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The electric car

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We've spent a ton of time talking about this in our house. I agree with most of what he says in terms of pushing hydrogen (which it nowhere near prime-time yet and is just a stalling tactic) and being very pro-electric. I'm also a big fan of biodiesel made from waste oil (which, unfortunately, in California has fallen off the radar because of a lot of very STUPID regulations and, admittedly will only scale so far).


Currently, my vehicle needs/dream list are:


1. a 1981 Subaru Brat ('cause I ain't giving it up!)


2. an electric car for day to day driving for all the reasons stated in his video and the fact that we have solar pv on our roof :).


3. a subaru diesel when they are finally available in the US (hoping, hoping!) for light towing around town and long trips (I love diesels)


BTW, if you haven't seen it yet, get ahold of copy of "who killed the electric car". It's a great watch and really makes you think.

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Hey Ben,


Sadly it seems that Bio-diesel is not 'all that' either. The whole process for manufacturing bio-diesel requires more energy than what you get out.


The best you can do in the way of bio-diesel is to recycle it from oil that already exists. Like oil from deep fat fryers. Not really enough chip shops to support the amount of cars in the world though.


Yeah, I saw that film too. Quite an eye opener.

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Agreed. All the biodiesel in our area is from waste oil, which is great, but will only scale so big.


I was buying 100% bio from waste oil for the same price as regular from a local station, but they stopped selling it due to the storage regulations (can't store it underground).


We can still get 20% (again, from waste oil) and I'll keep using it when convenient, but it's not worth a special trip like the 100% stuff was.



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