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So instead of Doin' an OverHaul...




...I did a Crazy Engine Swap! :D

I Obtained another T8D engine but Third Generation (From the late '03 Kia Spectra, my Wife's Sephia had a second Gen T8D engine)

I Only Purchased the Block along with the Head (Long Block) Assembled as it came from Factory, in other Words: my Wallet wasn't enough big to purchase the Complete engine from the Junk Yard, so the people at the Junk Yard did Taken off some Parts from the Engine. 


Parts Removed in order to Lower the Price:

  • Intake Manifold complete.
  • Exhaust manifold Complete
  • Flywheel.
  • Front main Pulley
  • Engine Mounts, except the one in front of the Timin' Belt Cover. (The old one was Damaged)
  • All the E.F.i. Stuff, including ignition Coils, etc


My Wife's Sephia still Ran with its original engine (Blowin' a Cloud of Smoke) and I Went to Purchase the New engine Driving it.


The New (to me) engine was Pretty Clean, came from a Spectra with 67,000 Miles; the car was in a Huge rear Crash and the engine was inmaculate, even its oil was Clear.

Since it came without intake nor exhaust manifolds, Flywheel, etc... I wanted to Use the ones from the old engine on the New; that way I will be Able to Run the New Engine with the EFi  and OBD-II Computer from the Old one... and the Swap becomes Cheaper! ;)

Then, someone at the Kia Forums told me that it Won't Work at all due to the Different Design...

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The Moderator and Kia Technician at the Kia Forums, told me This:


THe manifold are the difference, you cannot use yours on an 03 motor. Port sizes are different. And your efi stuff is going to be different.


here: http://www.kia-forums.com/kia-sephia-forum/66054-engine-interchangeability.html#post345792

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I've Worked a whole Week during Night time to do the Swap...


  • First Night I Removed the Sephia's Old & Worn T8D Engine.
  • Then with Both engines Lyin' on the Floor, I Swapped intake Manyfolds.*

  • Then the Other Parts.
  • Brand New "Denso" U-Groove Sparkplugs.

  • Brand New "Motul" SAE 15W~40 Oil & Luber-Finer Filter.

  • Placed the New (to me) Spectra's T8D Engine on the Sephia's Bay.

  • New "ShellZone" Coolant.

  • ...and That's it!





The Spectra Engine Fired Right on the First Key Turn and Purred like a Kitten!!!





*So, 1fastkia was Right about the Port Differences: the Port Shapes are Different, let me Explain: The Sephia'a T8D engine Ports are Oval while the Spectras T8D Engine's Ports are Squarier and bigger, But the intake Manyfold of the Sephia Cover Perfectly the ports on the Spectra Engine: I've Just "Been There, Done That" So I Used my Sephia's old Engine Stuff on the Spectra engine and Worked 100% Well!


Kind Regards.

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Here Both engines together,
the Spectra's one is Inside the Car,
while the Old sephia's one is Lying on the Floor:


I had to use the Sephia's engine Valve Cover,
because the Spectra's engine came without the Oil filler Cap,
and the Older one does Not match the New one.

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  • 1 month later...


..the starters act up sometimes too

My Wife's Kia just started to have this issue: Sometimes you Turn the Key and Nothing happens, until the third try or by letting the Key in Start Position some seconds.

Sounds to me like I Will remove the Starter for service soon...








I Found a GPS + GSM Vehicle Tracking & Disabling device Hiding on my Wife's "KiaStein"



That was the Culprit of the Delays on Starting.



Please read further info & Photos of the Device in This Thread:



~► http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/131888-my-wifes-car-has-been-monitored-with-gps-without-our-permission/



Kind Regards.

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The New -To Me- 2003 Spectra's T8D engine works Flawlessly, Strong and Smooth as Silk on the 2000 Sephia; my Wife and I are more than Satisfied with the Overall car Performance, which now has been named: the "KiaStein"  



I Sent the Radiator to a Local Radiator shop in order to change its Old Plastic Tanks for a New metallic ones. Those are Made from Aluminium:



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...I Found something Weird: ... an empty Box, which I Assume is some Sort of Squared "Catch Can" Box ... had a Vertical Rectangular Hole in one Side, around one inch Wide and as Tall as the Box itself... So the Engine was Breathing directly "Fresh Air" Right from the Atmosphere, bypassing any Filter and increasing intake's Air Flow.


Gotta Love those Easy Fixes: I Just Closed it with Black Electric Tape and I Drove the Car Today... and the "Check Engine Light" (CEL) is Gone by itself!!! :banana:


...it sounds similar to the resonance chambers on Ford Probes and Mazda 626's ... the resonance chamber adds 2-3 lbs of torue around 2-3k. Removing it causes you to lose that extra torque, but gain it back as horsepower in the top end...


The Electrical tape held there for enough time...



So I Obtained a Good Resonance Chamber at a Local Junk Yard and swapped it:







Also Cleaned all the Air Filter Chambers and Hoses...







...plus installed a Brand New Air Filter. "Made in Polland" :eek:

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When I Swapped the Engine on my Wife's Kia Sephia, I took the opportunity to change the engine & Automatic Transmission mounts Nº 1 and Nº 2 from the Four it has:



Here you can see the Brand new Sparkplugs I installed on the Fresh engine: Nippon-Denso's U-Groove.

Yes, I broke the Chair too...

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...Does Anybody Know Where I Could Obtain a New Faceplate for the Stereo? ... The Original one is Missing...


Pull the stereo out. There should be a model # on the back of it. ...


I Removed the Stereo (That Came Without its Faceplate) from the Sephia's Dashboard...


The Stereo CD Receiver unit is: JVC model KD-S640






It Came with a CD inside! ... :eek: ... Named: "Dj Infamous: Young Dro & Young LA – Black Boy, White Boy"


That Stereo Unit says "Made July 1999" and that makes me Think that it should be a Better Idea to install a New Unit there, because it is a Decade Old Stereo and maybe Don't Worth the Effort to obtain a New Faceplate... also Maybe it is Damaged too.


So I Obtained a Brand New Stereo. :D

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Which I Really Like because it not only is Powerful and extremly Easy to Use:






it also has Shortwave bands, such as SW1 and SW2, Useful for Real Long Trips, Basically is the Same Stereo I installed on my BumbleBeast Subaru, but that one is Light Grey with Colour Display. (this one is Black with White Display)


Easy to use MP3 and WMA CD's

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  • 5 months later...
Anymore updates on the Sephia? I liked the Audio install, Sony and Pioneer are always the brands I choose.


Well... actually I've done Many works and Upgrades to the Sephia, but I stopped writing here because I thought nobody cared...


So Thank you for Asking... :)...Now I'll Finish to show here how the Stereo install ended.


Kind Regards.

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So, I Pulled all the Stereo Wires from Behind the Dashboard and Started to Work in order to Stablish which wire Belongs to Which Speaker, Positive (+) and Negative (-)






My Best "underestimated" Tool is a 110V "Natural Colour" (5000K)


L.E.D. Bulb with Protective polycarbonate "Ball" Covering, Shown in the Picture,


and in this Closer Picture:




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Prior to all That, I Went to one of our Local "Junk Yards" (Called here Yonkers) and obtained a Good Male / Female Plug with enough Wires for the install, that Plug Does have a Security "Lock" that Holds each part together.


I Obtained it from Behind the Dashboard of a Isuzu Car, it was designed for its Dashboard instrument panel, so it has very good Wires, including Thicker ones that I Used for Power imput.


Then, Removed all the Car's Speakers and let open the Wires for Each one.


I Cutted and Removed the Old Stereo's attached Plug, one by one Wire, Then I Used a Voltmeter / Tester to Find out which Wire Belongs to Which Speaker and its Polarity. Using the Tester on both Sides: the Dashboard end and the Speaker End to find out.


Then I Used the Black Marker and a Blanc Paper to Write the Results...

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