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Found 6 results

  1. Spring is here and I'm tinkering with my 1989 XT6. It sat in the garage for the winter, with a trickle charger and a weekly startup. I recently did a complete reseal of the H6, timing belts, water and oil pump, etc. It runs like a top, starting right up and idling perfectly after a cold start. I let it warm up to the point the fan kicks in, cycling the cooling system. When I shut it down and restart it hot, the idle RPMs shoot up to 1,500 or so and stays there, something is convincing the ECU to do this I guess. I cleaned the IACV, MAF, throttle linkage and all the wiring to them. I get 3.2 volts at the CTS wiring plug (I replaced the original with an injector harness). The CTS seems bad, it's 30 years old! I read an open circuit between the two conductors, tested when warm and then hot. I will check again when cold and hot, but an open is bad when it's hot and should be talking to the ECU. I'll try a new CTS first, they're not expensive. Questions... Should I get a $15 aftermarket CTS, or the good old NOS Subaru CTS for $40? The original lasted 30 years, so I'm leaning towards NOS Subaru. Any other suggestions on this issue? I can drive the car all day after a cold start, idling at a stop around 750 RPMs but if I shut it down and restart it hot after a few minutes, the idle zips up to 1,500 and is reluctant to settle down. I could check for vacuum leaks, but figured if this caused the high idle, it would occur even with a cold start.
  2. Hey Everyone, So I've been having this issue for a while now. While I'm in neutral, by pushing in the clutch or sitting in neutral the idle will spike to around 3,000 and slowly drop down to around 1,500. I've also been having this issue where upon first starting the car I have to hold down the gas pedal until some gas moves through the system or the car will die. Once it's running for a minute, it generally stays around 1,000-1,500. Not sure if these issues are linked, but I thought it would be good to give a little history of what it has been doing. I did change the intake manifold gaskets about a week ago, but it was doing this before that anyway. Let me know what you think. If anyone can link to another thread if this question has been asked that would be great too. I can never find info using the search bar. this is that it's doing --->
  3. Hi folks.... My 03 Outback is throwing the iac valve codes and having typical high idle, then rough idle at stop lights, etc. Took off the iac valve and cleaned it out as well as the throttle body, which I cleaned while still on the car, reaching in with a rag, as best I could. But it all back together with no improvement. So, I looked up the IAC at Advance Auto.... found it to cost $343! Then, at Rock Auto, 3 options $182, $252 and $232, So.... I googled the number on the blue sticker on my IAC..... A33-661 R02 .... and found one listed at alexnld.com for $13 .... wtf? Here's the link to the cheap one..... http://alexnld.com/product/idle-air-speed-control-valve-for-subaru-22650aa19c-a33-661-r02-iac/?gclid=CjwKEAiAj7TCBRCp2Z22ue-zrj4SJACG7SBEcBcsQu9JiwehHyavJQOITly2ihpk0zHVy04iejhutxoC1U_w_wcB So.... what's up.... will the cheap one work? I guess I could just order and see, but I thought I ask if anyone else is familiar with this issue. Thanks! Mike
  4. My 1980 BRAT idles at 1400 this seems really high to me and I can not get it to go down (was at 2k when I started but now lowered when giving it full throttle it goes the chokes for a second and goes real hard) by messing with the adjustment screws on the carb and i cant find anywhere that says or shows how to tune a carb (this is my firs carbed car I do not know anything) I am also wondering what the air/fuel ratio should be for this car.
  5. Just finished timing belts, water pump, pulleys, new oil seals, brand new vacuum lines, all new bosch ignition, pcv valve, pcv hoses, karropak gaskets on throttle, everything's tightened down!and sealed up, cooling system bled, new thermostat, etc... I checked and got codes 11, 12, 13, 34 & 35. Only had the car about a week, but no engine light before timing belt. Curious about the possibility this is an error as the car runs awesome, idles a little high though (1000-1100 rpms)
  6. Hello, I am new to the forum. I am from Beaverton/Portland Oregon. I just got a 1983 Subaru gl wagon four door. I am hoping to fix it up and turn it into a cool machine. It has high miles, at 190,000. Body is good aside from rust specks on the hood. Interior could use new seats in the front and the dash is cracked. The first problem I have encountered is that the engine after it warms up has a high idle. Up around 2000 rpms. I have a few ideas of what the problem could be after reading other posts on the forum, but I have not found anything that sounds exactly like my problem. The engine also seems to choke and sputter a bit as well. Yesterday it actually just turned all the way off. If anyone has any suggestions on where to start, I would greatly appreciate it!