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1977 Subaru 1600 Trunk Seals

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Not sure you will be able to source trunk seals anywhere. I wonder if the 'glue in' seal used for Datsuns would work? This seems to be freely available but I have not had the opportunity to compare the seals.

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Another item on our list to consider for batch production.


I should have one in NOS form but its for my '74 sedan and its there to make a copy of if needed.


One of our board members should be taking receipt of a large NOS load - yes that one in VA - and hopefully he is willing to let some of those items go. I'm going to guess that there's seals in that lot. I spoke with the seller and from my conversation I think that lot has a good amount of items NOT NORMALLY SEEN in the typical "former dealer stock". Infact I know this from the conversation but I hope it included rubber items like door seals and trunk gaskets.

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