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Found 6 results

  1. I have a problem when I try to accelerate, the engine bogs down like it is not getting enough gas or something. If I slowly depress the pedal the engine does speed up but when put under load, it bogs down again. I have been fighting this on and off for a few weeks now. I had initially thought it was bad gas so when I worked through a tank or two it seemed to return to normal for a time. However it has returned. I added SeaFoam to the tank but it has not resolved the problem. I can find no vacuum leaks and the car idles normal, no skipping or misfiring. I can't imagine it is bad gas at this point. I looked on the formums before posting and did find another person with a similar issue in a 89 wagon and his was a coil issue. Could this be what is happening with mine?
  2. We have a 99 Legacy wagon with the 2.2 motor. It has recently started missing some when cold. Now, it's not really cold yet....so we're talking about the 60's here, not below freezing. When you drive the car maybe 3 miles, it goes away and runs fine. It doesn't miss or hesitate later in the day either, even if it sat all day. I had similar problem a while back and that time it was the Idle Air Control, so I took this one off (which is very easy on a 99 compared to a 95) and I cleaned it with carb cleaner to get all the carbon off the moving vane. It still has the problem. I'd really be interested in help from someone who had the exact problem, so I can avoid rabbit trails. Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. Vehicle is a 2002 Subaru Legacy Wagon 2.5 SOHC 5 speed. 220,000 miles. Problem would only occur after 30+ minutes of driving on a hot day, as of last week. Now it occurs as soon as engine is warmed up. Plugs, wires, fuel filter, and a million other things have all been replaced in the past couple thousand miles. Once the car warms up, I'm getting a terribly low idle and hesitation/jolting so bad it isn't even road worthy. It's so bad that I can barely get it into 1st gear sometimes. The car won't cut out, but seems pretty close to it most of the time. At idle, it revs up just fine. Could this be a TPS issue? Injectors? Fuel pressure? I don't see why it would only do this once fully warmed, it runs fine (seems a little slower than usual) until it warms up. There is no check engine light. In the past, it threw a code for IAC valve, but it went away once I cleaned it. Thanks guys.
  4. I recently picked up a 95 Impreza L coupe with an EJ18. From idle to ~2500rpm it hesitates, jerks, and misses. Once it is above that rpm range, it runs great. I have searched threads for two weeks and tried multiple "standard fixes" with no results. I'm tired of throwing parts at it and Any help would be appreciated. So far I've checked the plugs (newish but looks lean), repl wires, repl fuel filter, repl throttle position sensor. This engine does not have a knock sensor (not that I could find anyway).
  5. I have a 2002 Outback sport. I began having hesitation problems about one year ago. The hesitation would only occur after a fuel fill up and last for about 1-2 minutes then gone. Did not occur at idle, only when driving. Now, I've been having the issue at varying fuel levels regardless of fuel fill up or not and the hesitation appears to be worsening. The Knock sensor has just been replaced with no improvement in the hesitation. I've suspected the fuel filter, water in the fuel, what else? Any thoughts?
  6. Hello all!! First let me say this is by far the most impressive Subaru discussion site I've found! Trust me, I've spent countless hours searching for an answer to my puzzle. My problem, 93 legacy non turbo. I noticed a while back while driving at steady highway speed suddenly the car would feel almost as if it were running out of gas. It was to the point where I could push the pedal to the floor and nothing would happen. I would pull off the road thinking I needed to call the hook as the engine dies. However, it would start right back up and back on the road I was! This happened mabye 5 times over a period of probably a year so I didnt put all that much thought into it. It has 218000 on it so if it has a couple quarks so be it I thought. However it seems it recent months that it has slowly lost more and more power, whether this is a related issue I can't say with full certainty at this time. It has now come to the point that it will start and idle but has NO power even out of gear. The car will not move until the engine has warmed for 15 to 20 mins. Even after that I still wont drive it in heavy traffic. It is just too sluggish. Fuel eco is significantly lowered also (from about 23mpg to mabye 15 or 16mpg.) The list of things I have done: The basics plugs, wires, fuel and air filters Engine coolant temp sensor (twice) also this significantly improved the ease of starting but none of the driveability Verified fuel pressure Verified vacuum line condition and the breather condition Verified mass air sensor with a known good unit Timing belt complete kit installed within 20,000 miles so it shouldnt be out of time My best bet I have found was in these discussions where someone had traced poor running and random loosing power completly to the JITECO 25229 AA001 ignition relay. I was going to try this but locating one has been a joke. Also I read where a user had cross referenced to another part # available at Advance but I have been unable to locate that either. Does anyone know of an availble new direct fit replacement? Also I'm open to any other suggestions of my issue. I'm sure mine isnt the only one acting up. Just a side note, while I will post updates, I dont get to mess with the car very often. I left it at a family members house when I moved to Missouri as I had 5 cars when I moved from Ohio. Getting anything done with vehicles as far as titling and registering in this state is a joke and an embarrassment. I left it there for that reason and so that when the wife and I drive back to Ohio, we each have something to drive. My folks drive it once or twice a week just to keep it from sitting. So I will be somewhat slow to be able it say it is fixed or not. I go back every month or two. Thank you in advance!