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The LADM (Latin American Domestic Market) Receives different Kias than the USDM, also some are the same models but with diferent engine options.


In example, After the Kia 303 (a Mazda 808 made by Kia) They imported here the Kia Capital.


When the Capital was discontinued, Kia imported here the First Gen Kia Sephia, in 1992, which was somehow Based on the Mazda 323 / Ford Escort of that era.



The First Gen Kia Sephia Looks like this one:






the Sephia Leo (Hatchback):






I remember I Saw a convertible Version of the First gen Sephia in a Magazine, and I searched for it on the Net 'till I found some pictures, which I want to share here, look carefully: It looks more Ford Escort Alike, specially its rear Lights and metal sheet design:



1995 Kia Sephia Cabrio (Magazine Scan):






A couple of Photos from a 1995 Auto Show of The Kia Sephia Cabrio:








Does Look more Ford Escort alike, isn't it?

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The Second Gen Kia Sephia, introduced in 1997, was still based on the Ford Escort / Mazda 323 of its era.



Here you can see my Wife's "KiaStein" which is a Second Gen Sephia:






And here you can see the "KiaStein" Parked behind a 1997 Mazda 323 / Protegé that has almost the same Body design than the Sephia, even the Mirrors, the Rear door's li'l triangle, etc... Certain parts are interchangeable:






It came with the New T8D engine, which originally was developed for the Kia Elan:



See the Wikipedia info Below:


Read ~► Here.






But for the Latin American Markets, the 1.8L T8D engine was Optional, the Second Gen Sephia came "Standard" with a 1.6L engine.

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I Know that for the USDM and other Markets, there was No Third Gen Kia Sephia, (the car was named: "Spectra") but the Sephia name continued in the Market for Latin America.



The first Spectras came here Still named as Sephia:






Then came the "Sephia II":









Still the 1.6L engine was the "Standard" while the 1.8L was "Optional".

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Not only Subaru used an Acronym for the BRAT name, also Kia did that with the SEPHIA name.


The name "Sephia" is an acronym of these words:









Look ~► Here, For further information.


Kind Regards.

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Sometimes one car Maker, uses the Model Designation from other Car Maker in Different Markets, you Know: The Model Name belongs to the First one who registers it.


Usually you won't see two car brands sharing the same model designation in USA, but here in Latin America, you can see together the Hyundai Matrix and the Toyota Matrix, The Ford Skorpio and the Mahindra Skorpio, The Pontiac Fiero and the Nissan Fiero.


According to our Local Laws, the Brand itself is like a Family Name, while the Model Name is like a Given Name... so to share Model Names is not a Legal problem here.




So you can see here, the Kia

Delta and the Daihatsu Delta and the Lancia Delta ... :) ...


Also The Nissan Frontier and the Kia Frontier ...






... together.



Underlined words are Web Links :)


Kind Regards.

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The Subaru "Legacy" Had to be Renamed as Subaru "Liberty" for the Australian Market...


They had another Brand's Legacy registered there.


Some unknown Korean Cars has been somehow an "Inspiration" for other Cars,


in example, the 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe:









Does Look like the DeLorean, isn't it?









Looks Nice, next to the Bricklin:




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One of the First modifications I did to the "KiaStein" is related to the annoying chime alarm it had, that sounded somehow like a Digitalized: "... Peeeng, Peeeng..." sound, if you open the Doors with the engine off and the keys were still in the ignition.


My baby daughter was almost newborn when we purchased the Kia Sephia and usually she falls asleep inside the running car, listening precious Lullabies from the Sephia's stereo.


Sometimes I drove the Kia and my wife was in the back seat with my Sleeping baby, listening Lullabies when we reached home, as the car is inside the Garage, I need to shut off the engine and go inside the House for a While, to prepare the crib, while my wife & baby stays inside the car listening Lullabies, but as soon as I opened the Door, the annoying "... Peeeng, Peeeng..." sound scared my Baby and then she couldn't sleep for some hours... us neither...


I really needed to get rid of that annoying alarm sound while keeping the Alarm because is useful.


So I Found a Way to transform that loud "Sound" alarm, onto a Silent "Visual" alarm.:cool:

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First I searched for the annoying loud sound's source and reached a rectangular, vertical plastic Box, hidden under the Drivers' Side Dashboard, next to the Left foot's rest; it has the alarm's electronics.






The Modification is very Simple, using my Soldering Gun, I was able to remove the Little Speaker from that Box, and weld there a couple of Wires instead:






Then I opened a small Hole in the said Box's Back, to pass that wires and get them Out; the wires has a security knot inside the Box, so if the wires get pulled hard, they don't damage the electronic Board.




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I Removed the Driver's Side front pillar cover from the inside, and with my soldering gun, I melted a tiny Hole nearby its Base, then with a small knive, I made that Hole large enough to fit there a Socket for a T-10 Light Bulb. (The ones that are used to illuminate the Rear Licence Plate, Instrument Clusters, etc...)


Here you can see the Bulb's Socket in its Place, the Hole I opened was a Tight fit:






Here you can see a tiny clamp placed in the socket's back,


Maybe isn't needed But that way it is more than enough


to Fix and maintain the Socket in its Place,


even if you pull it to change the Bulb:






The Electronic Chime's Box is in its Place,


the New outgoin' Wire is routed inside the Pillar,


behind the Dashboard, it runs completely freely.



Then I used my Soldering Gun again to Weld the said Wires to the Socket:






I used more than enough Electric Isolatin' Tape and


Placed the Pillar's Plastic cover again in its Place. :)

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The Following Animated Picture, shows how the "Visual" Alarm works now:






Quiet... & Still Noticeable :cool:


Much Better than the Annoying: "...Peeeng, Peeeng..." Digital chime.


(Depending on your Web Browser and Video card combo, the animation could be seen Faster or Slower than the Real being, which Glows at the same Speed it was Sounding: The Sound is electricity in the Wires)



Let me Know what do you Think about this Mod.


Kind Regards.

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Well... I am somehow a fanatic of the L.E.D. lights (Light emitting diodes) that is why I placed a Blue LED T-10 Bulb there, but it can be placed a Standard T-10 Bulb, or any other colour LED bulb.


I also changed the Brake's Third light, from a single 1156 bulb, to an Ten Powerful LEDs :)


First I obtained a new, aftermarket Third Brake light that came already with those Ten LEDs.



Here you can see together Both Third brake Lights:






Then, I Disassembled the Ten LEDs' Panel from it:






This is how it Looks Like, from Behind:




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Then, I removed the Red lens and the 1156 Bulb from the Origial Kia third brake Light, and tested the whole Led Panel there to find out if it could fit there instead the said lens and bulb:





And yes, it Does fit there!






It only needs the original screws between the Front and the Rear part of the Kia's third light,


to hold the New LEDs Panel in place...






...it doesn't fit perfectly, but it sees perfect from the Rear car's driver view.




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Well... seems like nobody cares about this thread, but I will continue updating it, Hoping that this Ideas and Modifications could be Helpful for other Kia Sephia (Gen II) Owners, and many of those Ideas and Mods might apply to other cars aswell.


Kind regards.

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I don't think it's that no one cares about this thread, I for one come in here quite often, just to read about the project, and all the DIY stuff you do. I'm sure others are doing the same and just not posting. Great work!

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Indeed! Lol, it is hard to comment on this thread, because JesZek covers everything in such detail, there isn't anything to comment on (Other than, Good work!) :clap:


I like how you swapped that 3rd brake light, I might do the same on the Loyale.

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Thank you both for you Kind Words, which are very appreciated! icon14.gif


Well... Now I Believe that it the same thing happening on my "BumbleBeast" Thread... almost nobody posts any comment there too.


Kind Regards.

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...I like how you swapped that 3rd brake light, I might do the same on the Loyale.


Thank you! ... My Loyale didn't came with a third light, but I installed one, a thin but Long Red LED's on the Upper part of the Rear Gate.

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Despite that the Kia Sephia's User Manual says...





...that I Shall pour 10W~30 Motor Oil, and the USA Kia sites says the Same,


the Local Kia Dealer said to me that I Shall Pour 15W~40 Oil on the T8D engine,


they said that it is something related to our warm climate...




So, searchin' online, I Found an official Kia's .pdf file (It is ~► Here)


about the Motor Oil to be Used in their Worldwide Lineup, and it says that...







...Both Numbers could be Used, depending on Climate.


I Use 15W~40 Motor Oil on my Wife's KiaStein...

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This Weekend, after a Tune up (that includes brand new air & gas filters) of my Wife's "KiaStein" I went with my Family on a Weekend trip to the Aurora Mountain Park.



The Car does Perform Flawlessly without Both Catalytic Converters and Without Thermostat, that is the Reason it runs Cool but doesn't throw any Codes, nor the CEL. (Check Engine Light is off) as you can see in the Followin' Picture:






Here you can see Photos of the Road to that Mountain Park:









Could you Read the Signs?






A Local "Dippsa" Roadside Gas Station:






At the Gas Station's Parking:







Aurora Mountain Park is Beautiful with a Very large extension, includes a Zoo, Race tracks for Bicicles and R/C Cars, Pools, a River with Kayaks... etc... they even made a small Lagoon with harbour and small ships to rent, but also you can rent Horses, etc...






I made a Short Video of that weekend's Trip, Click on the Following Link to see it:






And Lots of Pictures, ~► Here.


Let me Know what do you Think about it.


Kind Regards :)

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There is a Fact: The Second Gen (1998~2001) Kia Sephia (Like my Wife's Model) has Weak Brakes and Suffers from Premature front Brake Wear. I Noticed the Weak Brakes since the car Came.


I investigated further on the Subject on internet and I Found that the Problem was so generalized that it ended in the Court, with Lawsuits against Kia, in some cities of USA.


I'm Lawyer, so I spent Hours and Hours Reading Documentation online, Such Like the Following:

(Each one is a clickable a Link to a Website)


"Judge Certifies Class Action Suit for Kia Sephia Owners"




"New Jersey's Court Desicions in the Subject"



Could you Believe that there are some Websites entirely dedicated to that issue?


"Facebook Page for the Sephia's Defective Brakes"




Well, some of the Lawsuits says: (Source: http://www.lemonlaw.com/kia.html)


Consumers Suffer Brake Defects in 1998, 1999, 2000 Kia Sephias; Class Action Suits Filed in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, More than 166,000 Automobiles Could Be Affected


So, the Problem is a Fact that I Needed to Solve ASAP, but after Weeks Reading many Documents, No one found the Answer of "Why" that Happens and "How" to fix that, they only talk about the weakness of the Brakes and the Front rotors Warp plus premature wear.

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But after some Brake Jobs, I Disassembled all the parts involved and double checked each part, then carefully inspected everything... also I went three times to Talk with the Local Kia Dealer's Master Mechanic, to gather info related to that issue and how they and / or Kia Motors fixed that.


So, after many research, I Found the Culprit and the Solution. :brow:

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