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Found 7 results

  1. Test light success. It turns out that the 1993 model quietly had it's wiring changed around. Many sources online I have found claim for the constant 12V to be on the red/green pins and the illumination on solid red (which consequently, also attach to two pin connector with the same colored wires). This is WRONG. Test lighting the supposed red/green and red wires at the connector will show there is no power through these wires, despite them being connected to both the stock head unit's harness and the two pin connector coming off it and back to the car, regardless of key state (off, accessory, on). The blue yellow wire (pin one) will only power in accessory and on positions. Thus, 12V switched (or ignition as it can be labeled on aftermarket diagrams) has been located. Last, but certainly not least, is the mystery one pin connector with a white clip. It is ORANGE from the stock unit, and at the car side, changes to GREEN. Putting a test light to it in off will show power, as well as all other key states EXCEPT start (engine crank, this is normal). This is the constant 12V (or battery connection) that is SUPPOSED to be the red/green wire (or perhaps, only applies to years prior; I can only speculate why Subaru did this and won't begin to). So, let's recap. Constant 12V - Orange from stock unit, green after single pin connector (aftermarket manuals may call this 'battery') Switched 12V - Blue on stock unit, blue/yellow after eleven pin connector (aftermarket manuals may call this 'ignition') Ground - Black on both sides of eleven pin connector Wires in question: http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w482/tincan93/Mobile%20Uploads/20141116_070451.jpg - Constant 12V http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w482/tincan93/Mobile%20Uploads/20141116_070352.jpg - Switched 12V http://i1078.photobucket.com/albums/w482/tincan93/Mobile%20Uploads/20141116_070410.jpg - Ground Of course, the result will become clear when you jam it all in the dashboard and turn the key on: There is no illumination, nor remote power on lead for the amplifier (unless you installed one), and the power antenna wire is also unused (again, unless you installed one). Again, I used a test light and checked everything in each state of ignition. I know this gets searched up a lot online, but I'm not responsible for what you do to your vehicle, nor can I confirm if this will work in your scenario. That being said, use caution and common sense. Hopefully you can make use of this information if you decide to install an aftermarket stereo.
  2. Hello, I am trying to hook up a 4 pin trailer light kit to my 93 Subaru legacy. I have Probed out: Break light Turn indicator ( both sides) and Running lights. The questions I have ( and have searched for) are : -The 4 pin setup lists the break and turn signals as the same single connection, but when I probe the plugs to the tail lights, The brake light and the turn signal wires are not on together for either function. How would one go about wiring this ? ( right now I have it wired for running lights and turn signals) -Is there a wiring harness somewhere further back I should be tapping into vs right at the tail lights ? The Wiring kit I have simply says : " Wiring guide Green wire to right turn / stop Yellow wire to left turn / stop Brown wire to tail lights White Ground" Thanks for any help with the issue directly or being pointed to a thread video or image I was not aware of,
  3. I've had my '79 Brat for a year or so and, as you'd expect, things occasionally go wrong and then I yell at the car with a wrench and then it's okay again, generally. Right now my biggest headache is a series of minor electrical issues, which for a while had my headlights not working, but since I got them on I've been mostly ignoring. My horn won't beep, though, and that's going to be an issue come inspection time in February, so it's time to deal with it. In my adventures around the guts of my car I've found lots of electrical dead-ends and strange fixes to issues that must have come up years ago, so this seemed like the time to trace out my full harness and see what's actually going on. I diagrammed out all the wires between the battery and the firewall, so now I need to get into the cabin and track the dumb wires around under the console. Does anyone have any sage insight on any of this? Particularly if there's a good way to get under there without making pulling the dash apart and reassembling a major project on its own? Should I just give up and run more wires as my whims suggest and leave vestigial cabling everywhere like people have been doing for nearly 40 years?
  4. Hey guys, I've just changed my head gaskets successfully but seem to have one plug I can't remember where to reconnect. Its right near the engine wiring harness on the passenger side rear of the engine. My temp guage doesn't work now so must be associated with that BUT mine doesn't seem to have coolant temperature sensor on the passenger side rear of engine on crossover tube like a lot of others (or if it does it is not unplugged). I'm thinking the missing end is on the body side or I would not have undone it to remove the engine. Thought maybe I tucked it up somewhere or it fell down somewhere but I've gone crazy looking everywhere and cannot find it..!! Any hints/help would be appreciated. Ken
  5. Just picked up a 1990 legazy auto for cheap. only got it cheap because a pack rat ate the engine harness up. so i got a new harness from a junk yard. replaced it and turns out it has been parked the past 4 years was im pretty sure the ignition control module went out. only cylinders 1 and 2 firing. not 3 and 4. well did research on here and check the continutiy between the coils and control module. good. changed coils. no change. so going to get a new on of those. but to be sure that it's not a ground issue i need help locating where this one ground goes. on the passenger side under the abs unit there are 2 grounds. one from the headlight harness that goes to body and the other one i can not find any place that it would hook up. can some on please point me in the right direction or picture. i got the manual with the ground locations but its so vauge it just doesn't help. thanks
  6. I've been searching and searching but the only seemingly helpful pics have bad links. Does anyone have pics of a EJ harnes stripped for an EA car? I have a harness from a 99 impreza that was already pulled and nothing is labled, trying to sort it out. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have been trying my best to strip the wiring harness down. This is what I've done so far: I went through a Legacy ECU pinout, and labeled/sepparated every wire that pertained to the ECU. Was this the correct way to go about it? Now I have a large pile of wires that didn't directly go to the ECU, and then the four plugs and their corresponding wires that connect to the ECU. Are these all I will need? Or did I just make myself a mess...? Also, what is the "Select Monitor Signal"? Necessary? Thanks, Greg 1992_Legacy_ECU_I-O.pdf
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