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I was on this forum years ago with my other brat but it was rearended and i was able to get a much better brat with the insurance check. Im currently driving an 84 Brat. Primer black, with a roll cage, the wheel wells are rust free, i just filled that little space with foam to prevent anything from getting in there. I have named my most recent brat ManBearPig. For those that are south park fans you know of MANBEARPIG. Well the BRAT is 1/2 Car, 1/2 truck, 1/2 Beast. I plan on putting a lot of time and effort into this guy. 4inch body lift coming soon and then hopefully bigger tires.


I live in Asheville north carolina so when i get to the big day where i can swap out for an ej22 engine and tranny hopefully someone will be able to make a trip to help me put this thing in. I do not own an engine lift. Im fairly competant with tools and the workings of a vehicle. Now if i had a step by step document with pictures im sure i could do it. I just do not have the knowledge or experience to do this on my own.

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