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Quick Question on the torque grind on a EJ18..


I will be towing a small homemade teardrop camper weighing in @ 1000 lbs. Im sure the torque cam will fatten up the bottom end grunt wise but will it drastically affect top end when Im not towing? I dont want to run out of "breath" when Im humming along the NJ Turnpike unladen..And would this show any MPG improvement if I kept my foot out of it?



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If anyone is looking for 2.5 DOHC cams for cores to keep their downtime down PM me. At this time I have 5 sets - mostly from 97's one from 96.


I'll have atleast one set of 2.2's too unless I sell the heads fully loaded.


Fully loaded 96 & 97 2.5 heads available too.

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Have a set of 200 grind in the 96 and have been happy with them for the most part. They make a bit of noise but not so much that I care to pull the lifters out and add more shims.

Made a big difference in the bottom end when I had them in my auto trans legacy wagon. Can't tell so much now they're paired up with a manual trans, but I'm sure I would notice a difference if I took them out.


A recent thread showed some interesting duno results for a Frankenstein motor (25d block 22e heads) and I'm wondering which is the better cam for that setup?


Also interested to see lift and duration specs for 200, 220, and other cam offerings for the EJ non-turbo engines, if possible.

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Soon to be a torque grind EA81 for me.

Just have to wait for pricing and some more data to crunch on my rebuild.

Quick question, what's the lift/duration for the EA81 torque cam vs stock?




PS: DeltaCam has e-mail ;)

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