of money? Also, is it hurting the car to keep driving it even though it is doing what it is doing? I only still drive it like that because I have no other transportation at the moment. I also know it isn't the battery because I just had the battery replaced earlier this year, and all of the lights and other functions (radio, e.t.c.) work just fine. Side note: Not sure if this is an issue either, but if I turn the engine off and just sit with the key turned in the ignition (in the position just before starting the engine), then I hear a humming sound coming from the car which usually only seems to stop if I completely remove the key from the ignition.
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