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my first post

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i dont have a vanagon but a bug with a 91 2.2.it has been alot of fun till now.i got the conversion done in march last year,took it to burningman and al over the place.fun fun.it doesnt run well at the moment.its running rich.very rich.sucks about a half gall in about two minuts.so im here to find the problem.

i built my own harness,soldered every splice and shrink wraped.ran good for

6000 miles.been checking all the sensors.anywayz here to find more info

cool site. heres my bug


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no not yet but i hear about it all the time haha.

i'm in love with his xt6, its awesome.. he needs to get it back on the road!


i can't remember your name even though i've heard it from him 20 million times..

I'm Kelsey, i met you at his birthday party a few years ago.

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