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Found 5 results

  1. So I've got a 86 GL-10 4wd Turbo Wagon. A while back I was headed home from work and and the car just died. No noise what so ever. I just died. I got it home and checked some things out and I ended up pulling the timing covers off. The passenger side belt was just fine, but the every tooth on the drivers side belt had been chewed off. Both cams roll just fine as well as the crank. I rebuilt the motor from the heads up in may of 2016 so everything is fresh. I put a new Dayco timing kit on when rebuilding it so there shouldn't be any problems. It's an easy fix I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Any ideas on what could have happened?
  2. My wagon just dropped me at the side of the road, 2 days ago. Just stopped moving. It would crank, had lights, power, all systems seemed to be OK, but wouldn't restart. I assumed timing belts, as my '92 did what seemed to be the exact same thing to me in 1999, but something else is going on... Had a local (good) shop pick it up, and we both thought timing belts, but he told me he can't move the crankshaft. He also said one belt was off, but not broken. I am going over on Monday or Tuesday to look at it and find out more, but we're all confused a bit. I will need to try to determine if it is froze, or if something else is happening. This guy made a slight 'suggestion' that .."maybe I should consider replacing the engine", and I about freaked. We have no idea yet what is going on! Not time to consider a replacement! Any possible ideas welcomed. Questions going through my mind are: did the crank stopping cause the timing belt to slip off, or was belt loose and something else (dist) is causing problem... Not even sure what to start eliminating as source. Thanks much, LovemyGLWGN
  3. Hello fellow Soobers, thanks for reading. A couple weeks ago, the belt on the driver's side went, so I towed it home and swapped it out. (Cursing my air conditioner the entire time.) Bought the kit and replaced both belts and pulleys provided. I had help from an old timer with Soobs, and followed Milesfox's video on timing belts which was extremely helpful. It started right up and ran like a champ. The following week, however, it started to have a very hard time starting. Now it won't start. It tries, but won't turn over. Everything still lines up as it should, and the belts are still tight. I have since just started replacing things that have been an issue on other similar threads on this wonderful site, but realizing now that I am wasting my money fixing things that aren't broken. I have replaced the ignition coil, pcv valve, distributor cap, spark plugs and wires. I believe its a fuel problem. How to Keep Your Subaru Alive is a great book that helps, except for EFI topics.... Any leads would be very appreciative, thank you for your time.
  4. Hey guys (gals) I recently replaced my timing belts, tensioners etc. Everything was working fine until a couple weeks ago. The left hand side belt it sliding towards the engine. I replaced a tensioner and realigned the belt a few times and it just jumps back. Any idea's please ? I'm at a loss. Just tried to upload pictures. My files are too large and not sure how to reduce the file size. The timing belt started to cut into the plastic cover behind the cam wheel. It's maybe a 1mm or so over the edge and I don't think it's safe to drive.
  5. Last Weekend I Went in one of my Usual Trips, but went alone... ...and during it, we Got a 7.3 Degrees EarthQuake in Honduras! ... ... EarthQuakes are very Rare in Honduras, my Country is the Only One in Central America without Volcanos, To know More about that EarthQuake, click Here: ~► http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2009_Honduras_earthquake Many Many Roads got Severly Damaged; some Broken areas, Missing Bridges, Flooded zones, etc... Believe me: it is Horrible to Drive while the Road Shakes ... ... especially at Very Late Night times while Feeling Sleepy ... I Usually Drive at Very Late Nights, That's Why I Have the 5,000K dual beam H.I.D. Lights. Let me share a Photo to show you how some of the Roads Ended after said Earthquake: This is a Picture I Took Some Days After, the Yellow Painted Line was the Center -Middle- of the Road; part of the lane disappeared, Also some roadside Houses Went Rolling Downhill, literaly: So, Right After the EarthQuake Shaked it All (Even my Butts, Seated on my Subie), I Decided to Still continue driving... I Was driving alone in an Old two-way Road Within the Woods, at Around 2:30 AM in the middle of a typical Caribbean Downpour Night when the EarthQuake Suddenly Happened ... then I Felt Scary Like I Was in the Middle of Nowhere with dancing trees all around, So I Choose to continue Driving -But pretty Slowly- my beloved Subaru "BumbleBeast" because I Was Nearby -Around 20 Miles- of my Destination town. Some few Miles After that, I Had to Cross thru a newly formed Pond that had a Hidden -Under Muddy Waters- Break / Stones at Some Point ... Both were New Obstacles (Pond & Pavement Break / stones) Due to the EarthQuake... I drove in first gear as slow as I could, but suddenly, my Subie Fell and had a solid Impact Sound under the Driver's Front Wheel ... ... I Know that Maybe it was a truly Stupid Idea to Continue Driving after such Earthquake, But I didn't wanted to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, within the woods. Then, when I was almost Reaching the Town, My Subie Totally Lost the Brakes! ... ... somehow I Was Able to Drive like That because no one else was on the streets, I drove very Slowly and Parked it Outside Home, with the tires Turned to the Sidewalk. So, the Very Next Day I Checked Everything ... I Don't Know How it Happened, but some of the e-Brake Parts at the Caliper of the Driver's side Wheel, got Damaged; the Small arm that activates the Piston on the caliper, where the Cable goes attached, was Bent; Also All the Brake Fluid was Coming from the Rear of the Caliper's Piston, so the e-Brake's Bolt-Like Pin got bent and had a ripped O-Ring. I Just Removed the Parts, Straighten the Bent pin and used a New O-Ring to Seal the Leak: It Works as Long as I Don't attach the e-Brake Cable there Again ... ... because I tried to re-attach it and if Someone Pulls the e-Brake Handle, Everything Works Fine but the O-Ring will Break and Leak Again for sure! ... ... So, the e-Brake is no longer Working anymore, I left disconnected both Cables to avoid brake fluid leaks. I am Really Tired of that e-Brake System which has gave me many headaches and Now, after the Hit, it seems to be Damaged beyond any repair ... it Always have Been considered by me as one of the Worst Parts of My Subie, along the Timing Belts and the Factory Rear Shock Absorbers. I started another Whole Thread, only for the Front Calipers' Swap Questions. It is Here: ~► http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/98476-help-please-direct-front-brakes-swap/ Kind Regards.