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Found 7 results

  1. I am having some odd trouble with my brake light/blinkers/reverse lights and have searched this forum but haven’t found an answer to my exact problem. This is on a 1985 BRAT GL 4spd non-turbo EA81 car. The symptoms are as follows: -Press brake pedal- stop light lamp and RH turn indicator light up solid on dash. The taillights and stoplights do illuminate but the reverse lights do as well with the brake applied. -When I remove the RH tail/stoplight bulb- the conflict goes away and everything works as it should (with the exception of the bulb that was removed) -Also, when I turn on the emergency flashers, nothing happens. No lights on dash or on exterior and no clicking from the flasher module. -Both turn signals function normally when I move the blinker switch to either side (which leads me to believe that the flasher module is good). Could the flasher module still be faulty despite it working properly with the turn signals? Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. I have several factory parts for sale that have been removed from my 1985 Subaru GL Hatchback. Factory Carburetor complete with Air Cleaner, Filter, Hoses, etc. Both Front Turn Signal Assemblies that mount in the bumper Both Front Bumper Energy Absorbers Both Front Marker Light Assemblies Several Front Bumper brackets that hold parts to the bumper I have a set of factory white spoke wheels with good tires 13" I have the factory spare with original tire that mounts under the hood My email address is: LV2GOFST@yahoo.com Please contact me with any questions.
  3. Hi, this is regarding my fathers car, a 2005 Subaru Baja AT Turbo, about 110K miles. At one point, his passenger side turn signal lights came on and stayed on (solid, not flashing). They are on even when you take the keys out of the car. To be specific, it's the front and rear pass. side turn signal lights, and the front pass. side parking light (which is affected because it would normally flash along with the turn signals), so 3 lights. On the dash the pass. side turn signal indicator (the green arrow) is lit up and always on too. The Drivers side turn signal lights work fine, they flash normally. But, when you push the hazard switch in, the drivers side turn signal lights come on and stay on like the pass side. There is no relay click when you do this, only the click of the switch when you push it in. Using the drivers turn signals and the keyless entry unit, we were able to track down 3 modules that make clicking noises & cause lights to flash, two when you use the drivers side turn signals (one with a black plug under the drivers dash, mounted to the steering shaft, and a larger one, on the left side of the drivers side foot well up under the dash. It has a white plug). The third one is the keyless entry/security module, it's behind the glove box. We unplugged all three modules to no effect, the pass. side lights mentioned are still lit up solid. Is there another relay that we couldn't find (and if so, where is it?) or is there possibly a problem with the hazard switch? Thank You.
  4. 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback -Rear right turn signal light doesn't light up in turn signal or hazard mode -All other turn signal lights work fine in turn signal and hazard mode Because all the other turn signal lights work fine in both turn signal and hazard mode, I am thinking this must be an issue with the wiring or connector for just the right rear bulb. The bulb socket contacts appear clean. Any advice on how to find the problem? Should I start by replacing the light socket and connector for the bulb? Thanks!!
  5. I'm looking for help diagnosing the front turn signal lights on my '89 GL Wagon. Problem: Both the right and left turn signal lights are not working on the front of the car. Assumptions: 1. The rear turn signal lights are working. 2. The turn signal light bulbs in the front are working (not flashing) when the headlights are on and not indicating to turn. 3. The turn signal indicator is working on the instrument panel when indicating to turn. 4. The normal clicking sound is heard when indicating to turn. 5. All of the fuses are good. Thank you for considering the above. Your advice will be appreciated.
  6. So my turn signals aren't working. They don't even click. I tried replacing the 3 prong flasher relay, but they still don't work. The turn signal switch is kind of hanging down from the steering column. Any suggestions? Which wires should I be looking at?
  7. Hello, I have a question about my 2004 legacy wagon. Several months ago I started having trouble with my turn signals. When I clicked the switch the light would stay illuminated and not flash. This would happen about once or twice every month. Both sides were affected. Now, within the past 2 weeks my turn signals rarely work correctly. Sometimes I click the switch and the light is on constant, other times it doesn't light at all, still other times it flashes once or twice and then stops. The hazard switch does not work when the turn signal lights are not working. But, if the turn signals are working right then so are the hazards. Again, both sides are affected. Is this a turn signal/hazard relay issue? Or a hazard switch issue? I thought about the bulbs but it is both sides so that doesn't seem likely. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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