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Found 6 results

  1. 1985 BRAT. I have decided to upgrade my alternator to a 90amp 1989 Nissan Maxima model. Is there an online source for a v pulley? Is it possible to use the pulley from the original BRAT alternator on the new alternator? LINK to alternator at Advance Auto Parts
  2. Hey folks. Got a new sound among all the old ones (lifter tick, low idle, etc.). I think a pulley bearing is going out, but I've never experienced it before. Would you have a listen to the YouTube post and let me know what you think? Is there a way to determine which pulley it is without taking the belts off? Thanks!
  3. 05 forester xt manual. I got a slight clunk that recurs every couple seconds or so when the a/c is on. Then I noticed about one third of my a/c belt was chewed up and wrapped around the backside of the compressor pulley. I cut the belt off which was about 3-4 years old and the a/c compressor pulley spins nice and smooth with no play but the clutch is very stiff/drags and not smooth at all in either direction. But I also noticed the idler/ tensioner pulley has a bit of play as well. I'm assuming I'll need to replace the idler pulley but what about the compressor?...From what I read the a/c clutch is not a serviceable part. The crank pulley/harmonic balancer has no visible play or separation. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  4. The pulley that adjusts the power steering belt (unsure of what it is called) has seized. Is there a way to loosen it up by cleaning and lubricating it? Or do i need to replace the pulley altogether? I have an 87 3door with a FI 1.8. If i need to replace it, I sure could use some advice on where to find one. THANKS!
  5. I have a 97 Impreza L, the 2.2 (SOHC) , and I'm half way through the timing belt change and this is the first time I've attempted a repair like this. I've been using this guide as my main guide for the whole project: http://www.rs25.com/forums/f105/t154453-diy-sohc-timing-belt-change-w-pics.html. I've also pulled information from other various forums (here) and have the service manual downloaded. I've run into the problem when aligning the passenger side camshaft to put the new belt on. I have the crank cam and the drivers side cam in the proper position. I was using a torque wrench to rotate the cams. When I started (slowly) rotating the passenger side cam, I got about a quarter of the way around fighting compression, and once I moved past the resistance it spun all the way around by itself because of the ratcheting effect on the torque wrench and settled pretty close to where I wanted it to be for the timing marks. The cam pulley has a little bit of play, I can rotate it about an inch left or right with no resistance and I can even line up the timing marks and put the belt where it needs to be. I didn't notice this play before, but I don't really remember checking. The pulley also seems to wiggle a little where as my driver side pulley does not. My concern is the play in the passenger side camshaft pulley. I'm afraid there may be other problems that I don't have the knowledge to see. When I was trying to rotate it and it took over and spun all the way around it was unnerving because of the sudden loud ratchet sound from my torque wrench. It wasn't something I was expecting or had seen anyone mention. Can I just align everything and start putting it all back together? Is that how a camshaft is supposed to rotate?
  6. Howdy folks, Newbie here. I need to inspect my timing belt---suspected jumped a tooth... see earlier posts by me in the last couple of days if you're interested in the full saga. I removed radiator, accessory belts already. Last step before removing timing belt cover is the crankshaft pulley, and I don't know how to get it off. I began following this tutorial by MercedesDieselGuy on youtube He advocates a bit of a redneck method for loosening the crankshaft pulley bolt (bracing a breaker bar against the body and cranking the motor for a split-second). I applied WD-40 beforehand and followed his advice; it loosened up with no problem. (It was only later that I came across this thread where user Alias20035 said (s)he doesn't like that technique, but as far as I can tell I didn't bork it). I can remove the crankshaft pulley bolt entirely, and the pulley itself stays in place. It rotates just fine (I'm using an old leather belt & vice-grips), but I can't for the life of me figure out how to get it to slide out. MercedesDieselGuy, in the youtube link above, recommends turning the pulley clockwise to align the hash mark with the "0" reading stamped on the timing belt cover. (Later in the vid he seems to change his mind; thinks that step may be unnecessary). In any case, I did that (using a white paint mark I found on the front face & grooves of the pulley) and it doesn't seem to help with yanking the pulley. The timing belt cover seems to be plastic---so there was nothing solid to brace against when I tried wiggling a prybar gently. Other notes: the grooves at the back of my pulley are banged up, a couple of chips, making me think previous owner &/or a sloppy mechanic had the same trouble I am having, and tried brute force. Finally, I used a small mirror and my headlamp to get a good look at the pulley's center hole. I can see a notch at the back of the pulley on one side; hard to tell if it's part of pulley or another component/bushing behind it. But if I slowly turn the pulley with my belt wrench while watching with the mirror, I can see the notch rotates with the pulley. Is that back notch the "crank key" referred to in the thread I linked above? Any advice on how to get this dang thing off? Is there a trick to it? Thank you!
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