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Found 8 results

  1. I have a 1990 Subaru loyale with a no start no spark I’ve replaced ignition distributor made sure it is properly wired the only thing is the ignition pulse if I’ve done the test right with a test light. there is no pulse. There is also other random stuff that doesn’t work on the car , lights, dash light etc. I wondering if it is infact the ecu that isn’t working and if not other things it would be side note there is no check engine light or codes
  2. Sorry.. I'm sure this is covered somewhere, but the system won't let you search 'ecm'.. not enough letters... Our 04 Outback, 2.5L, auto, AWD, wagon, 140k ish. Started missing last week.. became worse and worse. Had trouble pulling hills... helped to shift into 3rd or 2nd to spike the rpms.... Became to bad to continue and I parked the car. Now.. it cranks, back fires sometimes out the back, sometimes up thru the throttle body. This afternoon I could not get it to start at all.... AND... the biggest clue I guess... my scan tool would not come on when plugged into the obd port. Just a blank screen at first. Then after bit it flickered on, then off. Once it stayed on long enough to read the codes, but it only showed p0032, which it's shown for years, even after I replaced the 02 sensor. So where do I start here... is the ECM plug and play for a swap in my car... it's an 03. Any likely culprits for something shorting out the ECM? I saw another post similar which turned out to be a corroded air pump sensor? Ideas? Thanks! Mike
  3. I have a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX. A few weeks ago, it was running fine and then a few minutes later went into a limp-home mode and wouldn't rev over 2000 RPMs. When I connected up a code scan tool, it was initially providing the error code; P0607 - Control Module Performance. Then awhile later I connected it back up to the car, but the ECM was now unresponsive with scan tool. So I brought it to my mechanic, - Found and put in another used ECM and still no start and no communication with scan tool. - Re-checked all power and grounds for ECM still good, even followed wiring to their source at power or ground. - ECM still not firing injectors or ignition coils. - My mechanic then brought it Subaru, and they connected it up to their laptop, but still no communication. Recommendation is to buy a new ECM and replace it, or to have another go at the engine harness and either repair or replace it. What do you think?
  4. I might have fried the ECU on my 2002 WRX. Wondering two things: 1 - which ECU's are interchangeable. 2003 Impreza? Found a cheap ECU in scrap yard. Turbo car vs non make a difference? I know the tranny doesn't make any. 2 - Trying to find the right fuse/ fuses? to the ECU. Just in case the problem is that simple. anybody know any systems that are run by the ECU that I could test to see if they work with the key on? Thank you all... always great help! 1000 heads are better than one..
  5. Hello all, I have been looking for this answer for a long time all over the place. I have a 2002 WRX manual. It was originally an automatic when produced, the previous owner got it switched to manual. The thing is I'm pretty sure the wire to tell the ECU it's a manual instead of automatic hasn't been put. I know the ECU is the same. I've looked everywhere on how to do this. Anybody have experience on this? I keep getting the error code P1596 caused by this I'm pretty sure. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I have a 1992 Legacy Wagon, EJ22, AWD. A few days ago the motor would not fire up and has not fired up since. The wagon has not had any motor work done to it for over 3 years. It ran and drove great over these past 3 years. The wagon has never been in an accident. The timming belt was replaced 3 years ago. What I've checked: -Fuses (both under the hood and Under the dash) -Ran the codes (24, 11, 13) -Inspected crankshaft position sensor. Tested sensor and found it to be working and within spec. -Inspected camshaft position sensor. Tested sensor and found it to be working and within spec. -Swapped out both sensors with known working ones just to be sure - no change in problem. ALSO did this test - disconnected crank sensor, connected cam sensor, sprayed fuel into intake, turned over motor, no run - disconnected cam sensor, connected crank sensor, sprayed fuel, turned over motor, no run. - connected both sensors, sprayed fuel, turned motor over - runs like a frickin champ. *** Cant test the Air Control Valve (code 24) because the Haynes manual does not have that part listed in the book. -Inspected Coil, All plugs are getting spark and sparking properly when the motor is turned over. -Inspected Fuel Filter. Good volume of fuel flows through filter. -Fuel Pump. I did not have the proper gauge to test fuel pressure, so I replaced the fuel pump with a brand new pump. Fuel filter sock is new to. -Tested fuel injectors, all 4 have proper ohm reading. What I've discovered is the fuel injectors are not pulsing. -I tested each electrical lead and found that there is no power getting to any of the injectors. When I switch the key on, I should have 12V. I dont know what else to look at. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  7. I have a 91 Subaru Legacy and it will not stay started when I start it unless it has been sitting for awhile, for example overnight. But if for instance I drive to the store and then shut off the engine and go inside and then come back out and try to start it again, then it will not stay started when I try to leave unless I give it gas at startup and I also have to keep my foot on the gas for several minutes to keep it from shutting off. I just had the following work done on it among other things: engine control module replaced, o2 sensor replaced, fuel pump replaced, fuel filter replaced and entire fuel system cleaned, air intake system cleaned/repaired. This along with everything else that was done came to over $1,500, and the car was in the shop for well over a month. Needless to say I do not want to take it back to the shop or invest any more money in it at this point. However I am curious to know what else could be causing it to not stay started aside from the things that I have already had looked at/replaced. I realize that it is an older car, but up until a few months ago I wasn't having any issues at all with it. I initially took it to the shop only because sometimes it wouldn't start at all unless I started it with my foot on the gas, but that only happened sometimes (though it did begin to occur more and more frequently and had gotten pretty bad by the time I took it to the shop). Is there something else that I could possibly do myself to fix the issue that I am having without spending an insane amount of money? Also, is it hurting the car to keep driving it even though it is doing what it is doing? I only still drive it like that because I have no other transportation at the moment. I also know it isn't the battery because I just had the battery replaced earlier this year, and all of the lights and other functions (radio, e.t.c.) work just fine. Side note: Not sure if this is an issue either, but if I turn the engine off and just sit with the key turned in the ignition (in the position just before starting the engine), then I hear a humming sound coming from the car which usually only seems to stop if I completely remove the key from the ignition.
  8. I have a 1986 Subaru Leone fitted with a MPFI EA82T. Here the other day the engine kept "dying" shortly after it was fired up After a long session of troubleshooting, I managed to narrow the problem down to the ECM. It seemed though as it didn't manage to give the proper grounding to the fuel pump. I tested this by providing the grounding from the "outside" of the ECM. With this the engine ran smoothly and was on the verge of stopping only when the grounding was removed. So the problem appears to be the ECM which I now have to replace. The spare-ECM comes from a slighly older Leone with a non-turbo MPFI EA82. Some of the partsnumbers on the on the module itself is different.(Check the pictures) But the connectors are all the same. My question then is whether or not it is a smart idea to use the spare-ECM. Any ideas? Turbo ECM Non-Turbo ECM
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