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Found 9 results

  1. Does anybody have advice or tips on removing the sliding rear window of a Brat? Any and all suggestions are appreciated.
  2. I have a new 2015 Legacy (premium Trim). So far I am pretty satisfied with the way it handles. Actually pretty decent for a 2.5 not turbocharged. (I had a Mazdaspeed 6 that I traded in for the legacy) Too many tickets. I like the AWD and it has the comfort and room I was looking for. So far so good. BUT... I do have one issue right now. When it rains or I wash it, both the driver and passenger front door to window seals leak. I don't know about the rear doors. Became so frustrated with the front I didn't Investigate any further. I took it to the dealer and was told all is normal and that weep holes are in bottom of door to allow water to escape. But honestly, when water gets on the window, you can hear it drop down into the door as if I left a faucet not completely turned off with a very fast and excessive (in my opinion) amount of dripping. I understand some water may get down in the door and that is the reason for the "weep holes" but I never had this issue with any other vehicle I owned. I am concerned that whatever water does not escape will eventually cause problems. Sorry this is sooooo long. Does anyone out there know if this is normal and if so is it a design flaw and is there a possible fix..... Thanks In Advance
  3. so the other day when i went to park my 97 Legacy wagon, and put all the windows up, the Right Rear window would not go up straight. I've taken the door panel off to investigate what broke, and i found that one of the little plastic bushings where the window regulator arm snaps into and slides in the rail bolted to the bottom of the glass had broken in half, and so only one of the two regulator arms is actually attached to the glass. my question is, is this bushing available separately anywhere, or am i forced to just replace the entire regulator? a regulator is not too expensive, but two little plastic bushings have to be even cheaper, right?
  4. Driver's side power window glass is loose. The panel comes off easily enough, and I can access the track but I can't get the glass to line back up for a snug fit and stay there. Any ideas are appreciated.
  5. Vandals smashed my drivers side...front window out on Easter Sunday! Looking for replacement window....mounted with tracks and rails..not just the glass. Does anyone have spare window interested in Selling? I am in Cincinnati, Oho.
  6. So, here is the situation: My drivers side door was pulled from a car with power windows/locks, but my Loyale has manual windows and locks. The window obviously doesnt work, and I want to fix that.. Even if it is a "jimmy rig." I will shell out a few bucks for a manual door if i cant figure out something good. Bear with me here because I know jack squat about electronics/wiring. I want to know, is there a way to wire the window switch up to my battery? The back of the switch is a mess, it has 5 or 6 posts with a wire running to another switch, and some 10 ohm resistors(i think) running between posts. I was thinking it would be a bit more simple. Any way to just power the window motor itself? i dont really see how i could control up/down that way though. Secondly, can i just go pull a few things off of a door at pick n pull, such as the manual handle, and whatever else i need? I am starting to feel dumb here but i'm a bit stumped and its getting awfully warm out to have a stuck window. I wanna feel the breeze this summer. If i should post pics, let me know. Your help is greatly appreciated, if you have ever dealt with something like this before. An idea is an idea so throw em out there if you got em, fellas! - Walker
  7. So I have a 1983 Brat that I have had a ton of work done on. It finally doesn't leak oil and it runs great. The EA81 in it only has a little over 150,000 miles on it, but all of the ports that have anything to do with the ERG system (or any other emissions control system) have been plugged with bolts and welded shut. The previous owner did all of that. I don't know if that has any relevance, but anytime the windows are down you can smell exhaust (at least I think it's exhaust) really really strongly. I can be going 70-80 mph on the freeway, but if the windows are down I can still smell exhaust. What could be causing this? Surely, although it is an old car, not all old cars smelled like this. Is there an exhaust leak somewhere between the outtake and the muffler?
  8. I need a drivers side window for my 1980 Subaru brat, can't find one anywhere. any help?
  9. I need the plastic piece that is just next to the passenger window which is circled in red in my profile pic to the left. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Can anyone sell this to me?!?!?!?!
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