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Found 7 results

  1. Anybody have any experience converting the EA81 Quad Headlight setup over to the EA81 Single Headlights with Cyclops? Or know of a writeup? Believe that I have everything needed: Single Headlight Core Support Single Headlight Buckets/Bulbs Single Headlight Bezels with Turn Signals and Pigtails Third Eye (Cyclops) Full Assembly with Pigtail Third Eye Grill Relays that sit on the passenger side (RH) strut tower Third Eye Switch from factory that's used with the HighBeams on. Part that's confusing me is how the wiring goes from twin lights, one for low and one for high beam, to single units that do both functions. Guessing that the turn signal wiring that goes to the front bumper will have to be rerouted so they will go to the corner flashers of the Single Headlight Style. And then there is adding the Third Eye to the equation... The easiest method in my head; Take the entire front harness from an '82. Place that harness in the body of the '86. (thats the year of the EA81 chassis its going into.) Not sure if the connectors between those years are the same or if they were changed? I have an '82 that is badly rusted and is more like a donor vehicle. Ideally would take the cyclops light setup from it and put it on the '86 which is still structurally sound.
  2. ...before it happened. Or at least it should have. Hindsight is 20/20. The 3rd eye harness is very close to the battery. Rats were hungry and ate some of the insulation off of the red and black wires in the harness. Went to pull the battery to use in a different car; took off the negative terminal first, and then wrecklessly set it down in front of the battery, with the positive terminal still connected. Before I could undo the positive terminal I heard a "snick" similar to a fuse popping. The negative terminal had brushed those exposed wires... either the red, or black, or both. Now the highbeams work, as well as the "beam" icon on the dash. But once the 3rd eye button is pressed, neither it or the "center light" icon on the dash work. The 3rd eye was funtional before, door and light. McBrat, the one who built the straight-axle '82 Brat, had a diagram on "Indys World . com" but unfortunately that site is no longer up. What kind of tests can I do? Did I blow a relay or worse the 3rd eye?
  3. Just got a working cyclops 3rd eye setup for my 83 Brat GL. Have the original switch, but missing the original relay pcb. Also don't have the original 82 grille that matches the cyclops. Purchased a set of 87a relays and have read posts here how to wire these up using the original switch. Can someone please reply with a working, known to be good spec for getting this setup working? Also would be very interested in purchasing an original cyclops front grille. Thanks!
  4. I need help. Got a perfect Cyclops third eye working and the original grille is designed for a two-headlight setup on Subaru Brat. I need to change out four headlights on my 1983 Brat GL for two, see attached photo. I am looking to purchase two front headlight bezels and the lights, thanks!
  5. Attaching 2 wiring documents (PDFs) from the old Ultimate Subaru site so they don't get lost. Original Authors are: Wagon78 Chris Lantieri Using Center Light Wout Relay.pdf Wiring Instructions for DPDT relay for center lamp.pdf
  6. Hi all. I am looking to setup a 3rd eye light with a DPDT relay setup. This will be in an '81 model year, EA81 wagon. So positve switched system with glass fusebox. (EJ swapped w/internal regulator ALT.........but that doesn't/shouldn't affect the lighting setup) There was a writeup in the old USRM on the indysworld server......but sadly the link is now 404. So i am looking for info on this. Where is the factory timer box located? Anybody got specs on this? I've got an 82 model Serivce Training Update that has a basic diagrahm of the Lighting w/ third eye......But it is showing the Ground switched setup of later model type......with the 3rd eye as an auxillary Hi beam, rather than a "passing" light which can be turned on anytime. And it has no wire colors, or locations of connector pinouts. This is useful.....and I can post a scan of it for others.....But I really need to find good info on the early setup, where the timer is, and how to bypass/replace the original with a DPDT switch or relay.... I will make this a Write-up with info and diagrahms thorough. If I can get it all compliled and figured out on the test rig.
  7. so ive been chasing my tail on this brat ive been working on. it has no turn signals, high beams, or hazards. intermittently the hazards will flash out of nowhere, even with the ignition off, and the key out of the ignition. the indicator for the high beams lights up on the dash, but the headlights don't work, the low beams do however, I can also hear a relay click when I turn on the switch for the high beams. there are no turn signals at all. there is a silver either relay or flasher on the drivers side behind the dash that gets extremely hot, does not click or anything. and it looks like theres a spot for another, but there is nothing plugged into it. also, I am having a bear of a time finding a Cyclops switch. PLEASE HELP!!!!
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