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Wheelin the 4Runner today :)

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Took it out in celebration of the new doors. Went to the local ORV park and played around for a couple hours. Had a buddy of mine tag along so he could take pix & footage.


here are the pix:





The rest of the pictures can be seen here:



I also put together a new video, using all the footage I have of my 4Runner... there's footage taken from today in there too. You can check that out here:


Had a blast, think I'll do it again next weekend :grin:

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Dude, awesome 4runner!! I have a 2005 tacoma i wheel in a lot! That thing is GORGEOUS


I saw a really rad 80's 4runner the other day that looked like it just came out of the factory.. i couldnt get my cellphone camera ready in time :( but it was amazing..!

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