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99 legacy GT motor swap?

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I need to swap out my 2.5 5-sp. with a 2.2 auto motor. wondering if i can use the same ecu, flywheel, exhaust ect... anything else i should consider or be prepared for? I guess i'm wondering if this is a pretty straight swap? and where can i find out how to read the 2.2 engine code to see what year it's out of. it's (584116583045) Thanks for everything!

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Use the search function.


Common swap.



As far as the year of the donor engine. As long as it has EGR you need to look at the exhaust to see if it's a 95 (dual port - like your 2.5) or later with a single port exhaust. If it's a single you'll need the matching Ypipe.


Other than that is basically whether the 2.2 is interference and sometimes plumbing for vacuum lines. I put itming belts, etc on them before installation.


But you may want to update your location with something useful. There may be a helpful member near you who has already done this.


But lots and lots here using the search about this.

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Thanks for the info, does anyone know how to find out what year a motor is by the numbers on it? Is there a chart or search somewhere? thanks again

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