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Found 17 results

  1. I need to replace the front axles on my 85 BRAT. Do I need to remove the wheel bearing housings from the car?
  2. A video where I ask the question: Is this ok? Slop at rear axle, drum removed The bearing can slide in and out with very little pressure.
  3. One front wheel stud is broken off of my 1984 gl 4wd. Do I need to replace the whole plate?
  4. Throwing this out to the community for help. I'm looking to buy/borrow/copy the driver used to release the rear wheel bearings from an EA-series trailing arm. I've got two sets of wheel bearings that need changing and I'd REALLY prefer to not use a punch to break these guys free. Any leads you can provide will help.
  5. Just curious. I know MOMO and Grant had applications for Gens 1-3, but I've never seen or heard of an adapter from Nardi.
  6. Heya Folks! I've recently acquired a gorgeous 1993 Loyale, a delicious bucket of rust, that's probably been the best car I've ever purchased -- and my very first Subaru! The issues I can deal with and fix are numerous, I just replaced the axles myself, properly torquing the castle nut. Now I'm getting a squeaky / rattling sound coming from the front passenger wheel area. It happens most of the time, but always under acceleration and higher torque. I didn't notice it for a while until I drove through a forest, the trees helped the sound echo back into the car. I took my audio recorder so you guys can hear it. Though it seems like the sound goes away when I use the clutch (there is one instance of this in the recording), it does happen regardless of the clutch being depressed. I had a look and noticed that the caliper piston boot is a little rough, and the brakes drag a little (a little humming noise) when I make a left going over 35 mph. Otherwise, everything seems "okay." ZOOM0013.MP3A Any ideas? Thanks for your thoughts!
  7. My daughter is driving a 2002 Outback (277k), and lives in a small Colorado mountain town with dirt roads. On a trip to Denver in July they noticed noise and thumping, and discovered 2 lug nuts gone from one wheel, and a couple loose on another wheel. Today she called because on one rear wheel she found loose lug nuts twice in 3 days - 2 to 3 lug nuts each time. It is obviously dangerous. First question - anybody run into this before? This is our 6th Subaru (I bought it before our daughter got it) and I have not seen this as a recurring problem. Second question - what is the proper way to tighten the lug nuts? She has a T shaped lug wrench, but not a torque wrench. Can the car be sitting full weight on the ground while tightening ? When working on cars, I usually tighten them with just enough weight on the tire to keep it from spinning around (using a jack or hoist). It is possible some vandal is doing this, but that is unlikely for a small town school teacher -- but you never know. Thanks people, look forward to your ideas. Craig
  8. Hey all, just recently joined this forum. My name is Matt and i recently purchased a 2010 Legacy 2.5i Premium and i've slowly been molding it into a vehicle i'm proud to show off. With that said, my next priority is a new set of shoes and some coilovers to close that horrendous wheel well gap we have. I've been poking around online and my head is about to explode with all of the (mis)information and opinions regarding wheel/tire size for these cars. I'll make my question simple... I want to run 18" wheels, simple enough, but I can't seem to find a straight answer on what exactly will fit without major modification. If I go 18, what width and offset do I need to shoot for, and what tire dimensions would work best with said wheel (not interested in the stretched look)? And to answer the question if my suspension is or will be modified, yes, i'd like to go with coilovers and lower it an inch or two, so that should be taken into account. Suggestions welcome for brand/model as well. Thanks for any input you folks have!
  9. Anyone change Wheel Diameter Rim width - then mount taller/ narrow Radials ?
  10. I get a pretty noticeable whirring noise from the rear of my car, trying to figure out if it's wheel bearings, crap tires, or just 20 year old subaru noises. What should I be looking for? Gas mileage is bad, but that's probably because I have to redline to stay with other cars
  11. I have an EA81 hardtop coupe that is fwd, and my front wheels are shot, as well as having bald tires. I have a pair of 5 lug wheels just sitting around, so i was wondering if it was possible to convert the rear to a 5 lug. It has drum brakes in the rear. Plus, I think that it would be pretty sweet.
  12. 1991 Loyale White. Thinking about not going white on the 13 inch jackman wheels. Apologies for the stolen picture: I like this color match. Suggestions welcomed.
  13. so i have a 1985 subaru GL hatchback, and the clutch blew. due to the variety of setups subaru made for that era, i have no idea which clutch to buy.its a ea81 with a 5 speed front wheel drive transmission
  14. Well my rear wheel bearing has spoob the bed on me today and I was wondering if I could get some tips on how to go about removing it, installing it, tools needed and what brand of bearing is the best to get. Thanks! -Lukas
  15. I'm driving my 2013 Subaru Outback up an 8 mile dirt road to the top of a mountain where I live. I do this pretty much twice a day, to and from work to go up and down the mountain to the pavement and on another 40-50 miles to work and back. I've got Continental tires now and have had them for about one year (bought my Outback in 2012), moved up here to the Ozarks and have been driving like the above said for a year. I've got about 23k miles on the outback now, and it seems that the treads are now going and I'm getting a hole every other week from rocks etc. What with this being the case I have now been looking into getting some better tires, however am running into the difficulty of finding a good off roading tire that is in a smaller ply. I'm told all I can go to is a 5ply. I have no idea where to start, what the recommended brands are or who has the best pricing on the. Moseyed to this forum for your guys' help. Please give me some suggestions. The tire size on the car currently is 1225/60 R 17 98T. Really what I am looking to find is a good tire that I can keep longer than 20k miles. Again Please Help!
  16. I've got a 2001 Outback 2.5L with 186,000 miles. About a year ago I replaced the front passenger side brake caliper after it froze up. A couple weeks ago the same caliper froze up while I was on the freeway. I drove a few miles to an exit with the steering wheel vibrating hard and towed it home. After replacing the caliper again I get a heavy grinding that is consistent with the rotation of the wheel. It sound like grinding brakes but real loud. Here are the steps I have taken before getting stuck: -checked brake lines, all look good -checked brake fluid, bled out all air, it looks clean and fine -installed new caliper -new brake pads on front brakes (old pads on passenger side had worn at a slight angle not parallel to back of pad) -had the rotor turned at local auto parts store I'm definately no mechanic but try DIY as much as possible. I was thinking it could be a bearing or bad axle but not sure. Any help on troubleshooting and how to fix would really be appreciated. I cant really afford to pay a mechanic
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