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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, I recently redid the heads on my 1987 EA82 GL wagon, and after I had it all apart I realized that I didn't have new o rings for the camshaft case (or the cam tower itself for that matter) I just used a little bit of the threebond form in place gasket to seal the small hole that sends oil to the lifters, but they tick a bit more now than they did before so I'm wondering if anyone knows where to get a proper o ring to seal it up. The dealer said they can special order them for me but it's $5 a piece and I feel like they're probably out there for cheaper somewhere. Rock auto has the cam tower o rings and seals for $1.88 a set (I've learned my lesson on the actual seals and would only use the o-rings), but none of the little o rings that go between the cam case and the head.
  2. Hello, me again. I was out doing some winter readying on our 2010 Outback (128,000 miles / 206,000 km). Since we just got it this year I wanted to check the spark plugs to see if I needed to change them before the winter. Open them up and oil in the wells. Alright need to change the seals, going to be a big pain in the butt but can likely do it myself. I had to do it on a 2001 Legacy before so I have the general idea. I think it leaked because there was too much oil. I had checked the oil level after getting it and it was a little high but didn't see any issues otherwise, though there has been a possible few drops on the driveway and when I was under it today to change the oil, the filter was pretty oily. I've been searching the forum for the past bit and see some varying and in a couple instances conflicting advice. That leads me to three questions: 1) How much of a pain is it to change the spark plug tube seals on a 2010 Outback? Any advice? 2) Is there anything else I should change while I'm changing the spark plug tube seals? 3) What else should I check for possible damage from too much oil? This would have been driving for several months. Thank you in advance everyone. I hope nothing is royally screwed up on it!
  3. I've had a problem in the past with cam shaft oil seals working their way out and laying loose on the shaft. They seemed to fit plenty tight in the bore during installation, as expected. What's the deal with this, and is their a good preventive measure to stop it happening again? Adhesive,....? It looks like I have increasing oil leaks and need to do these again, and probably the crank seal as well. Hope I can get it out. Thanks.
  4. So my EJ22 is causing a good bit of concern. It is burning about a half a quart of oil a week.(300 miles). I have blue smoke on deceleration, lots of black residue in the exhaust, and it has started a slight tick. Am I looking at burnt valve seals or possibly a clogged pcv? I don't have the stock intake setup so I am not sure what my PCV system is supposed to look like. Any advice helps thanks.
  5. It's a 96 Legacy LS 2.2 L SOHC with 202,000 miles on it, and unsure of previous maintenance. It had a bad water pump, replaced water pump, timing belt, thermostat, wires/spark plugs, changed oil. It has a slow oil leak coming from the front passenger side of the engine, so I am planning to replace both cam seals, crank seal, and cam oring(s). It has a constant check engine light, it kicks the knock sensor code so I am planning to replace the knock sensor too. The battery terminals corrodes really fast, so I am planning on replacing the battery, battery cables and terminals as well. It seems to run great most of the time, but it sporadically will crank and not start (cranks fine, not slow or tired at all). I have tried disconnecting the battery and reconnecting the battery in case of a sensor issue, and tried jumping it in case of low battery issue. Tried flooring it to start it as well. Previously, when it decides not to start, it won't start at all, but if I try to start it the next day, it'll start immediately. Last night I was out and it wasn't starting so i had my boyfriend bang on the fuel tank in case of a fuel pump/fuel filter issues. A few minutes after the fuel tank banging, it's started fine. It also sporadically has trouble responding to me depressing the gas pedal. I'll depress the pedal a bit more to accelerate, and it'll almost seem to do nothing, until I depress it a lot more, then suddenly the rpms will jump and it will suddenly start to accelerate. It seems to have this issue more when I am driving up hills. Other times it will maintain speeds of 40+ for a bit with my foot off the gas ans without decelerating much. So I believe that replacing the fuel pump and filter will fix the starting problem, and the acceleration issue. I am hoping that the acceleration problem is not the transmission. Do my proposed repairs align with the issues I'm having? And is there any other maintenance that would be recommended on my car since it's got so many miles and an unknown maintenance history?