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1994 Subaru Loyale

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I have a 1994 Loyale wagon and the oil pump is getting ready to go. I can get the part for aut 160.00 and try to change it myself but have never done it. Can anyone give me a tutorial on doing this? A mechanic wants 700.00 to do it but I cant afford that. I really need some help on this. Thanks in advance

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what do you mean "Your oil pump is getting ready to go"? let's start by figuring out what the problem is, it is rare to need a new oil pump.


how about just resealing it - it's $20 for the gasket, one oring and a seal.


as for replacing the oil pump, it's not that bad.


1. remove power steering/alt and other belts and clutch pulley on water pump (if equipped).

2. remove fans and radiator for your first attempt at this.

3. remove oil dipstick tube.

4. remove crank pulley (22mm socket, VERY TIGHT - you'll need air tools or a breaker bar or a 3 foot pipe to put over the end of your socket handle - or use the starter trick).

5. remove timing covers (and throw them away!!!! i don't reinstall them).

6. remove timing belts

7. remove 5 10mm oil pump bolts.

go backwards.

make sure crank pulley is REALLY tight.


over on the subaruxt.com forum we have hte actual Subaru FSM (Factory Service Manual) that details every single step and has pictures too. you should down load that and read through the oil pump replacement section. the 4 cylinder Subaru XT has the same engine as your loyale. THere are a few minor differences, none of which you'll see doing hte timing belt and oil pump. all of that is identical.

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