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Found 73 results

  1. I am wanting to lift my 08 legacy wagon. Hoping to switch to taller struts. Does anyone know if I can just pull struts off of a forester or a outback to do it? If so will i be needing other parts or have to modify other parts?
  2. I apologize if there is another thread related to this. If there is, point me to it and I'll be on my way. Basically, this is where I'm at. I have a 2009 Impreza 2.5i. Rear Setup RalliTEK 1" Rear Raised Springs & KYB Excel-G Struts plus 3/4" Spacers Get-Primitive Sub Frame Spacer Kit Front Setup RalliTEK 1" Front Raised Springs & KYB Excel-G Struts plus 1/2" Front Lift Kit Spacers Mevotech Control Arms with Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit I had ordered the sub frame spacer kit to align the rear tires center in the wheel well but appears after the suspension settled, the tires have gone back to their original position. My question is, what do I need to center the rear tires to the wheel well? Trailing arm spacers?
  3. betzold

    95 legacy needs more clearance

    i have a 95 legacy wagon and i can drive it anywhere , im always folling my friends in their lifted pickups etc. only thing is i would like more clearance, especially with the tow kit on the back that hangs down a bit lower. i believe my friend put outback suspension on his but was wondering what the tallest or best suspension to buy would be? im looking for something that i can just get from a "pull n save" for fairly cheap and would be fairly easy to find. any ideas??
  4. Hey guys, I got my 85 FrankinSoob GL with EJ22 swap. I have a few questions about some future build plans. Rather than have a bunch of posts I thought I'd only compile one. So here it goes A) Has anyone played with the gearing in the stock EA 5speed with the dual range? I really like this transmission, but it doesn't quite have the gearing for today's highway speeds. I want to lengthen the ratios for 4 and 5 to where I can cruise at 80 comfortably. Or is it just best to do the trans swap? B)Does anyone know the weight difference between the EJ and EA flywheels? I want to lighten the EA flywheel a little bit to get higher rpm without harming the engine. But also not enough to loose a substantial amount of low end torque. I read a build thread that mentioned using the XT flywheel, but finding one of those in my area might be a little hard. C) Lifting? I want to do a small suspension lift but preferably don't want to lift the body. What's the max height you can go before the CVs are at to much of an angle to cause damage? I found an old GL at the local UPull that looked to have a 4in suspension lift with a 3in body lift. But that's a little more than I desire. Thanks for reading!!! If you have answers please I would love to hear. Cheers.
  5. I heard that I could crank the torsion bars in the back but how about front?
  6. I've been searching for a bit and I haven't found anything specifically about how to lift the rear end (torsion bar) of a Gen 1 Brat. Can anyone give me an idea of what's involved in giving my Brat a little lift? I put a rooftop tent on the SnugTop (reinforced of course) and the weight up there makes it handle a bit squirrely. I was thinking I could try boosting the rear end a couple inches to help keep the front end from getting loosey goosey on the highway. Admittedly, this is a shot in the dark so a simple "no, that's dumb" would actually be appreciated. If that's the case, any helpful guidance would also be helpful. Thanks all!!
  7. Hello! I own a 88 gl wagon. I use it for wheeling. What is the simplest way to lift it? I would like 4". Would prefer a way that I don't have to deal with steering linkage...if at all possible! Be kind I'm new lol. Ty!!
  8. Hi all. I want to lift my Impreza by 3 to 5 cm. I’m still relatively new to Subarus, but I read somewhere that I could use Forester struts to get a small lift by drilling a third hole for the rear strut bolt. Is this true? If not, are they any decent options to raise my car a couple inches? Also, are there any other modifications I would need to make for the sake of alignment as a result of the lift? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks all. Skylar
  9. Finding different length sway bars for lifted cars is veeeery hard unless you wanna spend the big bucks at primitive. Was wondering what the consequence of using this style link in the front would be. The newer models use them, so I figure the idea can’t be that janky.
  10. Hi - am looking to do a 4” lift on my 1986 Brat and wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions on where I could get the required steering shaft entension work done (I’m in Colorado). I would also love to hear from anyone who has any insights to share on this project (good/bad). Many thanks in advance. Nick
  11. Hello all, new to the forum here. I have recently purchased a 2000 Forester and I am looking for advice on good lift/tire combinations. I really like the look of a lifted forester, but would like somewhere to start. I have looked on other postings but all of the images are no longer available. Any advice would be great! Thanks!
  12. I picked up a 95 impreza 1.8L with forester suspension and brakes previously installed (bad engine- swapping in a 2.2L and Delta currently has my cams). I ordered trailing arm bracket spacers and I'm pretty sure the maxxis 27x8.5x14 tires on offset dirt track wheels will clear the spring perches and won't require any (or too much) beating or rolling. That being said, I'd like to know what else (within reason) I can do to possibly get a couple more inches of lift without binding axles and such. I've read through as much of the lift threads as I can handle and haven't found a straight forward answer. I also spoke with someone at a reputable rally/off-road shop and was pretty much told that the forester struts were the wrong way to go from the start and I am stuck with the current setup or re-do the whole suspension format . Any help is much appreciated.
  13. This winter I found a JDM rear differential with 4.11 gearing and a SureTrac LSD like I've been looking for, and got it installed in the rear of my '88 XT trail runner. Obviously the new differential is the newer style with "innie" axle cups, as opposed to my original "outtie" stub axles. I found a pair of new style CV cups that fit into the diff, and rebuilt them with my 23 spline axles and original XT outer joints. I'm pretty sure this is a well-known procedure for using modern differentials with ea82 suspension, but the issue I'm having is the new CV cups are roughly half an inch shorter than my old ones. Seems like the old ones had an extension where the roll pin went through, which is no longer necessary on the new style. Anyway, the new frankenaxles are just barely long enough (I can jack the car up so that one or both rear wheels is off the ground and neither joint binds up), but twice now I've been on the trail and bounced/twisted something to the point where the CV joint (the inner DOJ) has separated. So my question is for those who are familiar with this mod, did you see similar issues? Is there a different axle option that would give me that 1/2" back? Is cutting and sleeving the axles an option?
  14. RustyBrat

    1978 Subaru Brat

    I recently was given a 78 Subaru Brat, which i am already in love with. I have a few plans for this thing needless to say. My first and foremost project is to build the lift kit for it. Now i have read every single thread there is on lifting a gen 1 brat, trust me, but i still need help. i have all the materials i need for a 5 inch drop lift and 6 inch strut spacers, but i am just wondering if anybody has block specs or maybe just some last minute advice? This thing is never going to be my daily driver, i have a full size Chevy for that so it doesn't need to be comfortable on the highway just somewhat safe. My brat sat in about 9 inches of mud on the side of a road for just about 20 years before i got it, and before that it was not treated well, so its really rough. But it will be perfect for an off-road toy! all i did was drain the fluids out of this thing, put new fluids in, clean spark plugs, put a new fuel pump, coil, and air filter on it and it started up perfectly and runs like new surprisingly! The transmission is pretty noisy, but it's getting quieter the more i drive it. The previous owner decided to spray red primer right over the old paint 20 years ago, and that's why it looks as bad as it does, its not rust. I will keep you guys updated with any new progress! Mine is the red/blue one in the pictures needless to say.
  15. I'm swapping the whole drivetrain out of my loyale and wanted to lift it while I'm there. It's my dally so I was thinking a 4" AA lift, might go with a 6" depending on how much harder they are that a 4". Never lifted a Subaru before but I know you have to extend the steering knuckle, radiator hoses, and brake lines but is that all with the 4"? Is there more to fabricate with a 6" or are they about the same? I also found a 84 GL yesterday for free and its got a d/r tranny so I wanted to make it a trail and hunting rig. Mostly swamp or snow around here so I'd like to make it water crossing ready, maybe side by side tracks, big o lift, welded diff, ext. Will it's little 1.6 and 4mt be able to handle that though? I know the 4speeds are considered crap but this thing will pretty much live in low range and crawl around. Also how high can I lift an ea81 with stock axles? What all do I have to extend and disconnect.
  16. I just purchased a '02 Outback LL Bean ed. with the 3.0L; I know with a heavy SW like the Outback it tends to sway and dip pretty good with aggressive turns and big dips, but I'm relatively sure it's time for a KYB strut upgrade project... I've heard rumors that Forester struts of some year models will be a direct bolt-in with the '02 OB and provide a stiffer ride/slight lift; has anybody tried this? What model of Forester struts do I need to fit into my OB? On a related note, if I decided to install the OB struts, is the strut spacer a viable option for achieving a similar lift? Trying to make mine look a little sportier and give some extra clearance/stiffer and more controlled ride. Thanks! Any recommendations appreciated... PS Does anyone with the H6 have the whiney power steering pump? I saw the easy fix with the 4 cylinder (the housing adjustment) but the H6 has a different configuration... I've heard maybe the O-ring in the PS fluid line is going bad and sucking air???
  17. Tye

    1990 Subaru Loyale

    Hey guys I picked up this Loyale back in August. so far Its been awesome I have took it beyond its limits numerous times its only let me down once (in the middle of a golf course, ) The power (or lack of) is getting to me so I will be doing an engine swap in the next few months,the engine is currently sitting in the garage ready to be worked I need to do the timing belt and seals. I am using a 1990 legacy as a donor car, if anybody is interested in parts not being used for the swap let me know (I have car full ) I would like to lift it eventually.
  18. Hey all. I have been asking around on some forms about the SJR lifts. They seem great. I was wondering if anyone had any idea how much/long this would usually take a experienced mechanic? I am aware they some parts need to be modified and of course it would be different for each person. Anyone have any insight on this? Thank you!
  19. Hey all, I have my 1995 legacy L sedan that I lifted using a set of 1" Subtle Solution spacers on top of a set of 1997 outback struts. After putting my new tires and wheels on, it has a nice aggressive look. However, besides my 20yr old CVs finally giving out after the added stress, my main issue is with ride stiffness. I've assumed that's because the a-arms and trailing arms now sit at a more dramatic angle while at resting height. Besides lowering those mounts, I need some advice on if I should do. Any comments or ideas would be hugely helpful. Thanks
  20. Scott in Bellingham

    JUSTY Lift Kit Now Available SJR

    Just made up my first Justy Lift Kit its a 4" , they can be ordered here http://www.sjrlift.com/index.php/catalog/lift-kits/justy-lift-kit-4-detail
  21. Planning on buying an outback this saturday, and have a couple questions 1. Do strut blocks have to be angled on EJ cars like with the EA cars? Looking to do probably 4 inches. I've seen some camber bolts from eibach that offer up to 1.75* of adjustment. Would that be enough? 2. Have any of you guys clearanced your bumpers on an outback? I'm looking to do something like on the GC imprezas where you cut off the lower half. Looking to see some pictures before I start cutting. I was also debating trying to find a legacy bumper that would look good chopped, as I've heard legacy and outback bumpers will swap. Thanks - CL
  22. What do you guys do for sway bars on the ea cars? I want to be able to hoon around some still after I install the 5" lift, and I remember some people talking about 3 wheeling just driving on the off ramps when they're lifted this much I was thinking I could weld on some hrew/dom onto a cut down front sway bar, and thread a heim into that, with some rod style links (I know heims are supposed to mount vertical, but I don't think there is enough force to break one on these cars in this application) For the rear I was thinking finding a basic sway bar shaped like this: And then mounting it on the rear lit blocks, with the same style linkage to some custom mounts on the " a arms" of the ea suspension (most likely a plate welded to the 2 trailing arms, and then a hole/nut or a heim mounting tab. Was also debating trying to fab one onto the torsion beam, but don't know how it would respond to the heat, and the added twisting. This is all on a car that will have a frame built for it from 2x2x.25, like 88hatch has on his, but with more mount points, along with 2x5x.1875 rock sliders/rocker panels that will be tied into the frame (doing boatsides with HDPE plastic), so I think it could take the extra stress
  23. I was wondering if there are any suspension upgrades that can easily be done for hauling more weight and handling large pot holes better? I am moving 1500 miles away and all I can bring it what will fit on a small tailer and in the car. I am looking to run about 1000-1200# total trailer weight. I have installed a hitch and tailer harness. Are their any rear suspension upgrades to help handle the tongue weight (will keep it between 100-150#) plus about 300# of clothes and tools that will be in the car?
  24. Well after one long year of building lifts for nearly every Subaru on the market, ive decided to set up at West Coast Subaru Show 17!! 98-15 Forester's! 96-15 Outback's! 13-15 XV Crosstrek's! EA82's! EA81's! I will bring many of my kits for display and sale, EVERY SUBARU LIFT KIT WILL GET 20$ KNOCKED OFF, IF PURCHECED AT WSCC THIS YEAR! Prefer cash sales, but will have paypal card reader @ 2.9% fee. If you know you want a kit at the show please pre order it and so make enough and you get the right kit you want when you pick it up at the show! Im taking order right away so i have enought time to get them all done by then! SHARE! TELL YOUR FRIENDS! SPREAD THE WORD! If you have any quistions! Email me! Kits and prices are on my site! Patrick Anderson Anderson Deisng & Fabrication http://andersondesign-fab.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ADNFAB Adnfab@gmail.com
  25. Hey everyone, I posted about my 1995 Legacy L sedan a few weeks back, but here's a refresher. My 95 legacy was in an accident that damaged the front bumper. So I decided to turn it into my project/winter car. So after searching online awhile about how to lift it, I decided to slap some struts from a 1997 OB and got a set of 1" Subtle Solution spacers that attach to the upper strut mount. After doing the front, everything fit perfectly. And I was happy with the results. Only one minor thing, I have quite a bit of positive camber on my fronts. I tried adjusting the camber bolts to even it back out. But to no avail. I know I need to take it to a tire shop and have the alignment done professionally. It's lifted about 2.5-3" now, and I'm just humbly wondering if anyone has run into this, or knows how to fix it. Before taking to a shop. Thanks everyone for your time!