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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I have a 1992 Legacy Wagon, EJ22, AWD. A few days ago the motor would not fire up and has not fired up since. The wagon has not had any motor work done to it for over 3 years. It ran and drove great over these past 3 years. The wagon has never been in an accident. The timming belt was replaced 3 years ago. What I've checked: -Fuses (both under the hood and Under the dash) -Ran the codes (24, 11, 13) -Inspected crankshaft position sensor. Tested sensor and found it to be working and within spec. -Inspected camshaft position sensor. Tested sensor and found it to be working and within spec. -Swapped out both sensors with known working ones just to be sure - no change in problem. ALSO did this test - disconnected crank sensor, connected cam sensor, sprayed fuel into intake, turned over motor, no run - disconnected cam sensor, connected crank sensor, sprayed fuel, turned over motor, no run. - connected both sensors, sprayed fuel, turned motor over - runs like a frickin champ. *** Cant test the Air Control Valve (code 24) because the Haynes manual does not have that part listed in the book. -Inspected Coil, All plugs are getting spark and sparking properly when the motor is turned over. -Inspected Fuel Filter. Good volume of fuel flows through filter. -Fuel Pump. I did not have the proper gauge to test fuel pressure, so I replaced the fuel pump with a brand new pump. Fuel filter sock is new to. -Tested fuel injectors, all 4 have proper ohm reading. What I've discovered is the fuel injectors are not pulsing. -I tested each electrical lead and found that there is no power getting to any of the injectors. When I switch the key on, I should have 12V. I dont know what else to look at. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Loyale 2.7 Turbo

    Easy Fuel injector cleansing procedures

    Fuel injector cleansing procedure I use: Remove the Fuel injectors. Spray carburetor cleaner Upside down on them, to clean their inlet strainer. Plug a 1.5 feet long Hose, tight on their inlet. Secure it in place with a Clamp. Plug a couple of long wires to their power input, to connect them to the Car's Battery. Hold vertically the Hose, hanging the Fuel injector. Fill up the Hose with enough Carburetor Cleaner. Ask the Help of someone to Connect the Wires to the Battery, intermitently. (1 second intervals) Blow the crap out of the injector, by bursting high pressurized air to the Hose. When the Cleansing fluid is gone, fill up the Hose again... Repeat this procedure until the injector is Completely Clean! WARNING! The 12 Volts power should be Connected / Disconnected on one second intervals, otherwise the pressure buildup on the Hose, could cause it to Blow, spraying dangerous solvents and dirt all around. Be Careful! Important Notes: ► I forgot to shoot a photo while the cleansing process was ongoing, so since I already re-placed back the battery on the car, I did the last shot for the photo, there, and then I Cleansed the Battery properly; do Not do this Fuel injector cleansing procedures nearby the battery to avoid a spark that might start a fire with the chemical solvents; also Never forget to wear safety goggles during this procedure, please Take Care. ► You have to be Creative to Hook the Hose Properly on certain Fuel injectors, such like the Older style Subaru ones. ► I highly recommend to obtain brand new o-rings for the injectors, to be placed after the cleaning procedure has finished. ► The ideal carburetor cleaner usage, is around 4 to 5 oz of the can to each injector, or a whole 16 to 20 oz can of good quality, concentrated Carb Cleaner, distributed among four injectors. ► You'll need to fill up the Hose and blow with air several times 'till the injector sprays with a clean, defined pattern as it should. ► An average air compressor, has a common working pressure of 90 psi, while an average Car's fuel pump delivers much less psi. The mixture of that higher pressure with the amount of concentrated chemical solvent used, gives as result an incredibly clean fuel injectors, beyond any fuel additive could do. Disclaimer: Use all the information & Photos I share, at your own Risk! If you find this information & photos, Useful, Let me know by hitting the "Like" Button Kind Regards.
  3. So my wagon is having issues. Saturday: Ran fine, took out injectors to see if the were the cause of my terrible idle, all seemed well so they went back on. Tried to start it, nothing. A few tries latter the engine seized. I pulled the plugs, unclipped the coil pack, and turned it over. Gas came shooting out like a fountain out of my engine. Put it all back together. Car then turned over but wouldnt start. Realized I forgot an O-Ring for one of my injectors. Replaced it. Still nothing. Sunday: Let it sit overnight. Tried to start it, nothing. Siezed again, cleared it out and replaced plugs. Nothing. Monday: Checked EVERYTHING. Siezed again and again. Then randomly ran for 20 minutes shooting gas out of the tail pipe, turned it off and tried again. Nothing. Tuesday: Replaced ALL O-Rings tried to start, siezed, tried to start again, ran for 5 minutes, but then I hit the gas a little and it died. I noticed that if I press on the pedal and prime it while I try and start it, it starts, but then dies or will run but dies when I press on the pedal. My neighbor (owns a BADASS Forrester) thinks its a fuel pressure regulator. Could anyone give me some of their opinions?