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erik litchy

Vise for shop

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never seen or used one (obviously)


But RAD!!!!


I'm gonna have to upgrade...i can think of a million reasons why and 0 reason not to...


that thing looks handy dandy



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I prefer a rotating vise.... (if I can only have one)




More versatile IMO. Does the same thing as the offset if you build the right jaws for it..... and so much more!


I particulaly am partial to the "V" jaw on the side opposite the standard flat jaws - perfect for holding small round objects.


BTW - a "Vise" is the tool. A "Vice" is generally a term used for a bad habit or immoral practice..... :)



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That's an interesting looking vise. Looks like it could be handy if it's well made. Doesn't look like you can grab round things efficiently despite what that picture shows however and the ability to grab round things is pretty key I think.


I like the rotating vises that GD mentioned, but if you get one don't skimp. The cheap ones are not worth the steel their made out of. They basically won't tighten enough to prevent rotating whenever you're really putting some rump roast on something, super frustrating.



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Cheap vises will never keep their strength and usually the jaws wont hold your material tight enough.


I have a cheap one at home, and i worked with real nice ones at work. They were cleaning shop at work one day, and I was able to come home with a spare Vise... still havent mounted it, but even unmounted its still a better vise to use than my cheap one mounted to my workbench.


The one pictured is real nifty. It would probably do 99% of what a rotating vise will do.

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