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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all, Okay, I’m taking a Skiing trip to Canada. Canada requires snow tires (Triple Peak or M/S tires) on certain roads. I haven’t had to buy snow tires in Washington. Question is, would it be wise to buy steel rims for the snow tires, or just have them mount them on the OEM rim? I would have to buy tpms sensors for the new rims. Would I have to get the tpms calibrated each time I change the tires from season to season?
  2. Question: do all 4x140 Subie wheels fit the 90s Loyales? I was chatting with a fellow a while back about older gen DL/GL wheels not fitting newer Loyales due to brake clearance, etc. Being I have zero experience here, I thought I’d ask the experts. Ive got a lead on a sweet set of 13” “H” style wheels (from and ‘85 I believe.) Any known issues fitting these on my ‘90 Loyale Wagon? Also, anyone know where to score 2 matching center caps?
  3. I have been looking for OEM Soobie wheels for my 2001 Forester. The current wheels are 17" really ugly, hand painted white rims. The car has been lowered about 1.25 inches. The tires right now are 235/50/17. I found a good deal on a wheel and tire combo on Craigslist, from a 2008 Impreza. Stock 16" rims with tires 205/55/16. The only real difference I noticed in the rims/wheels is the offset, which is a mere 7 mm. The Impreza wheel offset is 55mm and the Forester is 48mm. Is that amount of offset going to cause trouble? Using a measuring tape, and eyeballing it, it doesn't seem like the tires will rub when the wheels are turned. I'm also going to raise the car back up to stock the near future.
  4. Hey all, new here, not an expert but always hoping to learn more. I'm getting snow tires for my '91 Loyale this year, and wanted to get a second set of rims for 'em. I found two stock '91 steel rims at the local Pick-n-Pull. I also found two 4x140 rims on an older 80s GL, but they're narrower than the '91s. So now I have four 13" 4x140 Subaru rims, but two are stock 5" wide (inner diameter) and the older pair are 4.5" wide. The 175/70 tires I'm planning on getting will fit both 4.5" and 5" rim widths, so I could do this and have four matching tires... just on two different rim widths. Bad idea? Liable to stress or damage anything, especially with regard to the 4WD? Thanks
  5. I will likely be buying a 2008 Impreza 2.5i 5sp manual sedan from a family member. I'm looking for an extra set of used wheels for mounting dedicated winter tires. The car has OEM "10-hole" steel wheels, 16X6.5JJ:ST, 55 mm offset, 5x100. I went to the Subaru website to see what other years and models used this wheel, part # 28111AG170. Under the "What this fits" tab, it shows this wheel was used only on the '08-'11 Impreza sedans and wagons. Looking up steel and aluminum wheels for this car on car-part.com, they show salvage yard listings for only the '08-'11 Imprezas (consistent with the Subaru site) for the '08 Impreza. On another thread someone commented that many year/model Subarus will accommodate the same wheels. I know that if the steel wheels are not exactly the same, there can be a problem with the wheel covers fitting. I ran into that with the rims I bought from a junkyard for my '93. I will consider used aluminum wheels too. Tire Rack has aftermarket steel wheels w/50mm offset vs. the OEM 55mm. Can someone shed some light on what year/model OEM wheels are the same fit as the factory originals?
  6. Sorry for bringing up another tyre question, I can see there has been numerous of them, but I cant find the answer.. I bought these from a pickup owner and I need to know if they fit wagon DLs as well. My wagon is stock with drums on the rear axel. They seem to fit, but the hub caps doesnt fit when the wheel is mounted. And the white plastic ring/spacer/something is really brittle and doesnt look trustworthy. What happens if/when they brake? Why wasnt these rims made in the same specs as my old plain steel rims (as in not needing a plastic spacer to fit the drum -lip)? Thanks for any advice
  7. I'm trying to figure out what i'm going to do for wheels on my 93 Loyale Wagon.... Just envisioned it with those Crosstrek rims to mix new with old. Anyone do that yet? These rims prob are not easily available though. I like these peugeot wheels: http://www.cars101.com/subaru/1983gl.html Found some old mazda rx7 rims that I might grab (4 lugged). This ain't easy, but fun ;-) guidance welcome.
  8. Was looking for skidplate designs to "borrow" and found these, and hadn't seen anyone mention them. http://get-primitive.com/wheels-rally-race-street/466-team-dyn-15x7-5x100-matte-blk.html Expensive, but easier than drilling or finding pugs. Note: I'm not affiliated with them in any way.
  9. My beloved Subaru "BumbleBeast" has been with me since New, from june 1985; I changed the Lug pattern on it since year 1996, from 4X140 to 4X114.3 to gain easy access to a more variety of Rims; I posted photos and more information regarding that, ~► Here. I choosed originally fifteen inches Rims, as they're easier to find Tires in many sizes, brands and styles; and their price is not high, so, I choosed this ones, which were Five Spokes 15" X 7" wheels, and 25" all-terrain tires: But after that, I never Liked too much their looks, because they were somehow "Too Much Bling-Bling" for my style and the offset wasn't perfect, they came a little to the outside ... Some months after I obtained them, I had financial problems, so I sold them, and obtained as Gift, the old ones from the Buyer's car, which are also 15" but beated steelies + half worn tires, out from a Hyundai Elantra, see: I decided to run my "BumbleBeast" like that for a while, because I planned to reunite enough money for a New set of 15" Rims with five spokes but all Black finish ... But suddenly I lost my Job, after fourteen years being there, due to political reasons, and I'm Not a political person... (Photo taken my last day at my ex-job's parking lot) So I had to stay with those ugly steelies for around a year so far ... But my Spare wheel is a 15" rim that came from a '93 Nissan 240SX, it is a lightweight aluminium, seven spoke Rim: These has the very Perfect offset (40) for the Subaru, and are somehow "age correct" for my "BumbleBeast" So, lately I've been Thinking about obtaining a Complete set of four Used rims from a 240SX, as I already have tested the one I have, and somehow its look grown on me... also used Rims are Cheap to obtain here, in Honduras, and I'm in "Low Budget Mode" If I obtain a set of four of those, I plan to: ► clean them, ► polish them, ► paint them, with Black powdercoat, so, let me Know what do you Think about that idea. Kind Regards.
  10. Co-worker has a 2004 Forester with 205/60-16 bad tires for snow. I have 1990 5 bolt rims with 195/75-14 very new super aggressive snow tires. The outer tire diameter is within reason, the width a little less than I'd like. The real question is will the calipers/rotors on his car will clear the smaller rim inner diameter. Yes we can try it and see if it fits, but I can see if anyone posts and save a hassle too
  11. Good afternoon all, I have a 1989 Subaru GL wagon (EA82) that I will be lifting 2". I am looking for recommendations for rims & tires. I will also be drilling out my hubs to the toyota 6 bolt pattern. Any favorites for big tires and rims (size, brand, etc) that have the off-road look and feel without sacrificing street handling. I will most likely be driving to work (20 mi) with this car. Any input/suggestions are greatly appreciated. Cost is always king I am not looking to sell my kidneys to fund this build but I understand it will take some coin. Thanks, Lewis
  12. Curious what your cars look like with 17" rims and any details that you can share would be helpful.
  13. one stock set of rims from a late 70 wagon- $75 one set of somewhat rusty jackmans- $150 one set of good condition chrome rims off a loyale- $200 good set of headrests from a first gen brat- SOLD push bar for a first gen brat or wagon, rusty and slightly pitted but not bent- $50 i would really prefer not to have to ship rims, but if you figure out how i'm not dead set against it.
  14. HI GUYS !!!! i'm new here and my first question is, how can i raise my 1984 Gl Wagon another 3-4 inches to allow for a rugged rim/tire combo? is the best option a lift kit? and whats the best rim/tire setup? keep OFFROAD in mind when answering (snow, mud, sand, water...) the pic of the Subaru below is the GOAL !!! so please help. i've seen posts and discussions regarding "ozified" and "scorpion subaru" lift kits but when i search these, it seems they're no longer being produced or don't exist !!! thank you -Mr. SIX9
  15. Hi all, New Subaru owner here. And new to working on my own car on top of it. I have a 1997 Subaru Legacy Outback Limited. It came with 17" wheels, stock I think. I'm interested in switching back to 15" wheels. What would I need to change to do this? Just rims and rubber, or would I have to change pads, calipers, and other stuff as well? Also, anyone interested in trading the 17s for 15s if it's not a complicated process? Cheers, Nick
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