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Found 10 results

  1. As the title suggest i am curious about getting more power from my 89 Subaru Brat. I've been thinking about an ej swap but I'm in love with the ea 81 and would like to refrain from engine swapping. Any ways to pump some power from this little thing?
  2. I'm looking for the Chrome bed rails that go on a gen 1 brat. If you go to Portland Oregon on Craigslist and search Subaru Brat you'll see a black one that has a set on it.
  3. I've been tracing wires trying to figure out why the blower doesn't work, I checked the fuses and they were all good and then I took the blower motor out and hooked it up to the battery and it ran. There was a singe red wire with coupling and then a 3 wire coupling (similar to the 4 prong on a small trailer hook up) from that I trace the 3 green/red/black wires to coupling for the selector panel fan switch which had yellow wires coming out of it, it had one black wire clipped close to the panel side of the coupling, and one extra yellow wire with a coupling that had gone to the ac before being disconnected. the only question I have is I found the blue wire coming directly from the panel switch that went through the firewall into the engine compartment to some silver little small box with wires going into it. I didn't know if maybe you might have some input. Little silver box I'm talking about with the wires is to the left of the spare tire as you're facing the vehicle from the front with the hood up.
  4. I'm looking for the Chrome bed rails that go on a gen 1 brat. If you go to Portland Oregon on Craigslist and search Subaru Brat you'll see a black one that has a set on it.
  5. I am trying to get a 2" or 4" inch lift for my 1982 Subaru Brat GL 4WD but I can't find anywhere to get one and I don't want to do any modifications to the body if its possible. Another thing I'm in desperate need of is a passenger floorboard and both runners. The previous owners didn't take care of the trucks so I'm restoring them to their former glory and once again bring these Brats back to life. I got both for $800 total and once I saw the condition they were in I knew I had to get them and restore them. What I never expected was that my 1982 Subaru Brat would have the extremely rare "third eye" which you cant find anymore unless your lucky. Here's a picture of my Brats in the condition when I bought them but I haven't taken a recent photo of them cause I've been trying to restore them. I'm also posting a picture of my 82's "third eye" when I first discovered it.
  6. Grimly

    78' Brat

    Recently bought myself a project. A 78' Subaru Brat. I bought it for a very decent price for what I got. It needs a lot of work on the body, but it runs very well. The progress is going well and I plan on running it stock until I get the money to put parts into it. Future plan (after stock); an engine swap to an EE20 (boxer diesel) and air bag suspension so that I can bring it back up to stock height from a lowered stance (not tucked or cambered) I'm stuck on what color and after market rims to go with. I would stick with the stock rims but it's hard to find tires for 13' rims. Any suggestions?
  7. Hello, I thought I'd say hi since I'm brand new and intend to start posting. I've read a little bit on the forums here before, but have some specific questions about the costs and issues that arise from BRAT ownership so that I will know what I'm in for and so that I can pick out a good BRAT. I'm already pretty happy to see that there is a community for BRAT owners still thriving. -BP
  8. colbybrewer

    5 speed

    is there a 5 speed transmission you can hook up to an ea71 engine in a 1980 brat? if so what is the easiest way to go about getting it done?
  9. Post moved to Subaru Part/Stuff For Sale
  10. The Car: 1984 Subaru Brat EA81 Turbo - 5 speed D/R swap (3" body lift, increased tire size) ........................................................................... The issue: 1984 5-speed D/R Transmission has a small amount of play (side to side, up down movement) on both of the front splined-stubbed output shafts. on both (passenger and driver) sides of the Transmission. there is a noticable difference between the amount of lateral movement experienced in the front stub shafts (transmission) and the rear stub shafts (rear-differential). ...... i recently put in both new (not remanufactured) front CV-axle shafts, from O'reillys. (yes ive read all of your posts' about the low quality since acquisition). the axles went 200 miles and developed a significant amount of slop; to the point where i do not feel comfortable driving it. the inner CV axles (inner boot) on both front shafts are now quite sloppy. I popped out the pin and removed the Half shafts from the transmission splines (stub shaft) and found them to have some lateral (side to side) movement. I then compared this to a spare rear-differential i had in the shop and found the the transmission to have a noticable amount more slop than the rear-differential. ........................................................................... The Question: what is the correlation between the amount of slop on the stub shafts and its effect on the CV axles? vice versa? is it possible (or necessary) to tighten the stub shaft and remove the play? does an incorrect alignment increase the failure rate of CV axles? How can i get more life out of my half shafts? any other question and useful information on this topic?