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Found 2 results

  1. Ive got an ongoing issue with my 1985 brat, it fights and hesitates when i gibe it gas, sometimes stalling the engine. If i very lightly tap the pedal, its fine. If i floor it, it will hesitate very briefly and then rev up properly. Its right in the middle where i have the most problems, the position you would use most for daily driving. Ive rebuilt and cleaned the carburetor (my first time, i may have missed the problem here) and the problem persists. Changed spark plugs, distributor cap and even added a little fuel additive, but im not getting any improvements. It isnt so much of a problem when the car is warmed up, but i dont have 7 or so minutes to spare every time i need to get somewhere. Anything i should be checking that ive missed? A simple solution right in front of me? Ive even considered a FI manifold and ecu transplant if it means the car will run fine again. I will try to add a link to a video of the problem when i m off work tonight.
  2. Is seems I'll never run out of problems to ask you guys about... So it has been rather hard to start now that it's getting cold here in VA, I've actually had to use starting fluid a number of times. But yesterday I was running errands all day and while it ran fine most of the day, by the time it got dark the engine started stumbling at low rpms... sometimes I could have the pedal floored with no response and was forced to downshift...progressively got worse... and today, even though it was warmed up, it stalled at a stop sign, couldn't get it into gear for like 5 minutes without stalling. It idled at like 500 rpms (usually its between 700-1000). It would rev better in neutral than when driving (still crappy though). I ended up just coating the air filter in starting fluid and I got home just fine, as much as i hate resorting to starting fluid. Oil is slightly low, but not to where it should hamper performance. Coolant is fine and relatively young. Spark plugs were replaced last night, didn't help. My small oil leak has been getting worse, mostly from the oil pan gasket and valve cover gaskets which I will replace today, a little bit seems to come from the sender, which was recently replaced so I'm hesitant to replace it again. Maybe it just needs some teflon. Not sure if this increased oil leakage could have anything to do with it running like crap... Any suggestions?
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