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Celebrating the first 40 Years of my "other" Car ;)

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My 1969 Mercury Comet Sports Coupé, Today Reaches its first 40 Years of Non-Stop Work & Run History ... th_dance9bh.gif ... My Mercury has been Part of the Family since New, my Dad purchased it on Spring, 1969; and I came on it the day I was Born in 1975 ... After lots of Family Memories and Tons of Photos, Travels Videos, etc, Together; makes this MuscleCar to be a True Part of the Family, is somehow like my "Brother" ... I Named it "Herbie" when I was Child... so many Memories together makes this classic, Priceless!


Now after 40 years and more than three full Turns (and counting) on the Odometer, it still Runs like a Champ :D 



Here you can See  "Herbie"  next to my Former White Wagon, 

which Now is Modified and known as the "BumbleBeast;) 






Here you can See  "Herbie"  parked outside the House,

and my Former White Wagon, inside the Garage:






Here you can see  "Herbie"  Parked in front of

my yellow "Loyale 2.7"  (Now Dead - Background Story here) Project Wagon:






Engine Photo:




Much More Photos in my USMB Photo Album:


Here ~► http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/user/13502-loyale-27-turbo/?tab=gallery 

I've upgraded it with Front Disc Brakes, a Brake Booster (Subaru, by the way), Chromed Engine Parts (Such as Head Cover, etc...), Under Body anti Rust Paint, Body Paint, a "Yamaha" Stereo, etc... Also I managed to "Made" (with the help of a Friend who owns a Metal Casting Factory), a Piece for the Engine: The Water Inlet (Where goes the Thermostat) is now Made of Thick Brass, instead the Weak one that Ford does (Made of Manganese?), which somehow trend to get destroyed after a couple of years of use. 

It Runs Great on its Manual Trans and Being just 250 Cui (4.1L) 6 Cyl. is economic to Drive for a Full Sized MuscleCar Coupe.

I Just Wanted to Share our Celebration

Kind Regards.

►Edited to Update the Picture's Links and Web Links,

   due to the New USMB's System

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Thank you for your Kind Replies!

Yes, SC Means Sports Coupe.  

That in-line 6 Cyl. Engine uses Hydraulic Lifters Too, is a Quiet, fast & Powerful Engine that Runs with a Very Tiny Carb, I Obtained a Brand New Chromed Carb for it. Believe me: is Very Economic to Drive.

The Main Difference between the 250 Engine on my Mercury and the Truck's 300 Engine, Beside the Bigger Bore & Stroke, is that the Truck Versions has a Much Larger Run on the Cylinders, so the Truck Engine Version is Slower but more Powerful
(And Gas Thirsty too), the Truck Engine is Taller Too; but Basically Yes, is the Same Engine.

Kind Regards.

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Back in '69, our family had two of those, except they were called "Mercury Montego".


My parents had a green one, with the 302-C.I.D. V8 engine, and my Grandfather's was white (with black vinyl roof) and had a 351 C.I.D. V8.. What a rocket that was!!:)


Both had the Ford C-4 Automatic 3-speed transmission.


We only had them a few years, then traded for newer bigger Mercurys.


First car I ever drove was that green '69 (you always remember your first time:rolleyes:...).


Thanks for bringing back some good memories, and GREAT JOB on keeping yours in such fine shape! :clap:

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Thank you for your Kind Words! :D 

Also I've Seen the "Montego" Version here in Honduras,


but Only in Station Wagon Shape with a 302 V8 engine.


The Comet is the Sports Coupe and there were a Comet "Caliente" (Spanish for Hot!)


Version that was also available with two different V8 Engines.

Kind Regards.

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Time for an Update.  :) 


Almost four years passed by since my last post here, my Mercury is Still working very fine and Strong in my HomeTown!... (it is always at my Parents' Home) ...the only fail it developed years ago, was the Faulty Water inlet pipe on the Engine, which I managed to get one Custom Casted here in Honduras (As I Explained in the Above Posts) but after all these 44  years of Driving in our Horrid Roads, it finally developed two more fails.


Rotten Brake Hoses and Rusted Radiator's Upper Tank.


There are Two Brake Hoses that delivers fluid from the Mercury's Chassis to each front Caliper, both where custom made here, during the Front Disc Brakes' Swap (I did it in 1996) and they had a Metallic core that rusted and due to the wheel's movement it stretched too many times that finally they were Blown... thanks God its Parking Brake (Which is a fourth Pedal) is Strong Enough to Stop the Car.


There are another one (Only one) Brake Hose for the Rear Drum Brakes, which comes from the Chassis and goes to a "T" above the Huge Differential; that delivers fluid equally to both rear Drum Brakes.

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After the Brake Job was Done, I took my Mercury for a Ride... to the Radiator Shop:o 


I Had Eight Months without going to my Parents' Home at my Hometown (My Job is Far Away on the Continental Honduras), so it Developed some Rust on the Radiator's upper tank ... they Removed the Radiator from the Car and cutted a piece of Rusted metal of around Five inches Long X one inch tall.


As you can see in the Following Photo:




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This was a good read Jeszek. Might bump it, see how many others review it :)


Might be time for a thread to match the :My other car is ...." bumper stickers ??

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never been a ford guy either but mercury always made fords look better and that one is sweeeeeet!. the wheels are the best part...i dont know what it is about those white spoke that make them look good on anything from baja bugs to dump trucks but they certainly helped in the branding of Subaru..... I must submit that i once had an 87 f-150 with a 300 L6 it had over 300,000 when i sold it and still runnin strong.. best engine ford ever made. needed a family car so traded in for an 4wd Eddie Bauer aerostar van which was wonderful for the wife to run over  curbs, bicycles and the occasional innocent pedestrian... good 4wd van though and she never got stuck anywhere just too big....which led me to a suzuki sx4 which had no balls at all. then i got my 78 brat for fun. loved the boxer rumble so much that i sold the sx4 and my 62 chevy stepside to get wifey and daughter subarus......if there is not a thread here that lists our first to present cars......sort of a personal automotive anthropology for each of us to add, then i think we should start one

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never been a ford guy either but mercury always made fords look better and that one is sweeeeeet!. ...


Thank You, and I Agree!



... i dont know what it is about those white spoke that make them look good on anything from baja bugs to dump trucks but they certainly helped in the branding of Subaru...


Also I Agree.


I believe those are Jackman Rims,


see this Thread for Further Details and Photos:


~► http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/141075-teach-me-about-jackman-rims/


tell me how it is that you are able to post so many pics please


The best way to share photos here is uploading them to a photo hosting website, such like Photobucket, Facebook, etc... then once you view the photo there, do a right click over the photo and copy its URL address, then come to do a post here, you'll see in the Tools of the post window, a small green square, under the A and the  :) ... hit it, a dialog box will appear, then erase the http:// that the dialog box has, and paste the copied URL address of the Photo.


That will display the photo here.


Kind Regards.

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My beloved '69 Mercury Comet Coupe, is about to reach Fifty (50) Years with us, and the only thing I need to fix on it so far, is the Fuse Box, which seems to be Rusted beyond any safe repair, so let me ask you all a couple of Questions:


is it possible, to obtain a New Fuse Box for this car, and Where?


I really prefer to Swap the old, rusted one that uses crystal tube fuses, with a newer style one, as I've seen online alternatives for Mustangs and Cougars (its cousins), but I don't know where to find one, so any help will be greatly appreciated.


Kind Regards.

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Appreciated Fellows,

My 1969 Mercury Comet is running strong like new, despite that this month it reaches its Fifty (50) Birthday, and it has been on my family since new, so we have half century of continuos ownership. :)

The only thing that it might need to be replaced soon, is the Fuse Box, which is the only corroded part on it.

it is sad but seems like a lot of great conversations regarding our good ol' cars, which are fading away on social networks such like facebook, and I wrote here with the aim of obtaining info regarding a suitable Fuse Box... nada.

I need to find a new Fuse Box, or even better: a new fuse Box that uses modern fuses, because the one on my Mercury is corroded, and uses mini tubular glass fuses, which aren't available here...

Please, let me know any ideas or experience you have regarding the fuse Box subject.

Kind Regards.

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My father, the one who purchased brand new this Mercury Comet Coupé in 1969, and I, were about to do a little travel on it, for its Fifty Years Anniversary, and we just obtained brand new 20W~50 Valvoline's "MaxLife" motor oil, brand new oil Filter and a brand new electronic Fuel Pump, as the old one (also electronic, as I changed it two decades ago), started to fail due to low usage rate... when my Father suddenly passed away; he was 74 years old, he wasn't ill nor suffered from any illness, he went driving to a place, where suddenly got a fulminant heart attack.

My Family and I feel very, very sad and the emptyness we feel couldn't be described with words.

He thaught me how to do basic maintenance on Cars, in this Mercury, when I was a little child; I learned how to change a fuel filter, how to change motor oil, sparkplugs, radiator coolant, etc... and to be with him, learning and doing lot of things, always felt amazing, to the point that a repair felt very exiting.

I learned many, many things from my Father, such like Honesty, to be sincer, to be kind, to treat everyone in the way I would like to be treated; to work hard... in fact I started to work at the age of Ten years old, alongside with him, and now I'll continue, like him, until God call me.

My beloved coupé will run again, but without him, feels very empty.

Kind Regards.

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