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Swapping out AT to MT...who has done it?

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(I've used the search function...perhaps I just didn't use the right terms...I can't find any threads about doing this in a newer car.)


I'm interested in swapping out the auto tranny in my 2000 Outback in favor of a 5-speed. Can anyone who's done this give me any insight on how difficult this project is, and any steps that might be overlooked by someone who hasn't done it yet? I don't know how much wiring (speed sensors, warning lights, etc) there is. And I don't know how hard it is to install the tranny-to-interior pieces (pedals, shifter, etc).



Anyone have experience?

Thanks, guys.

- Tyler

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easiest way is to get a complete donor car (wrecked, missing engine, etc), it's usually really easy to do that cheap...same way you probably got the bad auto trans car?


piecing together something like this gets annoying when you start finishing off details like hoses, cables, clips, trim, bolts, screws, springs, etc.


it's a fair amount of work, i find removing the pedal assemblies quite annoying do yourself a favor and pull the steering column out of the way.


manual trans may have different final drive so make sure you get the rear diff if it is.


you'll need to decide if you want a hydraulic clutch or cable clutch as subaru had both in the EJ stuff.

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pedal box

clutch stuff (cable, or master cylinder, etc.)

driveshaft is a different length

rear diff




interior bits



it's not too bad. I've done it on GC imprezas a couple times. one time we pieced it together. definitely do-able.

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